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  • Hi, RaidenRadio. The file, Rodriguez_manuel_1.png, you uploaded to our database does not specify its source or licensing.

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    Note that it's your responsibility to properly credit the media you upload, and any unsourced and unlicensed image can be deleted if not correctly specified.

    Thank you.

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  • Please mind the correct format when referencing things. You can just take a look at the references already on the pages, and copy and adapt that format. Thanks.

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    • I'm still figuring the system out. Apologies

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    • That's okay, generally you can just do with copying the format of another reference and adapt the parameters (and remove those you don't need) :-)

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    • If I could direct your attention to this message again. As Lostris said, you just need to copy the existing references and switch out the information as needed. If you are unsure, feel free to ask.

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  • Goooooooood Evening Republic City!

    Sad news folks. This is the last broadcast of the Raiden Radio show for the forseeable future.

    It's been a lot of fun talking about current events and the impact of our young Avatar on our beloved city and world events. I've had a lot of fun, met, interviewed, and debated a lot of interesting people! Some a lot less interesting than others, Hey-oh! You know who you are!

    and I know what you're thinking. Raiden baby! Don't leave us! We still have so much to talk about! Sorry toots, I've already got a girl and her name is Freedom!

    In all seriousness though. There's really nothing satisfying here for me in good ol New Yu Dao anymore. I've behind this chair talking trash about everything from Kuvira and Amon to a giant mech for so long if I stay much longer I'll probably go crazy!

    I'm hitting the road! Off to see the world! Get a real education! Move beyond the platinum plated road of Zaofu and crusty palaces of Na-Sing-Se!  I probably won't be coming back anytime soon, barring we get another Avatar to talk about! But that would be sad for my golden girl Korra! Ow! Korra baby why you such a heartbreaker?

    (laughs for a minute then gets serious)

    I know you're all gonna miss me so I'll leave you with this. Regardless of who you are, Earth Kingdom Child, Water Tribe Babe, Fire Nation Firestarter, or Republic City bred and born. Bender, Equalist, Traditional or Progressive. Be sure to keep a little madness in you, be open minded, and willing to change for the future without forgetting or renouncing your past.

    and with that I send you off with a few old favorites of mine.

    This is Raiden Radio, signing off for the last time baby! See you in a few millenia!

    Airbender Acapella

    Don't Cry For Me Water Tribe

    On The Lam

    Ember Island Players

    Bui Doit

    My Last Goodbye

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  • You have one of two options as far as I'm concerned. Either ignore Hasdi or stop with the reckless attacks on him. Your latest in the Dev Patel thread was several steps over the line.

    Spare me your rants about him as well, because this is not what this post is about. Knock off the attacks or a block will follow.

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  • Out of curiosity, have you played any of the Fullmetal Alchemist videogames?

    If I've asked this question before, I forgot.

    If you haven't, the title is the title of all of the games I'm aware of mashed together:

    Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel (PS2)

    ... Curse of the Crimson Elixir (PS2)

    ... Girl Who Surpassed God (PS2)

    ... Dream Carnival (PS2)

    ... Dual Sympathy (DS)

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    • The only FMA game I've  'Played" is Prince Of Dawn. and that was me watching a translated lets play.

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    • Forgot about that one. I'll have to look into it some time.

      I've always wanted to play Dream Carnival, but I could never get a hold of it.

      Dual Sympathy was a massive disappointment.

      Broken Angel was pretty good & Curse of the Crimson Elixir was even better.

      If you can't play them, I'd say those last 2 are worth seeing a Let's Play or cutscene compilation of. They have pretty decent plots.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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  • To be honest, I'm really not sure what I was supposed to see here. Sure, I see a lot of emotionally manipulating arguments, but I don't think they're coming from where you wanted me to see them. I really could just end this whole comment with "I don't see how this relates to Anita at all," but truth be told, these arguments irritate me & I want to explain why. Which will take some time. So fair warning.

    "No one has been able to establish a clear correlation between videogames & violence."

