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Ming was a guard at the Capital City Prison who was especially kind and sympathetic to Iroh when he was brought to the prison. She took a liking to the firebender because he reminded her of her father, who also had an appreciation for rare types of tea.[2]


Ming's job was to bring in Iroh's food at meal time. She would sneak in his favorite drinks and extra shares, like some white jade tea or another bowl of rice. Iroh stated that it was her "little gestures of kindness that [made his] days in prison bearable". She did not appreciate Warden Poon's harsh treatment of Iroh.

On the Day of Black Sun, out of concern for her well-being, Ming was told by Iroh to take the rest of that day off to go home and rest. Although she was initially confused, Iroh had implied that she should not be around. Understanding the subtext of the message, she nodded, left the prison, and was thus not present during Iroh's breakout.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Three: Fire (火)


  • Serena Williams voiced Ming because she was a huge fan of the show.[3]


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