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The meerkat prairie dog spirit is a chimerical creature from the Spirit World.[1]


After Korra and Jinora meditated into the Spirit World from the Eastern Air Temple, Korra ran into a meerkat prairie dog spirit when she was trying to catch up with Jinora, who had gone after a butterfly spirit. The meerkat prairie dog spirit grew annoyed, telling Korra to be wary of where she was going and stating that she had stepped into a "residential area".

Rhetorically asking who "[Korra] thought [she was]" in annoyance, she answered that she was the Avatar. Another meerkat prairie dog spirit burrowed to the surface, and told Korra that it was not impressed after sniffing her. Korra explained that she was trying to find the spirit portals, and asked the spirits if they knew where they were, explaining that she had already opened one. Another spirit rose to the surface, stating that it thought that Unalaq had done it. Korra tried to clarify that she did, and another spirit popped up, asking how Korra did not know where the portal was if she had already opened one.

Korra tried to explain that she was at the South Pole the first time she opened the portal, but another spirit burrowed up and expressed its distrust of the Avatar. More and more spirits began to rise to the surface, telling Korra to get out of their world, that they did not need her, and that she did not belong there. In her frustration, Korra tried to bend at the spirits, although it failed, as only her spirit had crossed over to the Spirit World.

Jinora and Korra in trouble

Jinora and Korra were attacked by meerkat prairie dog spirits soon after arriving in the Spirit World.

The spirits immediately noticed what Korra had tried to do, and feeling threatened by an attempted violence in their own holes, began to coordinate an attack. The meerkat prairie dogs leapt toward Korra, with some turning into sticky blobs. Korra called for Jinora, and the young airbender told her to stay calm, as her energy was upsetting them. As she ran after the Avatar being attacked by more spirits, Jinora pointed out that Korra was only making things worse. Jinora arrived as a mass of spirits had turned into blobs and attached themselves to Korra's back, trying to pull them away. Having failed to keep calm, the spirits created a sinkhole, with the pair being dragged under and finding themselves underwater.[1]


The meerkat prairie dog spirits are curmudgeonly by nature and extremely protective of their homes. They have the ability to turn into sticky, spirit blobs when their home is threatened by humans, as well as being able to create sinkholes within the Spirit World. Like many creatures within the Spirit World, any aggressive behavior is exacerbated by a human's inability to remain calm, especially if they are around the Avatar.[1][2]

They are sapient creatures with the capacity for human speech. They often live together in residential communities buried in holes underneath open areas of the Spirit World.[1]


The meerkat prairie dog spirit is a combination of both of its namesakes, bearing more physical resemblance to the meerkat with the burrowing capabilities of a prairie dog.


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