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Meilin was a refugee who journeyed to Ba Sing Se with her girlfriend, Mingxia, and their friends Dandan, Fenfang, and Peng.


Meilin met a former Kyoshi Warrior, Mingxia, some time after the latter left Kyoshi Island due to disagreeing with her village's isolationist policy, and wanting to see more of the world. They became friends with Dandan, Fenfang, and Peng, and traveled together, hoping to explore the Earth Kingdom. Meilin and Mingxia began a romantic relationship, and Mingxia told her all about her childhood best friend, Suki. As the Fire Nation advanced through the Earth Kingdom in the late stages of the Hundred Year War, Meilin, Mingxia, and their friends believed it was best to travel to Ba Sing Se as refugees.

The group traveled to Full Moon Bay to take a ferry to the capital. While there, Mingxia unexpectedly encountered Suki, who was working as a ferry guard. Meilin's girlfriend learned that several Kyoshi Warriors had left the island to help others, following Avatar Aang's visit. Mingxia introduced Suki to Meilin and the rest of their friends, with Meilin telling Suki that she had heard a lot about her, and that it was great to finally put a face to the stories. Suki raised an eyebrow and asked Mingxia what stories she had been telling Meilin, but she promised that it was nothing too damaging to the reputation of the Kyoshi Warriors. Dandan and Peng explained that they were going to Ba Sing Se due to the war making everything difficult, and that they would feel safer behind the walls. Meilin and the rest of the group made their way to the ferry, but not before Mingxia and Suki embraced after seeing each other for the first time in years.[1]


Graphic novels[]

  • 61f


  • Meilin is a confirmed LGBTQIA+ character in the Avatar universe.[1]


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