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"What about Meelo? He's hilarious too, you never know what's going to come out of his mouth!"
Tenzin about Meelo.[1]

Meelo is the third child and the first son of Tenzin and Pema, and first grandson of Avatar Aang and Katara. He resides on Air Temple Island with the rest of his family. The young airbender has two older sisters, Jinora and Ikki, and a younger brother named Rohan.


Early life[]

Meelo was born in 165 AG to Tenzin and Pema and grew up as one of the last remaining airbenders in the world, the others being his father and his sisters, Jinora and Ikki.[2]

170 AG[]

Korra's training[]

Tenzin and family

Meelo and his family arriving at the South Pole, with Meelo gnawing on his father's bald head.

When Avatar Korra was ready to start her airbending training, Meelo and his family traveled to the Southern Water Tribe to visit his grandmother and stay for the night. He was chewing on his father's head as the family arrived and hopped off their sky bison. When Katara took him off his father's shoulders, Meelo did not recognize his grandmother and quickly squirmed his way out of the hands of the "strange woman". He went on to play with his sisters in the snow, claiming to be a "snowbender", by using his airbending to blow off a pile of snow that covered him, showering his mother, much to her annoyance. Meelo and the rest of his family headed back home the next day, as Tenzin's duties as a United Republic Council member prevented them from relocating to the Southern Water Tribe as planned.[5]

Meelo met Korra again not long after their last encounter, as the Avatar had run away from home and traveled to Republic City. The young boy was thrilled when he saw her again, especially after his father complied and let Korra stay on Air Temple Island in order to learn airbending with them.[5]

As an airbender, Meelo was present during Korra's airbending training. While Korra was struggling with weaving her way through the airbending gates, he mimicked his father's advice by stating that Korra should try to "be the leaf". When Meelo participated in the meditation exercise, Tenzin singled him out as an example for Korra of how to properly meditate. However, the young boy had actually fallen asleep. Later on, when Korra destroyed the ancient training tool with her firebending in a fit of frustration and called Tenzin a "terrible teacher", Meelo instantly copied Korra's words, running around screaming and kicking the shambles of the now-broken tool.[4]

Meelo sat quietly at dinner as Councilman Tarrlok entered and offered Korra to join his newly created task force. He later enjoyed playing with Ikki in a new car which was sent as a gift from Tarrlok to bribe Korra. He also attended the gala Tarrlok threw for Korra along with the rest of his family, where he apparently mistook an object for a toilet, much to his father's horror and embarrassment.[6]

Meelo and Team Avatar

Meelo cheering up the Team Avatar with his lightheartedness.

Upon the arrival of Mako, Bolin, Pabu, and Asami who had come to live on Air Temple Island, Meelo immediately took a liking to the new residents. After welcoming them to "[his] domain", Meelo seemed to develop a crush on Asami, calling her pretty and asking for a piece of her hair, prompting Mako to jokingly call him "competition". Later on, when the members of Team Avatar were talking about saving Republic City, Meelo interrupted by jumping down and passing gas on their hands. He enthusiastically agreed with them, although he had no idea what they were doing, making them all laugh.[7]

The following morning, Meelo, sleeping in the bed of his parents, awoke early to the phone ringing on a bedside table, and crawled over his father's face to reach it. He answered it and inquired who was calling, commenting that whatever it was had better have been important enough to justify waking him at six o'clock in the morning. Tenzin quickly stole the phone away from his son to take the message himself, and Meelo crawled back toward his mother.[8]

The Anti-bending Revolution[]

During the Equalist attack on Air Temple Island, Meelo and his older sisters aided Lin Beifong in defeating several chi-blockers. He displayed impressive talent in airbending, immobilizing several of the Equalists within moments. After the attack, Meelo joined his sisters in welcoming their new baby brother, Rohan, into the world. Shortly thereafter, he escaped the island with his family on Oogi, and watched as Lin stopped the airships from following them and got captured, stating that she was his hero, to which his father sadly agreed.[9]

Tenzin and his children captured

Meelo, his sisters, and his father captured.

Despite Lin's sacrifice, Meelo and the rest of his family were captured by Amon, who intended to publicly remove their bending and destroy the last airbenders. Korra and Mako swiftly came to their aid, and Korra led Meelo and the rest of his family out into one of the hallways of the Pro-bending Arena. Tenzin led his children to find Pema and Rohan, to which Meelo happily exclaimed "Prison break!", while Korra and Mako defeated Amon.

