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  • so is it like a bionicle fanon wiki?

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    • To me it felt like they kind of threw most of the Asian and actual spiritual influences down the toilet and just went all "magic power anime" crazy. You know, giving these people all these random powers and stuff. And the Kaiju-inspired battle... well, that was sort of cool, but I don't think it was what people expected.

      Anyway, do you think it's really over for good between Korra and Mako? Their relationship did seem to be rather dysfunctional, right from the get-go. If it is the end of their relationship, I wonder who she will end up with next. I hope it's not someone who's more bland than Jet haha. By the way, did you read the interview in which Bryan and Mike literally revealed that they were big fans of teen love triangle stories? I just can't believe that I heard that. I am not a big fan of them, because they seriously don't work. The only place they seem to really work are in comedies, at least nowadays. And yes, this is a story with comedy, but it's not a comedy.

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    • yes, exactly. it did seem like they threw away most of the asain influences...what happened to all the pagodas and other asian architecture? better question: what happened to avatar? lol

      yes, it's probs over for good, or at least for a while. while i myself was a makorra fan (not a huge shipper, i just go with what's canon, but i do have ones i prefer over others in a triangle). they admitted to each other that they don't work out. i think, and hope, that she just stays single for a while, so that they can focus on the plot more. no, i didn't see the interview (could you link me please?). but that kinda sucks, cuz it basically guarantees we'll get more unnecessary relationship conflict going on.

      i hope we hear some info about b3 soon. i can't believe i'm saying that...b2 went by way too fast. i thought nick handled it fairly poorly - what about you?

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