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This article is about the Triple Threat Triad mobster. For Iroh, whose Earth Kingdom alias was Mushi, see Iroh.

Mushi[1] is an earthbending mobster of the Triple Threat Triad, who ran a "protection" racket in the downtown area of Republic City along with Viper and Two Toed Ping.[2] After Tokuga became the head of the Triple Threat Triad in 174 AG, the Triple Threats engaged the Creeping Crystal Triad in a turf war, which eventually led to Mushi being arrested when the Republic City Police interrupted the battle.


170 AG

One day in late 170 AG, Mushi and two of his triad friends, Viper and Two Toed Ping, rode up to one of their protected clients, Mr. Chung, looking for the money he owed them. When the store owner explained that he was unable to pay the requested money, the three gangsters threatened to destroy down the phonograph shop. Before they could do so, Avatar Korra arrived at the scene and challenged the gangsters. Oblivious to her identity, Korra's statement was met with laughter by Mushi and the other two members. Viper told Korra that she was in Triple Threat Triad territory, and that they were about to "put [her] in the hospital". The young Avatar quickly retaliated, telling them that they were the ones that would need a hospital. Enraged by her attitude, Viper attacked.

Mushi catapulted into the air

Mushi was catapulted into the air by Korra's earthbending during his confrontation with the Avatar.

Viper was easily defeated by the Avatar, enraging Mushi who promptly charged Korra by jumping up. Before he could land and earthbend, however, Mushi was himself targeted by the Avatar's earthbending. Catapulted high into the air, the gangster fell onto a wire, then smashed against a wooden advertising board, from where he fell down on the pentice of a shop, and was finally thrown into a tapestry, which ripped under his weight. He ended up on the street, groaning in pain.

Afterward, the Avatar also defeated Two Toed Ping, whereupon Mushi and Viper attempted to sneak to their Satomobile. As they drove by the shop, Mushi launched Ping into the Satomobile by bending the earth beneath the firebender's feet. The three gangsters subsequently attempted to flee from the Avatar, but were thwarted by Korra again. Her earthbending caused the waterbending member to lose control over the vehicle and the three gangsters crashed into another shop. Soon after, the Metalbending Police Force arrived and arrested Mushi and his friends, as well as Avatar Korra.[2]

171 AG

Shortly after Korra vanquished UnaVaatu, Mushi, along with his fellow Triple Threat Triad members and the Equalists, were hired by Hundun to take out Korra. He encountered her on Air Temple Island, in Republic City, at the Southern Water Tribe, and finally, in the Spirit World. Each time, however, he was defeated by the Avatar.[3]

174 AG

Two Toed Ping and Mushi arrested

Mushi was greeted by his friend Two Toed Ping after their arrest during the turf war with the Creeping Crystal Triad.

In the chaotic aftermath of Kuvira's failed invasion of the United Republic of Nations, Mushi followed the new leader of the Triple Threat Triad, Tokuga, in a turf war with the Creeping Crystal Triad. Before they could conclusively win a battle with their rivals, the Republic City Police intervened, forcing all the triad members to retreat. Mushi was one of those who were arrested.

During the ride back to the temporary police headquarters, Mushi was greeted by Two Toed Ping who had also been arrested and placed in the police car. He then witnessed Ping having some small talk with Mako and Bolin, ex-Triple Threat Triad members who had become cops.[1] Mushi subsequently remained in prison, as Tokuga did nothing to bust him or Ping out.[4]


The Legend of Korra

Book One: Air (气)

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