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Meng was a resident of Makapu Village and the young assistant of Aunt Wu, the local fortuneteller. Part of her job included greeting Aunt Wu's guests and bringing them snacks. Even though she was not related to the fortuneteller, Meng looked up to her mentor and thought of her like her grandmother. Although she was a little clumsy, some have noted that she made delicious bean curd puffs.[2]


Meng and Aang

Meng was enamored with the young Avatar from the first moment they met.

Sometime before Team Avatar arrived in Makapu Village, Aunt Wu predicted for Meng that she would someday marry a big-eared man, causing her to keep a lookout all the time for someone who matched the description. Meng eventually became Aunt Wu's assistant.

When Meng met Team Avatar in 99 AG, she instantly became smitten with Avatar Aang, since he fit Aunt Wu's description of her future husband. She was excited by the fact that "Meng" and "Aang" sounded similar. Throughout the day, Meng stalked Aang, dropping hints of her crush on him, albeit with no success as he remained oblivious and even used her ideas to try to impress Katara. She eventually conceded that Aang did not share her feelings for him and although she was not bitter about it, she admitted to him that it was hard to feel unrequited love for someone. When he sympathized with that feeling, she told Aang that she understood his preference for Katara, much to the Avatar's surprise. After Aang assured her that she would find her dream man someday, she offered him Aunt Wu's cloud reading book, for which he had been searching, revealing that she had been stalking him.

When Aang, Katara, and Sokka left, Meng enthusiastically waved goodbye to Katara, though as soon as Appa took off, Meng muttered that Katara was a "floozy".[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book One: Water (水)



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