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This article is about the Mother Superior at the abbey. For the Mother Superior at the Eastern Air Temple, see Iio.

The Mother Superior was at the abbey for over twenty years before Team Avatar's arrival, and took over as the head nun around 90 AG. A caring but nonetheless strict woman, she held the position for a lengthy period of time. She made sure that the sisters fulfilled their spiritual and physical exercises every day to keep their minds and bodies nimble.

The Mother Superior was also an enterprising businesswoman. She and the other nuns made organic perfumes that were in high demand among the Earth Kingdom elite. She sold the perfumes for a large amount of money and used the profits to keep the abbey in operation and to help the poor.[2]


Mother Superior took Bato into her abbey when he was left behind by the other Southern Water Tribe warriors, due to a serious injury he had endured. After Aang and his friends met up with Bato, he invited them to stay at the abbey as well. Upon seeing the new guests, Mother Superior expressed her delight to be in the presence of the Avatar. The next day, she reprimanded Aang for littering in the courtyard, as a crumpled map had fallen out of his robes and onto the ground. However, she did not realize the significance of the map and simply gave it back to Aang for him to get rid of.

When Aang's friends left due to him withholding information about their father from them, Mother Superior felt it would be best if he left. However, just as Aang and Appa prepared to depart from the nearby beach, Mother Superior came to warn him about the presence of Zuko, Iroh, June, and June's shirshu, Nyla, at the abbey. Aang realized that the shirshu was tracking Katara's scent through her necklace, so he returned to the abbey in order to save his friends.

A fight soon broke out between Aang and the intruders; Mother Superior took advantage of the commotion to revive Katara and Sokka, who had been paralyzed by the shirshu earlier, by letting them sniff some perfume.[1]


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