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Mok, nicknamed The Accountant, was a prominent daofei outlaw leader who became one of Kyoshi's earliest opponents as the Avatar during the early 3rd century BG. A manipulative, ruthless, and brutal criminal, Mok relished the power he gained through crime and rebellion. As close confidant and eventual second-in-command of Yellow Neck leader Xu Ping An, Mok reorganized his followers as the "Autumn Bloom Society" during the latter's imprisonment. After Xu's death, Mok became the head of the Triad of the Golden Wing. After being tracked down by Kyoshi in 295 BG, Mok's group was crushed, and he was apprehended by Ba Sing Se's police.[2]


Yellow Neck Uprising and organizing the Autumn Bloom Society[]

Mok was one of the earliest and most loyal followers of Xu Ping An and served as one of his lieutenants during the Yellow Neck Uprising that devastated the Earth Kingdom.[3] When the Yellow Necks were defeated at Zhulu Pass and mostly massacred by Jianzhu in 304 BG, Mok was among the survivors who managed to escape into the countryside.[3][4] He and other surviving Yellow Necks, most importantly Wai, knew that Xu had been captured by Jianzhu. Determined to free their leader and resume their rebellion, Mok consequently reorganized the remaining Yellow Neck loyalists as the "Autumn Bloom Society" and began to build a network of allies in the Earth Kingdom's underground. In doing so, he eventually became a powerful daofei and gained the honorific "Uncle" as well as the nickname "The Accountant". One of the criminal groups that fell under his sway was the Flying Opera Company, which became indebted to him after he saved the life of Lek.[1]

Preparing the rescue of Xu Ping An[]

In 296 BG, Mok and Wai finally located Xu Ping An in the prisons of Governor Te Sihung.[1][3] The two consequently began to prepare a rescue mission, with Mok planning the venture and Wai rallying other daofei to their cause. One day, as Wai was giving a speech in Hujiang, Mok noticed some members of the Flying Opera Company nearby. As the group attempted to get away from Wai, Mok confronted them in an alley. Feigning friendliness, he greeted the terrified gang members, noticing two new faces: Kyoshi and Rangi. After Lek, Kirima, and Wong had introduced the two, Mok "invited" the Flying Opera Company to meet him during the nightly duels at the town's challenge platform. When Rangi promptly expressed great respect and gratitude for his invitation, Mok praised the girl for her good manners and grabbed Lek's scalp. Hurting him a bit, the daofei uncle took pleasure in noting how the young earthbender had originally been lacking in respect, but now knew "how to act". Casting Lek casually aside, Mok finally addressed Kyoshi and expressed his hopes that she too would prove "an equally quick study" before departing.

By the evening, Mok had assumed his place of honor at the challenge platform, overlooking the lei tai duels from a barn's hayloft which had been converted into a balcony. Sitting in a throne-like chair and with Wai at his side, Mok introduced his comrade when the Flying Opera Company's members arrived. Reminding them to treat Wai as respectfully as they treated him, Mok then turned to Kyoshi, displeased that she seemed "blood-shy" due to not looking at the brutal duels on the challenge platform. When Lek tried to intervene on her behalf, Mok promptly signaled Wai to stab the boy in the hand. Displeased, he announced that he had not allowed Lek to speak; watching the reactions from the other Flying Opera Company members, the daofei uncle approved that they all remained silent and unmoving. Complementing their silence, Mok then noticed that Rangi had climbed onto the fighting platform below. Delighted at this unexpected turn of events, he watched the ensuing duel between the firebender and "Four Shadows" Guan. When Rangi overpowered her opponent after hard-fought combat, Mok was the first to applaud and he gestured for her to come to them on the balcony.

After Rangi had climbed up, she claimed to have taken part in the fight because "it seemed like fun". Bursting into laughter, Mok declared that the firebender had the qualities to become a future daofei boss. He then invited the group to a dinner while he would explain his plans to them. In accordance to his self-styled importance, Mok arranged for the meal to mimic those of wealthy Earth Sages, including multiple courses and armed thugs acting as servants. Impressed by Rangi's display of ferocity, Mok began to treat the Flying Opera Company members more straightforward as he outlined his plan to free a prisoner from the dungeon of Governor Te. When the firebender inquired about the target person's identity and whether the individual was liability, Mok got annoyed. He earnestly affirmed that the entire mission was about "brotherhood"; neither he nor Wai would allow their comrade to remain imprisoned any longer. When Kyoshi and Rangi asked about the rescue plans, Mok quickly became flustered and angry, as he had little idea on how to actually prepare an attack on a fortified mansion. He merely planned for his own troops to launch a frontal assault, and demanded that the Flying Opera Company freed the prisoner when the guards were distracted. Everything else he left to them, though threatened that they were expected to be on point and to succeed, else they would suffer grievous consequences. He then dismissed the group.[1]

On the following day, a shirshu attacked Hujiang. Mok's forces had to kill it, though they suffered several losses. The Autumn Bloom Society leader quickly figured out that the creature had been tracking the Flying Opera Company, and ordered Wai as well as several swordsmen to apprehend as well as question to group, though they managed to escape.[5][6] Led by Mok, the Autumn Bloom Society consequently abandoned Hujiang and moved toward Zigan Village where Governor Te's palace was located.[6]

Restoration and collapse of the Yellow Necks[]

