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The term "Motion picture projector" has not been confirmed by official sources.
Motion picture projector

Zhu Li operated Varrick's motion picture projector.

The motion picture projector is a device invented by Varrick in order to project movers onto a screen.


In 171 AG, Varrick revealed his newest venture to a group a people on his yacht: motion pictures, which he called "movers". He instructed his assistant, Zhu Li, to give his guests a demonstration. The motion picture projector was uncovered, and projected a mover of a galloping ostrich horse. Although it was an innovative idea, Varrick ordered it to be shut down, claiming it to already be old news, and he excitedly announced his intention to make movers that tell stories, with action, romance, and funny animal related ones for children.[1]

The projector was later used to successfully promote Varrick's propaganda mover, The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South, to a group of children.[2]

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