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Do you think they should make "The Last Airbender 2"?

The poll was created at 23:24 on August 17, 2013, and so far 11289 people voted.
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  • It'd be great to here from my fellow film fan once again!

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    • Thanks! :D

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  • No offence meant(though it'll have to be pretty convincing).

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  • I made a page long ago on the Teahouse child in The Last Airbender, but couldn't find any screencaps of the film, so is it okay if you post a pic of the character, please?

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  • You are not nearly as sassy, sir.

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    • Alas, I am but a shadow of the great Johnny Bravo. :(

      BTW, I suggest you avoid antagonizing the admins and mods. They have too many other nonsense to deal with.

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    • Lol. You have a long way to go, bud.

      BTW, the only nonsense they have to deal with is that which they create themselves.

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  • "After I did some digging, yes, the sequel is really happening but still in pre-production phase." Digging? Will you be writing a blog post about your findings? 

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    • I'm debating with myself, whether I should write a blog or write another very long post on that subject. However, my next post is going to be about something else. Maybe tomorrow. :)

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  • So, there's a discussion at the moment about the correct name for Ty Lee's old circus master. In this year's FCBD comic, he's called at different instances Shuzumu and Shumuzu. Do you think you can tweet at Gene Yang, who wrote the comic, and ask him what is the correct name? It's as close as we can get to an official, unambiguous source.

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  • random question, but do you know what happened to the TLA sets? I know some of the costumes and props were sold on ebay, but what happened to the NWT buildings and the giant Appa torso the actors rode on? 

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    • The sets are likely torn down and recycled by now. Sad, really. Marshall and Kennedy planned to finish TLA 2 and 3 with the sets/props/costumes made with the first movie for $100-150 million total.

      I thought it was interesting the Kyoshi Warriors costumes were never sold on ebay. Eusa_think.gif

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    • maybe because no one really got a good look at them except in one trailer (was it the french one?) they locked them up in some warehouse to reuse later?

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    • There were other items on ebay that were never shown in the movie like Roku's costume and props for the Messenger Hawks. However, stuff needed for the sequels were kept like costumes for Kyoshi Warriors, Ozai and Azula. The sequels were never officially cancelled so typically studios keep the stuff they might need in some warehouse until they have finalized their decision. Not that we can expect most of the cast and crew to come back anyway. :( From a management standpoint, it makes sense not to get Bryan and M.Night involved if they were to continue or reboot the movie series. :/

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  • As has been pointed out, the image you added to the 'TLA Remake' thread is simply unneeded. Please stay on topic. I don't see how an image comparing a Christian and Muslim holding their respective bibles and guns have anything to do with a TLA remake.

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    • Well... I tried

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  • Diana Bang is Korean and looks Chinese not Japanese.

    Uh . . . okay. That was kind've bigoted, what does it even mean to 'Be Korean but look Chinese"?

    But since you don't care for "minorities are not interchangeable" argument, I'd still say Diana would be miscast like Margot Robbie, who was previously attached for Kusanagi.

    I used to believe that, but at this point I'm willing to allow my opinion to have a little bit more wiggle room when it comes to that.  Diana is at least Asian, although she's not Japanese. Do you honestly think the American Audience is going to going to care more about 'what type of Asian' she is, and not care that Scarjo 'Isn't Asian at all'?

    Over 19000 people (and counting) have already signed a petition protesting the casting. I'm not expecting it to change anything, but every little bit helps.

    See, you and Marissa Lee are missing the bigger struggle in Hollywood: studios don't think an action movie with a kick-ass female in the lead can be as profitable as with a kick-ass male (which is the same problem Viacom has with Korra).

    I've never met Marissa in person (and I disagree with her and Racebending on a number of Issues for personal reasons) so I can't really speak for her. But there have been plenty of female led action films, and the vast majority of them have been profitable. Yet Hollywood keeps plugging their ears when we bring up, Alien, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider,  etc.

    It's been proven an unknown white white woman can carry an action movie. Why not an unknown Asian woman? Gender diversity is important, I understand that. So Is ETHNIC Diversity.

    Motoko Kusanagi is an alpha female, okay? She leads a pack of badass males, who look up to her and gladly go to battle with her. Depending on the continuity. Have you even WATCHED the movies or seen the TV Show? In ARISE Kusanagi and Batou are pretty much rivals and hate each others guts (at least at first).

    Furthermore the company is on pretty much equal terms command-wise, they all answer to the same boss.

    And she does this without bitch-slapping her men.

