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This map features markers of known locations in the world.

The known lands in the world are shown here. Locations of certain landmarks are marked down and each marking are as follows. If you wish to view the file in its full size, click the "i" in the bottom left corner of the map.


  • The zoomed in square marks different locations in Republic City.
  • Blue circles are locations that were visited by Team Avatar during Winter 99 AG.
  • Green circles are locations that were visited by Team Avatar during Spring 100 AG.
  • Red circles are locations that were visited by Team Avatar during Summer 100 AG.
  • Gold circles are locations that Korra visits in 170 AG.


  1. Southern Water Tribe
  2. Southern Air Temple
  3. Patola Mountains
  4. Kyoshi Island
  5. Omashu
  6. Mining village
  7. Senlin Village
  8. Mo Ce Sea
  9. Crescent Island
  10. Seedy merchants pier
  11. Gaipan
  12. Great Divide
  13. Harbor town
  14. Taku
  15. Pohuai Stronghold
  16. Makapu Village
  17. Abbey
  18. Fire Nation colonial village
  19. Northern Air Temple
  20. Northern Water Tribe
  21. General Fong's fortress
  22. Cave of Two Lovers
  23. Kolau Mountains
  24. Foggy Swamp[1]
  25. Chin Village
  26. Gaoling
  27. Plains village
  28. Tu Zin
  29. Quarry campsite
  30. Library
  31. Si Wong Desert[1]
  32. Full Moon Bay
  33. Serpent's Pass
  34. Outer wall of Ba Sing Se
  35. Ba Sing Se
  36. Agrarian Zone
  37. Lake Laogai
  38. Chameleon Bay
  39. Eastern Air Temple
  40. Earth Kingdom Royal Palace
  41. Fire Nation bazaar
  42. Jang Hui
  43. Shu Jing
  44. Ember Island
  45. Roku's Island
  46. Fire Fountain City
  47. Hama's village
  48. Black Cliffs
  49. Great Gates of Azulon
  50. Fire Nation capital
  51. Fire Nation Royal Palace
  52. Western Air Temple
  53. Sun Warriors' ancient city
  54. Boiling Rock
  55. Yon Rha's village
  56. Wulong Forest
  57. Eastern Sea
  58. Whaletail Island
  59. Aang's favorite spot to ride elephant koi[2]
  60. Aang's favorite spot to ride hopping llamas[2]
  61. Aang's favorite spot to ride hog monkeys[2]
  62. Air Temple Island[3]
  63. Aang Memorial Island[3]
  64. Pro-bending Arena[3]
  65. Police headquarters[3]
  66. City hall[3]
  67. Avatar Korra Park[3]
  68. Central City Station[3]
  69. Future Industries[3]


  • The above map excludes an entire hemisphere of Earth, most of which is oceanic. It is also heavily distorted, much like a Mercator projection, a type of cylindrical map that makes a round surface appear flat while still preserving loxodromes. This means the Water Tribe is territoriality smaller than it appears on the map, and the Fire Nation is larger.[4]


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