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This article is about Avatar Gun's companion. For the village of the same name, see Hu Xin Provinces#Notable settlements.

Mesose was a famous scholar and close companion of Avatar Gun.[1]


Living in the Ru Ming era, Mesose earned a reputation as a skilled poet and engineer. They also became a close friend of Avatar Gun, who would occasionally tease the scholar about a lack of progress when writing books and tendency to take on too many projects at once. Mesose penned treatises on several subjects, including one book titled A Discourse on Floodplain Management.[1] Over time, Gun lost faith in humanity, and at least once asked Mesose why they should still care about all the ungrateful and short-sighted people. The scholar was unsure how to respond, other than to point out humanity's potential for betterment.[2]

Eventually, Mesose and Gun found themselves at the harbor city of Ha'an when it was hit by a tsunami. The Avatar was unable to fully stop the natural disaster, and Mesose died in the floods despite Gun's efforts at saving the scholar.[1]


Gun mourned for Mesose and neglected their duties as an Avatar for an extended period of time after the scholar's passing.[1]

Mesose's achievements and connection to Avatar Gun were remembered long after their passing, and at least some of their writing survived the passage of time. A copy of A Discourse on Floodplain Management, kept in the Western Air Temple's Great Library, was used by Jetsun to help Yangchen when she was possessed by Gun and relived the day of Mesose's death.[1]



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