    Uh, that's not true, there are an overwhelming number of studies that have shown that. Just because she can cite some study that says otherwise doesn't mean it's universally true. Looking into the study that she cited, it's a lot better than I expected, but conspicuously missing from her video is the response from the researchers the study criticized:

    "We conducted a state-of-the art meta-analysis on violent video game effects, one that includes data from more that 10 times as many participants as in meta-analyses conducted by Ferguson and his colleagues. We included unpublished studies, as recommended by virtually all meta-analysis experts. We created and tested stringent inclusion criteria. We conducted appropriate analyses to assess the impact of publication bias and found minimal bias. One could still argue that the magnitude of effects we observed was so small that it is trivial, but most meta-analysis experts, physicians, psychologists, and psychiatrists would disagree with Ferguson and Kilburn on this point as well. Our results suggest that violent video games increase aggressive thoughts, angry feelings, and aggressive behaviors and decrease empathic feelings and prosocial behaviors."[70]

    The actual research on this subject gets pretty complicated pretty fast. And no, I don't expect you to read all of this. I sure didn't. I'm just providing it to show how utterly wrong it is to say that there was this experiment that soundly disproved the effects of videogames on aggression. There are interacting effects between gender, age, frustration level, it's just a huge bloody mess. But we pretty much know that an effect exists, & it exists in ALL media, from videogames to news reports. So she is correct to say that "videogames cause violence" is a moral panic, but that doesn't mean that no criticism of videogames is valid.

    "Now videogame fans are dealing with a new army of critics, gender activists & hipsters with degrees in cultural studies"

    Lol ad hominem. Also, I wonder, what is Factual Feminist's degree?

    "Christina Hoff Sommers (/ˈsʌmərz/; born 1950) is an American equity feminist, author and former philosophy professor"

    Wait, run that by me again?

    "...philosophy professor...."

    Oh dear. So does she realize that she's ALSO not a STEM major & most universities likely classify her degree in the same department as cultural studies? So why should I listen to her over Anita? Because she's saying something that she thinks I want to hear? In fact, social scientists probably run more experiments than she does. I have no idea what her argument is here, but it sounds a lot like she's trying to exploit people's ignorance of the field to paint it as frivolous, & therefore easily dismissed.

    I can do that, too: "When is the last time you heard of a philosopher researching the cure for cancer?"

    Now, to be clear, just because I CAN do that, doesn't mean she should be dismissed just because she doesn't have a STEM degree. I'm just saying, it's pretty lame of her to make this appeal when she doesn't have the relevant degree either.

    "Could men prefer videogames with male heroes & sexy women because they're male?"

    Oh, come on, lady, could you at least TRY to be relevant? This is like Nickelodeon's bullcrap about how boys don't want to watch girls. First, how do we KNOW that boys won't like something different if we don't make it available? Second, why are we assuming that the market has to pander exclusively to boys? If we invert your logic, it follows that women would be attracted to "female heroes & hunky dudes," therefore more women would become hardcore gamers if we adopted that model, & guess what, there are MORE WOMEN than men in America, so that means a higher proportion of customers! I'm a business GENIUS!

    Except probably not, because this is an incredible oversimplification of how market preferences work. There is so much more that goes into it than "men want to beat each other up & ogle hot chicks." The early videogames like Pac-Man & Asteroids didn't have that stuff, & they were amazingly popular. Whether they were bringing in more girl gamers, or if boys liked different things back then, or both, clearly, people's preferences are flexible & susceptible to outside influences. This isn't some kind of primitive biological drive. So it's completely irrelevant to appeal to gamers' preferences as though that's All That Ever Was Or Can Be.

    "Evidence shows that the millennial males--raised on videogames--are less prone to prejudice than previous generations."

    Again, correlation=/=causation. You can't just say, "males are less prejudiced now" & link it to videogames because it suits your argument.

    Lady, what ELSE did you JUST get done saying is on the rise? Feminist critics. Is it not possible that maybe game developers & gamers are changing their attitudes in response TO those critics? That maybe those arguments aren't just there to make people feel bad? Which, by the way, is a straw man argument that she was constantly using. Just look back over this & count how many times she insults videogame critics & invokes an "Us vs. Them" mentality.

    Or, hey, maybe it's none of the above. Maybe it's something else entirely. College attendence, for instance, is up, & college attendance is also strongly correlated with depression of prejudice (ignoring, for the time being, the overlap between college & feminist theory). But the point is that she can't just cherry pick whatever correlation says what she wants it to & ignore the others.

    "What about the men? Why aren't they being recognized?"

    They're recognized by the people who play the bloody games, so the only way this argument could even remotely be defended is if we buy into the myth that all critics of sexism in videogames are "outsiders," & that's just not true.