Once Republic City was safe again, Meelo returned to Air Temple Island with his family. He witnessed his boisterous Uncle Bumi enter the harbor with the rest of the United Forces, much to Ikki's enjoyment and Tenzin's embarrassment. Meelo traveled with his family, along with the rest of Avatar Korra's friends and family, to the Southern Water Tribe to have Katara restore Korra's bending. When Katara was unable to heal Korra, Meelo stood by his family, who tried to tell her it would be all right. Meelo later witnessed Korra use energybending to restore Lin Beifong's earthbending, and watched Tenzin praise Korra for her accomplishments as the Avatar.[10]

171 AG[]

Journey to the air temples[]

Six months after the events of the Anti-bending Revolution, Meelo took part in an air scooter race with Korra and his sisters, coming in last place. Later, Meelo and his family traveled back to the Southern Water Tribe to attend the Glacier Spirits Festival.[11]

Meelo naming Poki

Meelo finding himself a ring-tailed winged lemur which he named Poki.

After Korra dismissed Tenzin as her instructor, Meelo joined his family in a journey to the Southern Air Temple, the home of his grandfather, Aang. Upon arriving, Meelo found a ring-tailed winged lemur and decided to name it Poki, but the lemur escaped the young airbender's tight grasp. After settling in, Tenzin took Jinora to the statue room, but realized that he had not kept a close enough watch on Meelo and Ikki; the two came storming in soon after, and Meelo subsequently crashed into an unknown statue.[12]

The next day, Meelo had successfully bonded with Poki, carrying the lemur atop his head. As he and Jinora rolled in on air scooters to join the adults, Pema noticed that Ikki was absent. Meelo confessed that he and Jinora had teased Ikki and she ran off; in between his explanation, he mentioned a shark-squid, causing his uncle to get all worked up. Tenzin, joined by Bumi and Kya, went out to search for Ikki.[13]

When Meelo saw his father return with his sister late the next day, he smiled at her, and upon his mother's insistence to speak, announced that he was glad she had returned, a statement echoed by his eldest sister, and readily accepted when she proposed that the three of them go play airball.[1]

Meelo teaching Poki

Meelo attempting to teach Poki to roll over.

Over the next few days, Meelo started trying to train his lemur Poki, though without much success as he had failed to establish dominance over the animal and over-rewarded the creature, even for bad behavior. After he failed to teach Poki how to roll over, he accepted his father's offer to teach him how to become a master trainer. Meelo eventually succeeded in training Poki, giving a demonstration for the rest of his family. After the animal sat and rolled over on Meelo's command, the young airbender was complimented by his father, who expressed his faith in the boy for training Poki. Meelo countered that he did not just train Poki, but had extended his teachings to all the lemurs. To prove his point, he blew his whistle, prompting all the lemurs to execute several patterns in the air upon Meelo's direction. Although impressed with his son, Tenzin realized that he had gone too far in making Meelo a master trainer, and suggested that the boy forgot about the training discipline for a while and just enjoyed playing with his lemur. Relieved, Meelo readily took his father up on the suggestion, admitting that the training had tired him out. As he ran off with Poki, he blew his whistle a last time, signaling the other lemurs that they were free to do what they wanted again.[14]

At the Eastern Air Temple, Meelo listened in boredom to the itinerary his father had come up with for that day which included visiting a lot of the temple's ancient places. His attitude changed completely after Korra arrived at the temple, and he excitedly ran over to greet and hug her. However, as she brought the family up to speed with the current events they had missed due to their vacation, Meelo stared at her in shock.

Meelo ringing a bell

To help Korra and Tenzin cross over to the Spirit World, Meelo rang a ceremonial bell on certain intervals.

After it became apparent that Korra needed to cross over to the Spirit World, Meelo tried to assist her and his father. When they were meditating on one of the grassy fields of the temple, Meelo was tasked with ringing a ceremonial bell while Ikki used her airbending to operate a horn. However, when Tenzin and Korra failed to enter the Spirit World, Meelo was chided by his father for ringing the bell on the wrong intervals. As Tenzin left, Korra assured him that his bell playing was just fine, a compliment he appreciated greatly by ringing his bell again.

