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  • Hey, I saw your comment to me, and I didn’t want to bother anyone in the thread.

    1. Welcome to the wiki!
    2. Your welcome =)
    3. Fire ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4. Ignore the last, inside joke. Well sadly, you can't find my story since it was never posted, it is early work stages, I think… but I can tell you about it if you want, the character with sound "bending" I've been talking about has had a major upgrade lately, conscribing lighting and light speed ;)

    Lastly, ah hey and welcome and stuff have a nice day, I'll respond as quickly as I can. Bye bye =)

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    • Wow, that sounds very ambitious! I'd love to hear more about your soundbending character. Best of luck working on your story!

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    • Haha thanks, but that's only the tip of the iceberg ;)
      Well before I continue I would like to point out that two of my favorite amines are "Naruto / Shippuden" and "Dragon ball / Z" and I have taken a lot of ideas from it.
      The character we were talking about is Peter; he is kind of similar to Rock Lee from Naruto, unlike his friends, Peter has a difficult time mastering the forces so he had decided to train and have great physical strength and speed and a massive quantity of forces that he used for the only technique he knows, body enhancements, he wears a massive armor of extreme weight which he uses for both protection and he uses the additional mass so he can strike someone with great strength. Once he removes the armor he loses strength but gains a massive speed bonus. At one point he has a fight with a character who can use sound to attack, an as an attempt Pater moves his hand fast enough to absorb the shock of the attack, after wards the shock and sound were sealed in his arm to not cause more damage, he later releases the seal and masters sound release (the power to create or absorb sound) and mildly bend sound, he uses it to speed up, throw sound attacks or generally enhance or attack, he even found a way that with a certain speed and movement he can convert the sound into electricity and fire lightning. He later does the same with actual lightning.
      Peter is one of my own favorites and in my opinion the most unique of all my characters.
      Hope you liked it and that you won't steal it, have a good day buddy, see you whenever! 

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