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  • The expression "all about" rarely uses the literal meaning. It's like an idiom. You can't think they actually meant that literally all of it, every single page, is dedicated to this.

    It doesn't matter, because it's not even close. Like I just said, one of the examples given for the "whole focus" was ONE PAGE. Even if we take every reference to gay romance, even if it's only a single line or image, & count that entire page as being "about homosexuality," it's still only about 1/3 of the length. And Mako & Bolin aren't "ignored," it's their investigation that discovers Tokuga & it's Mako who comes up with the idea to finally track him down. The argument is completely, utterly wrong.

    Don't get me wrong. After seeing this my view has been changed and If that's what the first ban was for then I can see why they banned him but I also saw that you twisted his words and exaggerated his aggressiveness and that's also not good.

    I find that very dubious, considering you seem to disbelieve everything I say, yet make excuses to salvage what those people "really mean" with no questions asked. And those excuses are just splitting hairs. In brief:

    He never called you a psychopath, he said your behavior is psychopathic: Someone who engages in psychopathic behavior is called a psychopath. It's the same thing in different wording.

    He didn't call you a neo Nazi, you called yourself a racist: I said I struggle with internalized racist messages from my upbringing. I was trying to encourage someone to not give up on being more tolerant by showing him people aren't born ideologically pure, but I digress. Point is, he twisted that into "oh you admit you hate other races so nothing you say counts" & further down started typing my name as "neo Nazi." The insinuation is clear.

    There's a difference between being someone who would support a witch hunt & being in a witch hunt: Yes, opportunity. He's saying I would do that if I could because my treatment to him is tantamount to the same thing.

    You said he called you a murderer: Yes, I sarcastically called the above "calling us psychopaths & murderers," because there's not much of a difference. If you follow his ridiculous logic, my criticism of him is the same as killing people for being "witches," therefore my criticism of him is the same as murder. No, it is not a "lie" to mockingly refer to something he said in a way that lays the absurdity bare. And I think the fact that it only appeared once should be a clue that it was an off-hand remark, not a main point. It's kind of weird that you jump to "this is lying, you're twisting words" with me but everything else is "idioms" or whatever.

    As for the comment at the top I think you should let him explain what he actually meant because I'm pretty sure your interpretations are far from what he actually means.

    There's nothing stopping him! He could have, & still could, say at any point, "I'm sorry, that's not what I meant." He could then give a straight explanation of his points without any hyperbole or hostility. He could consciously choose to make his future forum points in a less inflammatory way, which I don't think is a big ask, since his complaint was that I was supposedly being "provocative."

    But I'm not going to beg him to do it. I'm not prostrating myself at his feet & asking him to please explain why he said all that stuff about me. HE said it, if HE wants the record cleared, that's HIS responsibility. As far as I'm concerned, I don't want to share a board with someone who harasses me. I don't want to hear you making excuses for him & telling me I should just try to have a friendly chat with him. If he admits what he did & stops doing it, then maybe we can, but it's not something I'm desperate to do.

    And come to think of it, I don't think I want to debate this any further either. That's my position, I'm not changing it. If you don't like it, that's rough, buddy. You can feel free to go to anyone else in this conflict & espouse the virtues of steelmanning to them if you want. Personally, I think it would be genuinely helpful to Iron & Truth right now, so I won't complain if you don't tell them. If you have had a change of mind after this, then I guess I'll see you around some time.

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    • I only just noticed this was here but the discussion's already over so there's no point in talking about it anymore.

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  • Fong welcomes Team Avatar

    Welcome to Avatar Wiki! Thanks for your edit to Thread:1230526#49|Was the fire nation on the right side in the 100 year war?, and for joining our community! There's a lot to do around here, so we hope you'll stay with us and make many more improvements.

    Wiki Activity is a great first stop, because you can see what pages other people have been editing.
    Questions? Need help? Don't know what to do? See if S.O.S. editing can help you, or just leave me a message!
    Have an opinion? Read the latest blog posts and meet other knowledgeable fans. Discuss the series and the movie to a depth that you'd have never imagined.
    Like fan fiction? Visit our fanon portal. You can read the quality works of others. You can even write your own, and share your stories with all the readers here.
    Follow our policies, to make sure that all of us get along harmoniously.
    Sign in every time you edit, so that we can recognize you.
    Sign your comments by typing ~~~~ when posting on one of our forum threads. This adds your signature and the date, so we know who's talking!

    We're really happy to have you here, and look forward to working with you! Have fun!

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