Meelo continued to trail his father and Korra wherever they went to meditate, though he was shocked when he overheard his father confess that he had never been to the Spirit World before. When Jinora told her dragonfly bunny spirit friends that it was all right to reveal themselves, Meelo was excited to witness the spirits and immediately chased after them to play together.[15]

Awaiting the return of Korra and his family, Meelo was playing with Ikki in the temple's garden under the supervision of his mother. He was excited to see his father return but grew saddened when he saw his sister's spiritless body.[16] Meelo returned to Air Temple Island with his mother, Ikki, and Rohan, while Tenzin, Bumi, Kya, and Team Avatar set out to stop Unalaq before Harmonic Convergence came. From the balcony of the island's tower, he watched how Vaatu, merged with Unalaq, laid waste to the city, declaring the large spiritual form to be a monster, though excitedly commented upon the arrival of Korra's gigantic astral projection.[17]

Post-Harmonic Convergence[]

Two weeks after Harmonic Convergence, Meelo was playing together with his youngest sister and Pabu when Bumi came running and asked where Tenzin was. After Ikki called for their father, Meelo listened with interest to his uncle's story about his airbending feats, though when he failed to prove his skill, Meelo frowned and left him on the porch to follow the rest of the family inside to enjoy dinner. During the meal, however, Bumi did not let up on his attempts to try to airbend and Meelo complied to his request to have something thrown at him by launching a plate at him, looking on in shock when Bumi caught the object in a ball of air.

Meelo and Ikki mad

Ikki and Meelo were mad upon learning that they would stay on Air Temple Island while Jinora traveled to Ba Sing Se with Tenzin and Team Avatar.

The next day, Meelo watched his uncle trying to bend on command to no avail. The revelation that other airbenders were emerging excited the young airbender and he began fantasizing about being a commander of his own Air Army.[18] When Asami arrived that evening at Air Temple Island in the Future Industries airship the team would be using to travel toward Ba Sing Se, Ikki and Meelo excitedly created air scooters to take a tour of the transport. However, when they learned that they would need to remain at the temple while Jinora would accompany the group to the Earth Kingdom, they became upset and demanded an explanation from their parents. Kya eased their jealousy by pointing out that they were needed on the island to provide guidance for any new airbenders in the city. The prospect of possibly telling others what to do excited Meelo and he dropped the issue. When the team embarked on their journey, he waved them off, yelling that he would miss them.[19]

Later, as Meelo and Ikki were helping the airbenders get acclimated to Air Temple Island, they were approached by an airbender who claimed his name was Yorru and that he had heard the island was where the new benders could go. Meelo told him that he heard correctly and watched as the stranger demonstrated his bending. That evening, Meelo watched as Daw and another bender failed to get through the training gates, yelling at them and telling Daw to "be the leaf". The young airbender was soon left in amazement as he watched Yorru pass through the gates with little problem, calling him a leaf. The man bowed to Meelo, saying that a student was only as good as his master, to which the young boy respectfully bowed back before turning to Kya as she arrived to inform the group of Tenzin's finding and planned training of new airbenders at the Northern Air Temple.[20]


Meelo stood alongside the new recruits as they prepared to rescue Jinora and Kai.

Meelo, Ikki, Kya, Pema, and new airbenders later arrived at the Northern Air Temple to resume training with Tenzin. During the obstacle course, Meelo launched watermelons at the trainees with his bending. Shortly after the course, a frustrated Tenzin put Meelo in charge of the training, who quickly jumped to the task, telling the recruits that one of them would not make it out alive after training was complete.

After they learned of Jinora being in danger, Meelo and Ikki gathered two flying bison on Bumi's request. Afterward, Meelo and the airbenders made their way to a bison rustlers' camp where Jinora, Kai, and bison calves were being held. Following on Bumi's speech, Meelo declared that no airbender would be left behind, and they charged into the rustlers' camp. He was able to leap an earthen wall on an air scooter and knock down the rustlers' leader, Ganbat, with a blast of air, along with another one who had tried to knock him down with a ramp of earth. After the rescue was successful, Meelo briefly sat on a baby bison's head.[21]

Sometime later, Meelo answered Bolin's radio call from Zaofu. He asked who was calling, though when told once more that it was Bolin, he answered that Bolin was currently not at the air temple, asking if he could take a message. Upon being asked to get his dad, Meelo revealed that Tenzin was outside with the bison and inadvertently distracted Bolin from their urgent situation by revealing they had found an entire heard of bison calves. However, when Korra took over and ordered Meelo as his commanding officer to get his father, the young boy snapped to attention and left to find Tenzin immediately.

Tenzin and his family cornered

Meelo and the other airbenders were gathered in a courtyard of the Northern Air Temple by the Red Lotus to use as leverage to get to Korra.

