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Mingyur was an Air Nomad monk from the Northern Air Temple who was chosen as leader of a squad who guarded members of Unanimity during the early era of Yangchen.[1]


Mingyur was acquainted with Avatar Yangchen, as his flying bison, Fengbao, was the older sister of the Avatar's own animal companion, Nujian.[1] When Yangchen returned to the temple from her first visit to Bin-Er, Mingyur led a blessing for Kavik's table before they ate a simple toast of toasted barley and butter tea.[2][3]

As Thapa, Yingsu, and Xiaoyun were imprisoned at the Northern Air Temple some time later, Mingyur was chosen to lead the squad of Northern monks who guarded the three combustionbenders.

Mingyur greeted Yangchen when she returned to the Northern Air Temple from Agna Qel'a on her way to the Taku convocation. He asked if she wished to check on the temple's "guests", but Yangchen instead lifted a hand, insisting they would talk about the matter later, in private. As they flew alongside each other on their bison, Mingyur glanced at the gifts the Avatar had brought from the Northern Water Tribe, remarking on Chief Oyaluk's generosity. He also noticed that Yangchen's glider was missing, though the Avatar claimed that it was simply located somewhere back in the saddle. The monk advised her to keep it closer for her own safety, as he made sure his men always had their staves with them when they were on duty. As Yangchen reached a grassy slope that served as a touchdown point, she pulled Nujian away from Fengbao.[1]

Mingyur flew back to Yangchen as she left the Avatar State in order to prevent a rockslide from reaching the temple's village, with explosions having been heard in the mountains. He asked the Avatar about the "guests", but Yangchen stated that she would deal with them. The monk asked the Avatar if she meant to do so alone, but she simply ordered him to go, with Mingyur rolling Fengbao away to organize the rescue effort before more of the mountaintops shook loose.[1]

Mingyur later left Fengbao behind, and flew toward Yangchen on his glider to help out his Avatar. However, his position became extremely vulnerable, as he was in between Thapa and Yangchen, the latter of whom was also with Yingsu. Yingsu told Yangchen to sacrifice Mingyur to provide a distraction so that the pair could get away from Thapa. However, Yangchen refused to let her countryman be killed by Thapa, and launched herself in the air toward Mingyur.[4] In order to save the monk, Yangchen used a forbidden airbending technique to create a vacuum, centering it on the pinpoint terminus of Thapa's shot. However, Mingyur was caught in the radius of the bubble, and was subject to an instantaneous lack of air and the sudden turbulence of the winds rushing back to fill the void. Mingyur's lungs and eardrums were ruptured, but Yangchen got him to the ground and covered him long enough for Thapa to give up and retreat.[5]

Yangchen quickly took Mingyur to the temple village's hospital, and set him down on a bed inside with gentle, deliberate steps. The Avatar told Jujinta to join a cordon, while she instructed Kavik to fully cover Mingyur's body in water with liquid, lifting him up so that Yangchen could inspect the damage in preparation to perform complex healing. The Avatar partially explained what had happened to Mingyur, and had him keep the monk elevated and steady. Yangchen stabbed Mingyur with two sharp points of water, with blood and bubbles of air floating from his puncture wounds. Kavik initially almost dropped the patient out of surprise, and struggled to maintain the water for a while. Yangchen spread her arms and expanded the water, before contracting it, with a wheezing sigh coming from an unconscious Mingyur. The monk's breathing began to return, weak but steady. After this, the Avatar circled her hands, with two dots dancing over the incisions before sealing them, with the typical healing glow spreading from there. The most dangerous phase of the healing process was complete for Mingyur, with Kavik proceeding to keep Mingyur encased, while she ran her hands across the monk's energy pathways. She continued to apply the healing glow to the whole of the water, and could start to converse with Kavik more about the issues at hand. As the healing continued, the village captain skipped the line to the hospital and asked Yangchen about Chief Oyaluk's gift, causing the Avatar to throw him out of the hospital and hurl him into the sky, as he made her lose count with her healing. Kavik ran outside, and took the water meant for Mingyur to cushion the captain's fall.[3]

Yangchen later told Kavik that Mingyur was going to make it, though she was unsure if he would ever be able to hear again. Abbot Sonam came to tell them that the monk was awake and doing well. Yangchen wanted to go see him, but the abbot prevented her from doing so, as he proceeded to exile the Avatar from the Northern Air Temple in light of the repeated troubles the temple had experienced under her direction.[3]

Physical description[]

Mingyur had a round, dimpled head that was still lacking his master tattoos.[1]


Mingyur had a very cheerful demeanor.[1] He was brave, and felt responsible for his "guests", leading him to disobey direct orders to aid Avatar Yangchen.[1][4]


Mingyur was a skilled fighter, although he was not yet deemed a master airbender by year 17 of the era of Yangchen. He was also considerably vigilant, and had the leadership skills necessary to be in charge of the squad of monks standing guard over Unanimity.[1]


Chronicles of the Avatar[]

The Dawn of Yangchen[]

  • 116. "Making Ready"

The Legacy of Yangchen[]

  • 210. "Gravity"
  • 212. "The Duel"
  • 213. "Mitigation"
  • 233. "Appetite for Bitter" (flashback)


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