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Mako and Bolin's apartment is a middle-class residence in Republic City that became home to Mako and Bolin following the end of the Anti-bending Revolution.[1]


Upon returning from a warring Southern Water Tribe, Korra and Mako went to this apartment to discuss her earlier meeting with President Raiko about sending the United Forces to help the Southern Water Tribe rebels. The discussion quickly became heated, attesting to the fact that their individual responsibilities were putting a strain on their relationship.

Later on, Mako returned to the apartment after a day's work and went through records of known bending triad members, looking for one of the firebenders he saw during the bombing of the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center. Bolin entered and told Mako of Korra and Varrick's plan to get support from the United Forces without Raiko's knowledge, and his own upcoming film début. Mako told him it was a terrible idea and explained what he was doing. Bolin flipped a page in Mako's records, and Mako spotted the firebender he was looking for. Excited by the discovery, Mako left for the police headquarters to inform Lin Beifong of the new development.[1]

Bolin added lavish decorations and accessories to the apartment after his success as an actor.

Following the repeated sabotage of Asami's shipments of mecha tanks, Mako decided to initiate a sting operation to find the people responsible. He returned to the apartment to rope in Bolin, only to find out that his brother had done some redecorating with his earnings from his role in Varrick's mover, The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South, and was soaking in a hot tub. After a brief conversation about the new decorations, Bolin suggested that his brother take a dip with him. Mako stated that he did not have time, and informed the earthbender of his intention to uncover the people responsible for sabotaging Asami's shipments, asking Bolin to join him. Bolin subsequently refused, however, noting the many instances in the past when Mako had refused to help him. Annoyed, Mako left the apartment, but not before firebending at the heater, making the water that Bolin was soaking in much hotter, leaving him screaming in pain.[2]

Bolin later moved out of the apartment due to his brother becoming increasingly stressed over his police duties, and took with him the lavish decorations he purchased with his earnings from movers.[3]

Lu and Gang searched Mako's apartment, discovering a bag of money and explosives hidden away in the back chamber.

Asami later visited Mako, attempting to encourage him to relax a bit and have dinner at Kwong's Cuisine. The two shared a brief kiss before being interrupted by Beifong and Detectives Lu and Gang, who were acting on a tip from the Triple Threat Triad that Mako was working with them. Though Mako admitted to having conducted a sting operation with the triad, Beifong added that they also claimed that Mako aided them in robbing Future Industries. Lu and Gang found yuans and explosives in the closet, subsequently leading to Mako's arrest. As Mako was led away, he insisted that Varrick planted the evidence to frame him, but his pleas fell on deaf ears.[3]

Following the events of Harmonic Convergence, the apartment was inundated with spirit vines, prompting Tenzin to invite the brothers to stay at Air Temple Island. While Bolin readily accepted the offer, Mako declined, choosing to sleep at the police station instead.[4]


The apartment building is located in downtown Republic City.

The apartment is lightly furnished and modest-looking. It contains an empty bookcase, a center table, a light blue sofa with red cushions, and a lamp. Near one of the windows, there is a heater and an oven. The room has wooden doors and window frames, and a Fire Ferrets poster adorns the wall.[1]

Following the successful premiere of Varrick's mover, Bolin used his earnings to add more lavish decorations and accessories to the apartment. These included a shield with dual broadswords, two vases complete with stands, a gong, a hot tub, a luxury platypus bear rug,[5] and a marble statue of Nuktuk which doubled as a hat rack.[2]


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