aka Linsdy Barrett

  • Bio My name is Linsdy Barrett and I'm the daughter of a powerful sorceress and a mutant and making me a Mewman/Mutant hybrid just like my cousin Meteora who is a Mewman/Monster hybrid. It started when I came back from the ocean and I discovered that mom was not there at my coronation because she was at Shuriki's wedding dad told me not to worry about it. That night the high commission announced me queen Linsdy the spell caster and then I saw mom who gave up the throne and the wand to me instead of Eclipsa the queen of darkness who was revealed to be her younger sister who was the queen before she was imprisoned inside a crystal and the pie folk peasent girl was Festivia was going to be queen the next day and it is revealed that Moon and star are pie folk and making them not to be the royal family of Mewni and it is revealed that queen Solaria had another child who was my mother to begin with. Lynda married a mutant and they had one daughter who is the next queen of Mewni but messed with dark magic just like Eclipsa did and they named her Linsdy but years went by she became queen when Lynda left to Shuriki's wedding that's when Lynda had another child who was my younger brother Zachary and she did not go back to Mewni because she knew that Eclipsa was taking care of her and raised her to be the princess of darkness and she taught her to dip down but it went wrong she had pink veins when she tried to dip down again but made it worse the high commission told Eclipsa not to teach Linsdy to use her dip down spells but she passed out when she diped down and manage to wake up on her own she realized that the high commission was there and opened a portal to earth and she said no my aunt is taking of me till mom gets back with my brother Zachary. But when I turned eight years old I was adopted by Kuvira because mom was having another baby so I became kuvira's daughter and she taught metal bending but rose from the ranks I started dance with Suyin Beifong who is my new grandma Sence my grandma queen Solaira died.
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