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The meadow vole is a mouse-like creature which resides primarily in the forests of the Earth Kingdom.


While Iroh was relaxing in a self-heated pool of water located in an Earth Kingdom forest, he was startled by one of these creatures, but felt relieved upon realizing it was a simple rodent. The meadow vole proceeded to climb onto Iroh's hand and attempted to warn the man of the approaching party of earthbenders before skittering away out of fear.[1]

Momo later carried a dead meadow vole back to a sick Katara and Sokka instead of the water he was instructed to retrieve.[2]


The meadow vole is a small, mouse-like rodent with white fur and a small, hairless stub for a tail.


The meadow vole is friendly toward humans, going as far as to even allow itself to held by them. It emits small, squeaky vocal noises and lives off various fruits and seeds. The creature also proved to be quite instinctive, as exhibited in its ability to sense the approaching earthbenders who captured Iroh.[1]


The meadow vole in the World of Avatar mostly resembles its real-world namesake.


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