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This article is about the comic book character. For other similar uses, see Ming (disambiguation).

Ming-Ming was a teenage girl from the Fire Nation. She was inattentive, as she thought her grandmother had been abducted when, in actuality, she was standing only a short distance away from her.[1]


Sometime during the summer of 100 AG, Ming-Ming's village was "attacked" by a sky bison. She believed that the bison had abducted her grandmother, even though her grandmother was standing next to her, and was thus seen sobbing amidst the crowd of excited villagers. Sokka, seeing an opportunity to make money, offered to battle the "monster" and save Ming-Ming's grandmother, which Ming-Ming gladly accepted.

When Sokka attacked the "monster", it turned out to be not a sky bison but an armadillo bear. The sky bison, who she believed had kidnapped her grandmother, suddenly appeared and fought off the armadillo bear. She was grateful toward the flying bison and exultant that he had even "saved" her grandmother.[1]



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