Although Meelo returned with Tenzin, they were too late to evacuate before the arrival of the Red Lotus. Meelo asked his father what was so alarming about the sight of the four people in the airship that had appeared, though was merely told that they needed to get everyone out of the temple. Staying close to his father, they met up with the rest of their family and tried to reach the bison to escape, though found themselves cornered by Zaheer. They were all rounded up in one of the temple's courtyards, though when Tenzin blew Zaheer, Ghazan, and Ming-Hua back, Meelo was ordered to follow Jinora and the others toward the stables and leave the temple. Although they managed to reach the stables, the bison took off without them after they got spooked by one of P'Li's combustion attacks, leaving them at the mercy of the firebender.[22]

Meelo and the other occupants of the temple were taken by P'Li to a series of caves, where they were held captive by Red Lotus sentries, restrained to the floor by platinum chains. At Jinora's gesture, Meelo told the guards he needed to go to the bathroom. After Jinora airbent at the guard, sending his keys flying, Meelo used his bending to send them in Opal's direction, allowing her to unlock her chains. When the guards caught them beginning their escape, they were attacked by the approaching Team Avatar. With the men defeated, they were all freed and left the cave with Meelo and his siblings running toward Tenzin and hugging him. As Korra dueled Zaheer, Meelo and the other airbenders followed Jinora into a circle and helped bend up a tornado, freeing Korra and allowing her to slam Zaheer to the ground. The Avatar, however, had been substantially weakened by a metallic poison, leaving her in a perilous state. Meelo watched in worry as Suyin tried to bend the substance out, but was soon left smiling as Korra was saved upon completion of the task.

Two weeks later on Air Temple Island, Meelo waited with his family, the Beifongs, Lord Zuko, and President Raiko as Asami wheeled out a debilitated Korra. Meelo jumped on the Avatar's lap, telling them Jinora was already in the temple, which he said smelled like "shoe trees", prompting Ikki to correct him that they were actually sandalwood trees. They were helped up the stairs to Jinora's ceremony by means of an earthen ramp by Lin. Inside, Meelo sat in the front row and watched as his oldest sister's tattoos were revealed and she was appointed as an airbending master.[23]

174 AG[]

Jinora, Meelo, and Ikki

Meelo, together with his sisters Ikki and Jinora, was tasked by Tenzin to track down Korra and bring her home, a mission he gladly accepted.

Together with his family, Meelo attended the grand reopening of Republic City's Central City Station, where he stood rather bored while picking his nose during President Raiko's speech. Afterward, he returned to Air Temple Island together with his family, Prince Wu, Asami, Lin Beifong, Mako, and the presidential couple. During dinner, he announced that he was sure that Korra would no longer recognize him when she arrived. Upon asked why he thought that, he announced with pride that he had grown up to be a man, though he failed to impress his youngest sister with the remark. When an Air Acolyte notified the gathered group of the arrival of a ship from the South, he joined everyone else on the dock to greet Korra, who was scheduled to arrive. He happily rubbed Naga's belly, who had flopped on her back upon arrival, though he stopped his activity in shock when it became apparent that Korra had left the Southern Water Tribe six months prior, leaving everyone to wonder about her whereabouts.[24] Meelo and his two sisters were later tasked by Tenzin to track down Korra and bring her to Republic City. When their father stressed the importance of the task and asked if he could count on them, Meelo readily stated that he could count on him, though expressed worry about the reliability of his sisters, which earned him glares from Ikki and Jinora.[25]

Finding the Avatar[]

Pema talking to Meelo

Pema explained to Meelo that sometimes things got smudged in the wild in order to get him to accept a sweet bun that had its happy face smeared.

The next day, Meelo and his two sisters prepared Pepper to leave on their quest. While Ikki was putting some of their luggage away on the bison's saddle, Meelo airbent two bags on the bison, one of which hit his sister in the face, prompting her to chase him. Overhearing his mother say she prepared food for them, Meelo was quick to reject the provisions, declaring that they had no need for it as they were going to be living off the land. When Pema revealed that she had also prepared his favorite snacks, sweet buns with happy faces, Meelo quickly dropped his attitude and accepted the food. Upon opening one of the wrapped sweet buns, however, he discovered that the happy face had been smudged, which made it inedible for him, though he was told by his mother that such things happened in the wild. He hugged her goodbye before mounting Pepper to depart on their journey. When Tenzin reminded everyone that Jinora was in charge, Meelo rejected her authority, stating that he answered to no one, even if said person had her airbending mastery tattoos, and promptly ordered their search party to move out.

As the siblings made a first stop at a stupa atop a mountain near a village, Meelo thankfully used the opportunity to go to the bathroom. Upon his return, he was informed by Ikki that Jinora's "spirity powers" were broken as she had been unable to locate Korra. As Jinora snapped at Ikki that her abilities were fine and that she merely needed some quiet time, Meelo dismissed her grievance as something she just needed to work though and pull herself together for and announced that he and Poki would venture into the nearby town to ask around for Korra. When Ikki wanted to join him, he told her to be silent, minimizing her help to carrying the picture of Korra he had drawn. Being complimented on his lifelike portrait of the Avatar, Meelo noted that there were a lot of things that his sister did not know about him.