    Implying thats all other female protagonist do. Thanks for that!(Sarcasm)

    I can only think of two other American actors who can make her believable: Maggie Q and Kate Beckinsale. Neither of them are as marketable as Scarlett Johansson.

    YOU. DON"T. KNOW. THAT. and neither does Hollywood. Unless you are willing to put faith in the audience, and put your money where your mouth is, you'll never know for certain whether or not a movie with a strong female Asian lead will make money.

    Making films is a lot like playing the stock market, and both have one thing in common. Making great films and making money on the stock market are all about risk and reward. Sometimes they pay off big, and sometimes they don't. But the more risks you take, the bigger the reward. I mean take a look at one of my favorite movies, and it would have never gotten made in today's studio environment, Alien(1979):

    Studio Myth: "A movie with a Female protagonist? With no big name movie stars? And it's not based off of a pre-existing property guaranteed to make back it's money? That'll flop in the first week! And what kind of generic name is Alien? We're not funding it!"

    Reality: By financing it. Alien became one of the most successful action/horror movie franchises in existance. Catapulted Ridley Scott into fame, and the atypical casting of a female actress in a typically male role changed the way people looked at both action movies and female characters, and made Sigourney Weaver both a geek and a feminist Icon. Why? Because the studio took a risk, and it paid off phenomenally. But unlike the seventies. Studio's aren't willing to take risks, and so instead of great movies we keep getting the same plain vanilla average ones that nobody wants, but goes to see anyway cause there is nothing else. You don't know an Asian actress as the main character wont sell unless you're willing to take a risk and actually cast one.

    FYI, Lucy didn't kill the taxi driver. She shot him in the leg and the movie made a point to show that he survived.

    Okay, point taken. But still.  She (Lucy) assaulted an man with a deadly weapon for the crime of (le gasp) not speaking English. That's just dumb storytelling, not to mention incredibly racist.

    They won't. If need be, Paramount would have Mike and Bryan do another Nerdist interview to explain to whiners why they have maintain continuity with M.Night's film.

    Your condescending tone Aside. . . Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes was a 'Prequel-Boot' to Tim Burton's (terribly panned) film, that eventually shed all continuity with that film to make it it's own product and continuity. Just do the same with Korra (Except it's a 'Sequel-boot'), have callbacks to things like Aang and Katara at the North Pole but don't use any footage from the original film. Then if Korra is successful, the Studio can make a prequel to Korra thats a reboot of Shyamalan's failed movie trilogy.

    Just a thought.

    Again, The Last Airbender made so much money for Paramount that Viacom had to declare them for two straight quarters.

    Um. . . since when is Forty Million profit out of a roughly Three-hundred million budget is 'So Much Money"? That's underperforming by Hollywood standards. Didn't I already show you the math? We've talked this one to death, if it was soooooo profitable then wheres the sequel?

    Indians may look alike to you but Dev Patel wasn't in Million Dollar Arm.

    My Bad. I confused Dinish Patel (The Baseball Player) with Dev Patel (the actor).

     Since TLA, Dev Patel made another hit, THe Best Exotic Marigold Hotel ($136,836,156 gross with $10 million budget).

    He wasn't a main character in that film, nor did he get top billing or even have his name on the Marquee or DVD. Of course I haven't seen it (I should probably get around to that one of these days). So I can't debate the quality of the film, but people who went to see that movie didn't go see it for Dev Patel, they went for Bill Nighy.

    He is the lead in two major movies releasing this year on March 6, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (guest starring Richard Gere) AND Chappie, a sci-fi action movie from the director of District 9 (with Hugh Jackman playing the villain).

    He probably wont get top billing or a prominent role for Second Marigold. Chappie looks like it might be good as both a film and for his career (at least he's getting top billing for that). Unlike Shyamalan Neil Blomkamp hasn't made a really 'bad' movie yet.

    Wow, you really haven't paid attention to what I've said before. Have even you tried to hire a random person from ASIA? Why don't you demand our congress to abolish the need for foreigner work permits and give our Screen Actors Guild a giant middle finger?

    Work Permits and the Screen Actors Guild didn't stop Michael Bay from having Li BingBing (A Chinese Star) in Transformers 4. Which was shot IN Hong Kong. Age of Ultron is doing the exact same thing in Korea. Shoot the film in Tokyo/Hong Kong/Seoul, cast an Asian actress from there (despite popular belief, a lot of Asian actresses from Korea can actually speak and act in english), and avoid all the 'work permit' bullshit. The Screen Actors Guild is a product of a bygone era that needs to desperately be reformed for the new age.

