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This article is about the traveling magician. For the airbender, see Malu (airbender).

Malu was a traveling firebending magician who toured the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation with the Fire Days Festival, providing entertainment to many with his tricks.


Malu was born to a family of magicians and was raised in the circus, traveling with his troupe through the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom. As a natural performer, Malu began to tour with the Fire Days Festival, performing for Fire Nation citizens in every corner of the world. His specialties included juggling fire and turning fireballs into doves. The trick that raised Malu to an almost celebrity status was "taming the dragon", a stunt during which he used firebending to produce an imitation dragon made of fire.[2]

Magic trick

Malu's magic trick was ruined by Aang's intervention.

When Aang, Sokka, and Katara attended the Fire Days Festival, the crowd that had gathered for Malu's show drew their attention. Aang volunteered to be Malu's assistant for his next trick, but the magician selected Katara instead. He bound Katara to a chair and cast her as the captured princess in his skit, while he would perform the trick "taming the dragon". During the performance, Aang grew worried when Malu built suspense by pretending to lose control over the fire dragon and let it harm Katara. In the belief that he was saving his friend, Aang leaped onto the stage and ruined the trick by airbending the fire into a whirlwind of confetti, much to Malu's dismay. The disgruntled performer asked if Aang was trying to upstage him.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender[]

Book One: Water (水)[]


  • Malu refused to share how he performed his tricks, as he believed magicians should never reveal such secrets, much like any other magician.[2]
  • The trick Malu performed, "taming the dragon", is an available move in the Avatar MMO: Legends of the Arena.


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