Tuyen and Meelo

Meelo was instantly infatuated with Tuyen, whom he described as the "love of [his] life".

In town, Meelo asked an old woman, among others, if she had seen Korra, guiding her attention to the drawing Ikki was holding. Upon being told by the woman that he was adorable, Meelo grew offended and corrected the elder that he was dangerous instead, though was labeled "dangerously cute" due to his cheeks in the end. Embarrassed, Meelo ordered his sister to forget about the encounter and the two siblings split to cover more ground. Their search turned out fruitless and the three siblings moved on to the next town, with the same results. During one of their other searches, Meelo discovered a young girl selling flowers to passersby. Soaring down from the roof he was on, he landed near her and asked if she could be trusted. Receiving a positive answer, he leaned toward her in a conspiring manner and whispered that he was on a top secret mission to locate the Avatar, inquiring if the girl had seen her. Although she had not seen Korra, the girl was impressed by his quest, leading Meelo to brag about the dangerous and crazy things he had encountered. He introduced himself and asked in a flirtatious manner how he should call her besides "beautiful". Before Meelo could say anything more to the girl who introduced herself as Tuyen, he was interrupted by Ikki, who teasingly commented that he had found himself a girlfriend. Although Meelo ordered her to leave, his sister approached and told him that Jinora had been looking for him as they were moving on to the next town. Meelo was subsequently offered a flower by Tuyen, who wished him good luck on his mission. As she caressed his hair while passing him away, Meelo stared after her with a lovestruck expression. Noticing his sister standing nearby, he snapped out of it and sarcastically thanked her for her intervention, as she had chased away the "love of [his] life".

The trio made their way to a small fishing town, where they repeated their routine. As Meelo sauntered past a fishing shop, he noticed a pictured of Korra hanging on the wall and excitedly called for his sisters. As Jinora dismissed his finding as "just a photo", Meelo defended it by pointing out that it was at least something and when the fishmonger replied that Korra had been there six months prior, he smugly added that it was a "good old-fashioned lead". However, when the fishmonger could not tell them where Korra had gone to afterward, Meelo turned on his sisters, blaming them for not pulling their weight on their missing, and stormed off.

Annoyed Meelo and Jinora

Meelo grew annoyed over having "his" mission compromised due to Ikki's disappearance.

During their next midday stop, Meelo played with Poki, though when Ikki asked if he had seen their food supply, he admitted that he had thrown it all into the river, declaring that they should be hunting for their meal instead. He waved off Ikki's complaint that vegetarians did not hunt and promptly left with his ring-tailed flying lemur to find something to eat in the surrounding woods. The duo was able to find several purple berries, though they turned out to be poisonous upon consummation. Meelo and Poki staggered back to Jinora, who was meditating, though stopped her activity to inquire about her brother's health. Although clutching his stomach, Meelo insisted that he was fine and offered his eldest sister the bag with berries for lunch. However, before he could say anything else, he ran for the bushes and threw up, though he kept on insisting that it was merely because he ate too much. As he rejoined Jinora, he learned that Ikki had run off and grew angry as it complicated his mission. Storming off, he was berated by Jinora for continuously thinking finding Korra was solely his quest as opposed to their joined endeavor as a family.

Ikki, Jinora, and Meelo

Despite having bickered along on the way, Meelo and his sisters agreed that they could not have found Korra without each other.

Meelo and Jinora found Ikki at an outpost of the Earth Empire and after quickly incapacitating the two soldiers who held their sister, the siblings mounted Pepper and set course for the Foggy Swamp. When Jinora failed to sense Korra there as well, Meelo commented that not getting any results was to be expected when listening to Ikki. As Pepper turned to leave, the bison was pulled down by vines, forcing them all to crash land in the murky waters below. Meelo swiftly deposed of the vines with his airbending, though wondered why the vines had gabbed them. When Ikki saw therein a sign that she had been right for wanting to search the swamp and subsequently exchanged words with Jinora, Meelo curtly commented that his next mission would be "boys only". Meelo and Ikki started another verbal battle with each other, during which he stated that he was tired of listening to her, though the argument was cut short when Jinora felt Korra's presence nearby. The siblings promptly stopped bickering and found their way to the banyan-grove tree. Discovering Korra at its base, the three siblings soared down and enveloped the Avatar in a hug. Upon being asked how they had been able to find her, they explained that they could not have found her without working together. After being introduced to Toph Beifong, whom Meelo recognized due to her crankiness, age, and blindness, they implored Korra to return with them as she needed to stop Kuvira who was taking over the Earth Kingdom. They all returned to Toph Beifong's dwelling, where the siblings witnessed Korra purifying herself from the residual traces of mercury in her body before departing with her on their journey home.[26]

Meelo airbending

Meelo airbent at Kuvira's soldiers in order to allow Opal and Jinora to safely bring a wounded Korra aboard Pepper.