    That's a fantastic idea!  ScarJo should play a brand new character in an original parallel storyline but all other characters in the main storyline are played by real Japanese actors.

    You're forgetting that's what 47 Ronin was originally supposed to be, before the studio interfered 3/4ths of the way through producution and told the director Carl Rinsch to change/rewrite the story to make Keanu the main character to "make it more marketable." (It didn't). While in the original version he was a supporting character to Hiroyuki Sanada, and not the Cliched White Savior he was in the final product.

    Could the original parallel storyline thing have worked? Maybe. But it ended up eclipsing the main story, and not in a good way.

    ScarJo would be prominently displayed in the poster for marketing purposes but for the movie, she is nothing more than a glorified supporting character. Why didn't anyone think of that?

    The publicity for Twelve Years a Slave did the exact same thing. Putting all the big name actors playing White plantation owners on the posters and all but excluding the main character. Why? Because the studio was afraid people wouldn't go see a movie where the main character was a Black Man. Benedict Cumberbatch's character (the villain) got more publicity than the actor playing the actual main character!

    It's cowardice and greed of the highest order! I (as a white man), am insulted the studio doesn't think I would go see a movie or can empathize with a character who doesn't look like me! The movie is about a Black Man, fighting back against his oppressors! Yet said racist characters got more publicity than the actor playing him! What does that say about Hollywood's condescending attitude towards race?

    Of course there was a big difference between Twelve Years A Slave and 47 Ronin. One was a good movie, the other wasn't. One was historically accurate and truthful, the other was an offensive orientalist power fantasy.

    But back to Ghost In The Shell.

    Here's my idea, lets do an inversion of the 47 Ronin/Twelve Years a Slave casting/marketing thing. Instead of casting Motoko as the white girl and everyone else as Asian. Cast main character Motoko with an Asian girl. Have her displayed prominently on the marquee (like the poster for the original film), and surround her with a bunch of well known actors that the audience (supposedly) wants to see. Put this virtual unknown in the center surrounded by all these well known stars, that way you have more star power supporting the movie, and you can claim plausible deniability when it comes to the casting.

    Here's MY Fancast:

    Diana Bang as Motoko Kusanagi

    Steven Yuen as Togusa

    Bruce Willis asBatou (Not everyone has to be Asian)

    Ken Watanabe as Daisuke Aramaki (Motoko's Boss)

    Scarlett Johanson as Kurutsu (Motoko's Boss from Arise)

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    • $85 million is considered 'mid-budget'[1] but even then, it "barely made the studio money" according to your math.

      Uh.Uh.Uh.(waves finger)

      MOG cost significantly less to make than Last Airbender. The Studio that produced MOG was not expecting it to be a huge blockbuster. They were expecting it to make a little bit of money for them at the Box Office before finding its true purpose as a Cable-TV/Art House fix. Just like Disney was expecting Frozen to underperform domestically, only for them to run out of Merchandise due to demand exceeding supply.

      But in the case of Last Airbender, Paramount WAS expecting it to be a huge hit. They invested heavily in the profits for the film. Hence why they invested an extra hundred thousand in the ad campaign, and when it didn't make back as much as they expected it to. . .well y'know what happened next.

      Why Zhang Ziyi as the lead in the movie? Because she has proven marketability due to her performance in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ($17 million budget, year 2000) AND her movies since then including Rush Hour 2.

      And after Rush Hour two, what Big American movies has she starred in? Where is her superhero movie? There isn't, and that's a problem.

      Why? Because ir says Hollywood still considers actresses like her (and Steven Yuen, and Ken Watanabe) an exception to the rule that Asian faces don't sell in Hollywood, rather than believing that people like them. Which I say might have some truth, but the overwhelming reason the American Audience isn't going to see Asian actors, is because the mainstream isn't making them available. The publicity is always given to white people, and occassionally High Class Black actors like Denzel. We the audience have no choice in the matter!

      If you had a movie like Lucy or Edge Of Tomorrow, but put Steven Yuen in the role of the main character, kept it exactly the same otherwise and gave it as much publicity as you gave Scarjo or Tom Cruise. It probably would have been just as successful.

      The other major characters were also cast with marketable actors even if they are not Japanese, i.e., "their acting ability and star power, not their race."

      To an American Audience only extreme differences in appearances matter, nobody is going to care 'what kind of Asian' an actor is as long as she is Asian and can blend in with the context of the setting and pull off playing the character. i.e. "The reason a Chinese Actress can pass for a Japanese Character, but a White actress can't.

