A meteor soared across the sky before crashing near Shu Jing.

A meteor is a large mass of rock or other matter of extraterrestrial origin that occasionally crashes onto the Earth's surface. Depending on the site of impact and size of the meteor, it can cause significant damage to the infrastructure of local population centers. After striking the surface of the Earth, meteors can create large depressions known as craters.


While Team Avatar was gazing at a meteor shower, they witnessed a large meteor enter the Earth's atmosphere and crash down nearby. The hot rock started a fire that threatened to consume the nearby village of Shu Jing. With combined efforts, Aang, Katara, and Toph managed to extinguish the flames with their bending.

Piandao and Sokka

Piandao examined the meteorite Sokka brought to him as proposed material for his sword.

Several days later, Sokka sought to learn the art of swordfighting under Master Piandao. When tasked to choose material to make his own sword, Sokka remembered the meteor that had crashed nearby and, with the help of his friends, transported the large rock to Piandao's castle. The swordmaster stated that the meteorite would provide a sword "unlike any other in the world". After a day and night of tedious labor by Sokka, he and his master crafted a sword out of the rock. The meteorite gave the sword its unique black color and proved to be harder than any other steel on the planet.

Sokka saved a small portion of the meteorite and gave it to Toph, who would later use it for various tasks with her earthbending, most commonly wearing it as a bracelet.[1]

Suyin Beifong collected meteorites and used them for metalbending, saying they were perfect for beginners as they had a unique property which made them easier to bend. She instructed Avatar Korra in the art of metalbending with this collection.[2] However, after Kuvira took control of Zaofu, she processed the collection to be fluid and incorporated it in the controls of her enormous mecha suit.[3] When Korra reached its control room, both metalbenders employed them in the ensuing duel.[4]


It is difficult to determine a meteor's appearance before it lands on the Earth's surface, as it almost always becomes damaged in the process. The size of meteors ranges considerably from being very small to quite large. They are also of different shapes; although, they are typically spherical or elliptical.


Sokka used meteorite ore to make the blade of his sword, which, according to Piandao, made it a fine and formidable weapon.[1] Furthermore, Toph was able to make use of the rock through earthbending, which enabled her to manipulate its shape and wear it as a bracelet or create a lock pick.[5] Her bracelet would later help her find potential metalbenders.[6] Suyin Beifong used meteorites from her collection to teach metalbending,[2] though the same meteorites were later liquefied and used as part of the controls of Kuvira's enormous mecha suit.[3]


  • Sokka referred to the meteorite as "space earth", which Katara argued was incorrect because it could not be "earth" if it came from space.


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