En route to Zaofu, Meelo grew excited about the prospect of Korra fighting Kuvira. Upon learning that Korra wished to avoid conflict and reason with the metalbender, he asked in shock why they had gone through all the trouble to save her if she was not going to "beat someone up". Arriving at the home of the Metal Clan, he excitedly commented that they had made it, though his mood fell when he noticed that Kuvira's entire army was gathered before the gates of the city. Regardless, he and the others made it into the city.[27] Spending the night, he was woken up by Kuvira's announcement over the city's communication system, alerting every citizen that Suyin had been arrested. Although Ikki pleaded for them to be allowed to help, they were ordered to stay behind with Huan and Baatar, much to his disappointment. Under the artist's supervision, Meelo painted a lifelike portrait of himself as an emperor, though was chided for being a "pedestrian", as he had failed to show his "inner Meelo". The craft session was interrupted, however, when Jinora called for their help, much to his excitement. Taking the reins of Pepper, he ordered the bison to dive into the heart of the whirlwind Jinora and Opal had created to keep Kuvira's army at bay. Sending a barrage of wind blasts at the incoming soldiers, he enabled the two to safely get Korra on board, before steering the bison away.[28]

Returning home[]

Along the way, Meelo relinquished the reins of Pepper to Opal. Upon arriving at Air Temple Island, he excitedly ran up to his parents, shouting that they had returned and brought Korra with them. Warmly hugging his mother, Meelo turned to his father upon hearing him say that he was proud of them, inquiring if he was proud enough to get his airbending mastery tattoos. Displeased due to being denied, Meelo crossed his arms, eliciting giggles from his mother.[29]

Defending Republic City[]

After President Raiko ordered a mandatory evacuation of Republic City due to Kuvira's imminent attack, Meelo retreated to his room with his two older siblings and mother to prepare their suitcases. After talking it over with her family, however, they all decided to stay, reasoning that Republic City was their city and it was going to need all the help it could get. As an extra motivation, Meelo noted that only cowards fled their fate. Sharing a family hug with his father after Pema alerted him of their decision, Tenzin told Meelo, Jinora, and Ikki that they could help the other airbenders by monitoring the progress of the military of the Earth Empire from above, to which Meelo added that Kuvira was going to regret the day she messed with him.

Airbender stealth team

Meelo was disappointed for not being chosen by Korra to be part of her airbender stealth team.

A week later, with the arrival of Kuvira's troops imminent, Meelo and the other airbenders gathered on rooftops from where they had an overview of the gathered United Forces troops and the direction from where Kuvira would arrive. He was shocked to see the approach of the Colossus and after witnessing it destroy the United Forces' battleships with the spirit energy cannon it carried, he retreated toward the Future Industries factory where the hummingbird mecha suits were being assembled. When he was not elected by Korra to be part of her stealth team of airbenders, Meelo was disappointed and asked her for clarification. Being explained that his flatulence was too much of a liability on the mission that required everyone to be silent, he yelled that he could be quiet, though when he simultaneously farted, he noted in embarrassment that he understood her reasoning. He was later forced to run for his life, however, when Kuvira traced Baatar Jr.'s radio call toward the factory and blew it up with her spirit energy cannon.[30]

Meelo tossing paint balloons

Meelo threw balloons filled with paint at the windows of the Colossus in order to obscure Kuvira's vision.

Meelo managed to survive the explosion and emerged from the rubble with everyone else when Bolin lifted a large piece of concrete. While Asami and Varrick attempted to adapt the prototypes of the hummingbird mecha suits in Asami's office to get them airborne, he and the other benders faced Kuvira and her army in an attempt to stop them or at the very least, slow them down. As they ran past a paint store in the city, Meelo got an idea and blasted down the door. When Lin asked him what he was doing, he ordered everyone to grab the paint and find balloons. Following his instructions, he and the other airbenders equipped themselves with balloons filled with paint. Upon reaching the Colossus, Meelo ran up its platinum arm and catapulted his balloons against the suit's windows. Ordering the others to do the same, they managed to momentarily obscure Kuvira's vision from inside the suit and enable the earthbenders on the ground to tie down the suit's legs. As Bolin gave the signal, Meelo and the other airbenders blasted the suit with air currents in an attempt to topple it over. The suit managed to stabilize itself, however, forcing Meelo and the others to flee when Kuvira aimed her spirit cannon at them. Sitting dazed on the ground, Meelo gathered his bearings before they all retreated to Asami's office, where a new plan was formed: the benders would relentlessly attack the Colossus to distract Kuvira and enable the two hummingbird mecha suits to land on the enormous machine and cut a hole in it without being crushed.