    It's just like anything else in videogames. Yeah, Final Fantasy VII has this amazing story & revolutionary gameplay, but sometimes I want to take a moment to talk about how subpar the difficulty level is, or how there's a plot hole in how Red "Last of My Kind" XIII was able to reproduce which was hastily patched up by the excuse that "his mate was just hiding" in 1 of the prequels. It doesn't mean that I suddenly don't like the game.

    "She's gotten some death threats, but I don't think that proves anything."

    She has gotten a huge number, from many different accounts, & everyone wants to just ignore them because "not everyone is like that." Yeah, well not everyone gets depressed or has an addiction, it doesn't mean they're not issues.

    As a final note, I decided to look into this woman after the red flags I was seeing here. I have absolutely no idea what feminist cause she supports, all of her stuff is things like "The War on Boys" & "Who Stole Feminism?" If anything, I'd say she's a conservative rhetorician, considering she's employed under the conservative think-tank American Enterprise Institute.

    And you see that "equity feminism" thing? That's literally a term she invented in 1 of her books. She claims that equity feminists "want equal rights for men & women," as opposed to "gender feminists," who oppose patriarchy. Which is basically all other types of feminists. Now, there's nothing wrong with coining a term to describe a phenomenon, but there's something fishy about how she's basically arguing that all other feminism is wrong & sexist, so we need to gravitate towards her theory, which conspicuously seems to say that misogyny is a myth. By which I mean that I think she's a "feminist" in the same way that homeopathy is "medicine" or ex-gay ministries are "therapists."

    Overall, I can't really recommend using her as a source of information. But I suppose if I did take her arguments at face value, then much of what Anita says would have to be untrue. The problem is, why would I do that? I mean, we could just as easily say that, if we take Anita's arguments at face value, then Factual Feminist is obviously wrong.

    The truth is, the research points more towards Anita, & while some have accused her of over-exaggerating, I don't see where she's ever said more than "media promotes sexist beliefs." She's never said that all gamers are violent, or that videogames should be banned, so I think the comparison to moral panickers like Jack Thompson are just the result of people reading more into her words than what is actually there.

    And yes, I am aware that there have also been questions about her credibility--claims that she's plagiarized, misrepresented herself as a gamer, cherry picks research, & uses unfalsifiable claims. I don't know whether or not those are true, (except the unfalsifiable claims part, which is false, one way to falsify her would be to show that the games don't contain the Tropes she references) but the main difference to me is that her arguments hold up really well either way. They don't rely on some theory that she specifically invented, it can't be shown that these Tropes don't exist, etc.

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  • It’s been over two years, but Phantoms is back with a new episode.

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  • That's right, a girl (Allison Williams) from HBO Girls will play a boy, the lead Peter Pan.[1] And to think people get upset over Isaac Jin Solstein playing a girl like Toph just because he is Asian. Eusa_snooty.gif

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    • Okay firstly lets clear up a few things.

      One, I dont watch NBC anymore. Or much television in general aside from Korra and a few other Tv Shows.

      two. It's not his ethnicity thats necessarily the problem its his GENDER.

      Let me put it this way. Giving a typically male role like Peter Pan to a female actress is opening opportunities actresses have usually been kept from having for generations. While giving a strong female character like Toph to a male actor, even an actor who is Tophs ethnicity. Is taking away a breakout role for an Asian female actess in a strong significant complex non stereotypical role. Furthermore giving one typically white male role away to a female actress wont keep white male actors from having hundreds of more opportunites to get another lead role in another production. We've made lots of progress, but theres still this inherent bias in Hollywood towards movies with anything other than a White Male hero.Hell, we still can't aren't getting a Wonder Woman or Miss Marvel movie. As much as I'd like to believe it. We are far from an egalitarian society.

      Three. All this is irrelevant. With the ending and abrupt taking of Korra off the air and the end of the airbender Franchise. It is more than likely we are never. (For better or worse) getting a sequel or reboot of the Last Airbender, not for decades at least.

      Four. Your self righteous Emoticons dont do anything for your credibility.

      Thats all from me. Raiden out for now.

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  • Hey I was just wondering, is your profile image a yugioh card?

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  • Hey. Alright, sorry, becuase the old one kind of died when I forgot to respond lol -_- So, I also like DC better and it feels nice to meet someone who likes DC better, also :) The only character whom I like in Marvel is Phoenix. I like her as much as my favorite DC character, Raven :D But Phoenix is the only exception. Who is your favorite character in DC haha? Also, do you like Phoenix or any Marvel characters at all?

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