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Matangi was a renegade Air Nun who lived during the lifetime of Avatar Kyoshi.


Despite advice from elders to stay out of worldly affairs, Matangi founded an orphanage in the Earth Kingdom outside the Eastern Air Temple. Her aim was to aid children who had been orphaned in the Yellow Neck Uprising, after the crisis led to many deaths. She was thus considered a renegade for going against the advice of the elders.

In the decade that followed after the uprising, many of the children that she had originally raised had become adults or teenagers, some of which came back to her for help or when they ran into trouble. Sometimes, they would turn out to be in a daofei group, and Matangi felt torn between staying uninvolved and helping them. Much of the time, she could not bring herself to turn her back on those who needed her, no matter the circumstances.[1]


Matangi was a caring and compassionate woman, which led to her going out of her way to take care of others, even if it violated the traditional isolationist views and policies of the Air Nomads.[1]


It was said that Matangi had a way of fostering greatness. She had information on many of those who grew up in her orphanage, but only divulged it if she trusted others not to hurt her former charges. Many of the children she raised would do anything for her, which led to her having a large network of contacts that she could pull on if she needed.[1]


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