      Please. Battleship and John Carter both tanked because it starred a not-so-marketable white boy. Why else did FOX replace him with Channing Tatum as Gambit in the upcoming solo X-Men movie?

      Because One. The Publicity for those movies was mediocre at best, and Battleship was a terrible film.

      Two. X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a terrible film that disappointed both general audiences and Fanboys.

      Three. Channing Tatum is a big success in both dramatic and comedy franchises. Even if you've never seen one of his movies. Everyone has seen his face on a poster for 22 Jump Street while driving around big city areas. Again, he gets lots of publicity in lots of movies because he's white and good looking on top of being talented.

      If he was talented, good looking, and Asian. Do you thik the studio would keep putting his face on the poster, or put all the focus of the advertisment on Jonah Hill? Of course not, that would alienate the audience.

      Ha... I remind you of the math in this video.

      Buckley is a douche.

      As I already stated, I understand Hollywood isn't making this for the fans, they're making it to make money by appealing to the widest demographic. Which for better or worse, sadly is composed mostly of white people who have never seen the source material, and supposedly cant even be bothered to empathize with a character that looks different from them. I do.

      What I don't understand is, did they not even consider the overseas Market, the millions of people with money in China, Korea, Japan who know of Ghost In The Shell, and are at least casually aware of who Motoko Kusanangi is and recognize her as Japanese?

      Unlike The Avengers comic books in America. In China, Korea, and Japan. The Ghost In The Shell Movies, TV Shows, Manga, get primetime airing and publicity on TV shows, merchandise, the sides of Buses etc. on par with anything the Avengers gets here in America. Everyone knows GITS in Japan! It's as important to Japanese audiences as Jurassic Park is to us!

      To use another example. Hayao Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away were the best selling films in the overseas market, but only have cult followings here in America, even with the Publicity Power and credibility of The House Of Mouse behind them. If you were doing a live action remake of either, you instantly alienate the Original audience who created the source material and made it popular by casting a white actress.

      In the same way the first two GITS films were huge hits in the Asian Market, but not so much in the American market. I mean, seriously it's not like this would flop if they had cast Rinko Kikucuhi as Kusanagi, they would make more than enough to justify the films existence. Pacific Rim only did okay here in the states, but was a box office smash overseas (specifically in China). Much like you claim Transformers 4 was a huge hit in China because of NOT! Katara playing Bays current creepy fetishized female stereotype.

      I already said, the property is popular globally because the main character is Asian, and the setting is in Asia, about Asian issues! At it's heart Ghost In The Shell, much like Akira, in all it's incarnations, is an Inherently Japanese story about Japanese problems, culture, and politics.

      Also, before you shove Douche Buckley in my face again.

      Exodus Gods And Kings. Based on a globally popular source material, directed by a man who didn't understand the source material, cast an all white cast and a Marketable Star.

      It underperformed both domestically and globally. Which is to say just like Last Airbender it still made millions, just not enough millions to justify the millions that went into making and marketing it.

      So what does that say about the likelihood for GITS's success due to Scarjo?

      The length you go to apologize for Tom Cruise amazes me.

      Tom Cruise is an actor, not a screenwriter, director, or manager of marketing. He's getting older and isn't as popular as he once was. A director offers him a role he takes it. If I'm talking about anyone I'm talking about the marketing.

      I don't hate an actor for taking a role to pay the bills. I hate the producers and directors who don't have any faith in their audience.

      I'm not apologizing. I'm recognizing a Smart Decision when I see one.

      Well then, the solution is obvious. Dreamworks should call this movie SECTION 9 and tack on "inspired by this Manga/Anime' on it, so they can whitewash to their heart's content.

      I'd be perfectly alright with that. Divorce it enough from the source material to the point where its practically it's own product. That way, fans can have their original product untarnished and approach the movie as it's own product without twenty-thirty plus years of emotional investment dragging them down.

      Yes, SPEED RACER tanked but the mainstream critics are still raving about it,[5] including the ones that trashed TLA movie for its "racist" casting

      I can't speak for them (maybe their opinions changed?) but I can let someone else speak for me.