Several weeks later, the Autumn Bloom Society set up camp near Zigan, and Mok had his followers install a high-quality desk outdoors just because he could. From there, he oversaw the preparations for the assault. When the Flying Opera Company arrived, Mok initially greeted them as "beloved associates" and bid them to come forward to his desk. He then matter-of-factly noted how the shirshu had killed several of his followers at Hujiang. Having realized that Rangi as well as Kyoshi were somewhat unusual, he asked them directly what they had to say about the creature's attack, whereupon Wai drew his knife. Before the latter could harm anyone, Kyoshi broke his fingers while apologizing. Mok reacted to this brazen display of self-confidence by laughing, declaring that she had made much progress since their last meeting. Having forgiven them, the daofei uncle then bid Kyoshi to explain the Flying Opera Company's attack plan. Afterward, he pulled out two timing incense sticks from his desks and had Rangi lit them, whereupon he ordered the Flying Opera Company to strike when the stick had burned down in a hour.[6]

The attack on Governor Te's Palace succeeded, as Kyoshi and her comrades rescued Xu Ping An. Nevertheless, Mok's troops suffered heavy losses and were prevented by the Flying Opera Company from actually capturing the mansion. When the group returned to the Autumn Bloom Society's camp, Mok was consequently furious about them having altered the plans without informing him. He threatened to kill them, only to be silenced by Xu who was still hooded but had recognized Mok's voice. As soon as the former Yellow Neck leader was untied and his face revealed, Mok became far more submissive, greeting Xu as "big brother". The two hugged, and Mok began to cry out of happiness. The seemingly happy reunion quickly turned sour, however, as Xu began to brutally squeeze Mok until he was barely able to breathe. As the Yellow Neck leader reprimanded him for having needed eight years for the rescue, Mok pleaded for understanding until being released and tossed aside by Xu.[3] Regardless, Mok was allowed to assume the position as the Yellow Necks' second-in-command when Xu declared the resumption of his rebellion.[2][3]

Shortly afterwards, the Yellow Necks stormed a nearby farm so that Xu could vent his pent-up anger at the local civilians. While the common fighters prepared to boil the male farmer alive, Mok and Wai took his wife and son hostage, waiting for Xu's further commands as he was starting to read a book that had been found at the farm. Before they could do further harm to the civilians, the Flying Opera Company returned. Kyoshi then insulted and challenged Xu to a lei tai to the astonishment of those present, including Mok. In course of the duel, Mok and Wai initially stood at Xu's corner of the makeshift fighting platform which the Yellow Necks erected in a short time.[4] When Kyoshi unleashed the Avatar State, Mok and the other daofei were thrown back by an airbending tornado. After the Avatar killed the Yellow Neck leader, Mok fled with Xu's corpse and a few followers into the nearby rice fields.[7]

Leading the Triad of the Golden Wing[]

In the course of a year, he resumed his banditry, although he found it difficult to survive as Kyoshi began to hunt daofei groups down. He eventually relocated to the Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se. With the help of a higher-ranking official who did not reveal his identity, Mok was able to take control of Loongkau, a critical subterran city block, and organized a small group of followers as the "Triad of the Golden Wing". As Mok began to expand his influence in the Lower Ring and among native, less sophisticated gangs, he was tracked down by Kyoshi.

Warned that a raid on Loongkau was imminent, Mok prepared an elaborate defense, hiding in one of Loongkau's lowest levels deep in the earth and stacking the upper levels with his followers. To his surprise, Kyoshi used earthbending to simply break through several levels and directly crashed into Mok's office as he was sitting at a desk. Infuriated yet scared by her appearance, he asked her what she was doing in Loongkau. As the Avatar casually insulted the Triad of the Golden Wing's name, Mok screamed in anger at her disrespect for his group's rituals. Soon after, over two dozen thugs burst into the room, surrounding Kyoshi. More confident due to the reinforcements, Mok then questioned what she wanted to do besides "checking in on your elders". The Avatar responded that she would apprehend them, but Mok mockingly refused to peacefully surrender. When Kyoshi yet again displayed absolute self-confidence at his response, the daofei uncle's temperament exploded and he ordered his followers to kill her.

Kyoshi casually defeated the entire group in seconds, leaving Mok shocked until he tried to flee to no avail. Wavering between anger and fear, Mok challenged her to kill him, cursing her for killing Xu and harming her "sworn brothers". The Avatar assured him that he would live, yet demanded to know the name of whoever had helped the Triad of the Golden Wing to gain a foothold in Ba Sing Se. The daofei uncle at first refused to snitch, but yielded quickly when Kyoshi began to torture his arm. Startled by his revelation that the helper had been from the Middle Ring, Kyoshi let Mok go, whereupon he desperately tried to get away while shouting for Wai to intervene. The latter then sprang from a door to ambush Kyoshi, but halted upon seeing her. To Mok's horrified dismay, Wai dropped to his knees and reverently bowed to the Avatar, surrendering his weapon. Mok was consequently apprehended by Ba Sing Se's police, the so-called peace officers,[2] and sent to prison along with Wai. The two criminals later intended to escape and form yet another version of the Yellow Necks after the failure of the Autumn Bloom Society.[8]

Physical description[]

Mok was initially described as a strikingly handsome man with narrow eyes resting over fine cheekbones.[1]


Mok was brutal, cruel, and power-hungry. He loved to exalt himself above others, and led his followers tyrannically.[1] Arrogant and theatrical, he respected very few people, most importantly Xu Ping An, to whom he felt absolute loyalty,[3] and Wai, who he treated as an equal.[1] One of his most notable features was his obsession with appearances and rules; he regarded the daofei codes as sacred laws, believing that they turned mere bandits into something greater.[1][2] At the same time, he constantly tried to act and appear like an actual official instead of a daofei outlaw; he dressed smartly, set up desks for non-existing paperwork, and imitated high-ranking individuals in manners. Occasionally, Mok seemed to delight in contrasting these aspects, quickly switching from being an approachable official to doling out cruelties. In general, he revelled in the fearful respect of others.[1][6] Kyoshi speculated that Mok had adopted his leadership style in imitation of Xu Ping An.[4]


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