Meelo saving Tenzin

Meelo saved Tenzin from plummeting to the ground after he was rendered unconscious by narrowly missing a beam from the spirit energy cannon.

When Kuvira aimed her cannon at Korra, Meelo, his airbending family, Kai, Daw, and another female airbender worked together to form a tornado in their wake and swoop down on the weaponized arm of the suit, knocking it out of balance and distorting its aim. While the other airbenders soared around the suit, Meelo attached himself to the windows of the cockpit, breathing on them and startling Kuvira. He managed to avoid being squashed by the suit and soared off. As the energy cannon was fired at him, he turned out of the way, which left the beam to travel on toward Jinora and Tenzin. Landing safely atop a roof with Ikki, Meelo saw his unconscious father and eldest sister plummet down. While Ikki saved Jinora, Meelo dove after his father and positioned himself underneath him. By airbending at the ground from his feet, he managed to break both their falls and they landed safely.[31]

Ultimately, their diversion worked and while Korra, Mako, Bolin, Lin, and Suyin managed to infiltrate the enormous suit, Meelo made his way through the streets of the city with his family. Before they could reach a safe place, however, a wave of energy, caused by the firing of the spirit energy cannon inside Republic City's Spirit Wilds, bore down upon them and they were forced to flee inside the hall of a nearby building, where they all huddled down and Tenzin protected his children against the incoming smoke.

Korra being hugged

After the battle for Republic City ended, Meelo hugged Korra along with everyone else.

As the smoke cleared out, Meelo followed his family to the heart of the Spirit Wilds, where now a new spirit portal was located. Realizing Korra and Kuvira were nowhere to be found, Meelo, Team Avatar, and their allies set out to search the area for the Avatar. Soaring around, Meelo surveyed the area from the sky, though to no avail. He was surprised to see all the spirits return a moment later and, when Korra supported Kuvira while emerging from the spirit portal, he was happy to see his friend again. After Kuvira was handcuffed and escorted away, Meelo hugged Korra, along with the rest of Team Avatar.

Meelo later attended the wedding between Varrick and Zhu Li at Air Temple Island, though slept through the ceremony. After dinner, when the dance floor was opened, Meelo once again fell asleep, while resting his head on the table he was sitting at.[32]

Spirit crisis[]

Some time later, Meelo joined his family at the temporary evacuee camp that had formed on the outskirts of Republic City. He listened to Zhu Li handing out that day's instructions to all the volunteers but became distracted when Korra and Asami, having returned from their vacation to the Spirit World, entered the tent. When Tenzin brought Korra up-to-date with current events and mentioned that President Raiko's popularity had dropped to such a low point that even a flying lemur could run against him and win the upcoming election, Meelo presented Poki to his father, enthusiastically declaring "Poki for president".[33]

Meelo being attacked

Meelo fled to safety on his air scooter as the vines of burned spirit flowers attacked him to chase him out of the Spirit World.

After the battle between the spirits and the Triple Threat Triad, Meelo, along with Tenzin, Jinora, Ikki, Kai, and Ryu, joined Korra on her mission into the Spirit World, where she hoped to be able to reason with the spirits and convince them that the Avatar was and would always be the bridge between the spirit and physical worlds. He slept through the flight toward the portal, but as they neared their destination, he was rudely awoken by Ikki with an elbow to the chest. As he roused from his slumber, he disorientedly asked her where they were and if they had crashed. As his sister pointed out that they were about to enter the Spirit World and that she reckoned he should be awake for that, he drowsily agreed with her, stretching as they crossed over into the Spirit World. When they discovered that the once vibrant field of flowers that Republic City's spirit portal led to was now barren and seemingly burned down, Meelo sarcastically thanked Ikki for waking him up to see the wasteland. As they explored the place, wondering what could have caused such level of destruction, Meelo and the others were attacked by vines of the scorched spirit flowers. He rode to safety atop Oogi on his air scooter, commenting that it was the last time he visited the Spirit World. Oogi rushed them all back to safety by leaving the Spirit World, though before they could recover from their ordeal, they discovered that Raiko had ordered the United Forces to erect a perimeter around the portal, much to their dismay.