      I think they've been better in the last few years, too — a little more daring, a little funnier. But look, most movies suck. Absolutely suck. They just do. . . . If most (Movies) were good, I'd make $15 an hour. I don't live the way I live because most things are even remotely good. But when you have a system where you probably only see three movies with Non-white leads in them a year, they're going to be judged more harshly, and you're really rooting for them to be good a little more so than the 140 movies starring white people every year. -Chris Rock

      Pretty much this, movies with non-whites tend to be judged more harshly by the critics. Like I said, when a film with a non-white cast fails the cast is blamed for alienating the audience, not the filmmaking. But when a film with an all white cast fails, the filmmaking is blamed. American means white, and everyone else has to hyphenate.

      The target audience for GITS is completely different from Speed Racer. Comparing Speed Racer to Ghost In The Shell is like comparing The Flintstones to The Dark Knight.  It's a much older and much less complex property than Ghost In The Shell.  

      Furthermore, unlike Last Airbender. I recognize there were genuinely good moments in it, much like there were good moments in the Matrix Sequels. Even if the overall product was just terrible, but I can understand why a few people genuinely enjoy it. There were good moments in it, despite it being an overall bad movie.

      Unlike Ghost In The Shell and Last Airbender, there is really nothing that says Speed Racer HAS to be Asian. There's really no big cultural Context, that specifically says or implies 'Speed Racer is Asian'. It's not based in Asian History or Mythology, the setting isn't Japan.

      But there is a buttload of Cultural context in GITS specifically stating that Motoko, Batou, Togusa etc. are Japanese. The Setting is Japan (Hong Kong in the original movie and Manga), there is a whole lot of discussion about Transcendentalist/Buddhist themes and how that ties into the Japanese Technology Boom the series was created during, and theres even a huge plot point in SAC that specifically discusses Japan's Cultural Xenophobia towards Europe and America.

       Racebending is a manufactured controversy as part of a smear campaign against TLA movie.

      (Sarcasm) Oh. How I will I ever disprove this? 6% on Rotten Tomatoes from Critics. 31% from the audience.

      WHAT "'steamy' scene with a female actress"? The emphasis is still on the real main character played Hiroyuki Sanada.'They even cut some scenes from Keanu's parallel story.

      Now thats a lie. The very same blog you linked discussed the 'Steamy Scene.'

      Even if I'm mistaken it doesn't completely invalidate my claim.. That fight with the Demon posessed Monks in the trailer? That wasn't in the original cut of the movie. They added more scenes with Keanu to market it better, it didn't work film flopped, Asian cast took the blame.

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    • TLDR? Just Watch This It gets the point across far faster than reading the entire thing could ever possibly do.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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  • Hey there! I've seen you on threads posting a LOT of interesting things so I think you would be the best person to ask a few questions I have.

    1. About the movie - I heard Shyamalan wrote the sequel, but is it really ever going to come out? I mean, the actors are too old now aren't they? Aside from that what could be stopping him?

    2. Something that has been bugging me for quite some time now - Does Nick hate the Avatar franchise? Do they even care about it? I saw that on their twitter they posted a fanart of Izumi confusing it with the actual picture saying that she spoke in that episode. 

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this :)

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    • Tono555 wrote:
      I heard Shyamalan wrote the sequel, but is it really ever going to come out? I mean, the actors are too old now aren't they? Aside from that what could be stopping him?

      Yes, he has written the sequel. No, I don't know if it will ever come out of development hell. If the actors are too old, they'll just recast. Nothing is stopping him. The real question is, what is stopping Paramount? The answer to that is budgeting for Nickelodeon Movies. The movie raised a lot of money for Paramount, which was supposed to fund the next Nick Movie in the production pipeline, Michael Bay's TMNT for 2012 release. That never happened because Dreamworks Animation threatened not to renew their distribution contract unless Paramount reduce their fee. To strengthen their negotiation position, Paramount diverted the funds to their newly created Paramount Animation and paid Sony to brand Tintin as a Nick movie. It took a while, but TMNT was eventually funded for 2014 release, 2 years later. You might as well check out the upcoming Spongebob movie in 2015 because that's where some of the money went.

      Honestly, I don't why some fans are stupid enough to believe that if Paramount cancel the sequels, they will use the money for a reboot rather than dozens of Nick movies they have been developing for a long long time. Icon_yawn.gif

      Does Nick hate the Avatar franchise? Do they even care about it?

      Nick is a corporation so IT neither hates nor cares about the franchise. A better question is who in Nick/Viacom hates (or cares) about the franchise. I suggest you start here and read my comments here, here and here

      I saw that on their twitter they posted a fanart of Izumi confusing it with the actual picture saying that she spoke in that episode.

      That's just an honest mistake. :P

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    • All right. Thank you so much :)

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    • An anonymous contributor
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