Some days later, Meelo and his family were discussing Raiko's decision to deploy the United Forces to occupy the land surrounding the portal. As his sisters and father got riled up about the situation, Meelo suggested to gather all the airbenders and march on the portal. His father agreed with his idea, suggesting to lead a peaceful protest march to rally the city behind them and pressure Raiko to withdraw his troops, and while Meelo had intended to gather the airbenders to attack, he supported his father's suggestion.[34]

Some time later, Jinora and Ikki got into a fight after the latter accidentally tore a scroll, with Meelo playing on an air scooter next to them. After pulling Meelo off the scooter, Tenzin explained the Air Nomad way of conflict mediation to his daughters by telling him a story about his own teenage years; however, this only led to more fighting over the proper way to "cleanse the air" among the children.[35]


Meelo is enthusiastic, very energetic, and is always disrupting the calmness of Air Temple Island. Like his grandfather, he is goofy, as shown by his rambunctious behavior and the various comical comments he makes. Meelo loves to play around and explore, and he also enjoys jumping on his father's shoulders just to pull his beard or gnaw on his head. His sporadic behavior can be useful when it comes to doling out his unique approach to airbending, such as sleeping when it is time for meditation with his father and sisters, and using airbending while flatulating to make a soft landing and knocking out chi-blockers when they were invading Air Temple Island.[2] He has also demonstrated a sassy side and a rather aggressive side as well, relishing his role in training the new airbender recruits in an aggressive and playfully frightening manner. During the training, he seems to be act as a somewhat draconian commander or stereotypical boot camp officer.[20][21] This trait developed more as he grew older, as he frequently ordered his sisters around.[26] He also displayed a self-centered nature, as evidenced when he constantly viewed the mission to locate Korra and bring her home as his mission, whereas it was something he was doing with his sisters.[25]



Meelo fighting Equalists

Meelo fighting off Equalists.

Even though he is an airbender-in-training, Meelo has already demonstrated several skills. Apart from displaying a high level of acrobatics,[5] Meelo can also levitate himself with an air spout.[7] During the invasion of Air Temple Island, he showed remarkable skill in combative airbending, defeating six Equalists on his own. Meelo is quite agile, able to lightly jump from his grandmother's grip and flip to the ground. Several months after the Equalists' attack on Republic City, Meelo mastered the ability to use an air scooter, utilizing it in a race against his sisters and Korra,[11] as well as using a glider,[22] whereas a year prior, he was still piggybacking on Jinora's glider.[5]

Meelo is the only known airbender to use his bending abilities to increase the effects of his own flatulence. This was demonstrated when he dropped in on Team Avatar after cheering up Korra,[7] during the Equalist attack on Air Temple Island,[9] and again when he was fighting off vines in the swamp four years later when Pepper got trapped.[26]

Other skills[]

Despite his childish and goofy demeanor, Meelo is a fast and adept learner. He quickly mastered his father's lemur training techniques, to the point that he was able to train the entire group of lemurs that lived at the Southern Air Temple, directing them in a coordinated aerial display.[14]

Meelo's self-portrait

Meelo is a skilled artist capable of creating highly detailed, lifelike portraits.

He has also displayed an inclination toward the military lifestyle, having an interest to become a commander like his uncle Bumi. He has shown this in his command of the lemurs of the Southern Air Temple[14] and his role in liberating the stolen bison from the poachers alongside the new airbenders, leading the charge with Bumi in an organized assault.[21]

Meelo is a gifted artist, being able to make detailed and lifelike portraits of people, such as Korra when she was lost. He has also demonstrated proficiency in painting, being able to paint a highly detailed portrait of himself.[26]




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  • Prior to wearing the Air Nation wingsuit, Meelo's attire was reminiscent of clothing worn by young airbenders before the Air Nomad Genocide.
  • Meelo was inspired by Professor Christopher Moss' son, Milo.[36] Christopher Moss is a great friend of the co-creators, and when they went to visit him in Amsterdam, his son was "crawling all over [his father]" while he calmly continued the conversation. This was later an inspiration to create Meelo's personality to "throw in the mix and test Tenzin's patience and fathering skills".[37]
  • According to the creators, Meelo was originally going to be a "cute" kid until assistant director Ki Hyun Ryu suggested an alternative design.[37] Co-executive producer Joaquim Dos Santos went on to say that "the more ugly [Meelo] was, the cuter he became".[38]
  • Meelo's "fartbending" was an idea that came from Ki Hyun Ryu, rather than the creators themselves.[39]
  • Meelo has a nervous tick that causes him to pick his nose when meeting new people.[40]


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