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This article is about the character in The Legend of Korra. For the voice actor, see Mako Iwamatsu.

Mako is a firebender from a multicultural family who grew up on the streets of Republic City as an orphan with his younger brother, Bolin. Mako always wore his signature red scarf that was once his father's, who was murdered along with his mother when he was a boy.[1] He formed a pro-bending team with his brother and Hasook and aspired for his new career to bring him fame and fortune. His aspirations changed, however, when he met Avatar Korra, who joined the team to replace Hasook and became a loyal friend.[8] Mako, with the help of his teammates, was able to lead the team to second place in the championship. After the tournament's conclusion, Mako joined Korra in her efforts to stop the Equalists.

In the following months, Mako joined the Republic City Police Force, where he steadily rose up from being a beat cop to a detective. He joined his friends in an effort to stop Unalaq and Vaatu from merging. A few weeks after Harmonic Convergence, he rejoined Team Avatar in their search for new airbenders. However, they stopped when the Red Lotus attempted to kidnap Korra in Zaofu, instead working to bring down the anarchist organization.

After taking down the Red Lotus, Mako returned to his work as a police officer and was later appointed as Prince Wu's bodyguard, a position he continued in after the latter's coronation as Earth King. Following Kuvira's failed invasion, Mako returned to his job as detective.[9]

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What is the significance of Mako's red scarf? toggle section
Mako's red scarf holds a deep sentimental value for him. It originally belonged to his father, and after his parents' death, Mako began wearing it as a way to remember and honor them. The scarf is so important to Mako that he even refused a new one when Asami, his love interest, bought it for him noticing his was old and frayed.
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Who were the members of Mako's pro-bending team in The Legend of Korra? toggle section
Mako's pro-bending team, known as the Future Industries Fire Ferrets, originally consisted of Mako himself, who was the team's captain and firebender, his earthbending brother Bolin, and Avatar Korra, the team's waterbender. However, as of 171 AG, Mako and Korra have left the team, and Bolin now competes with two new teammates.
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What is the backstory of Mako's parents? toggle section
Mako was born to a man from the Earth Kingdom named San and a woman from the Fire Nation named Naoki. When Mako was eight years old, his parents were tragically killed by a firebending mugger. This left Mako and his younger brother Bolin orphaned and alone on the streets. The only memento Mako has of his father is a treasured red scarf.
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How did Mako's career aspirations influence his character development? toggle section
Initially, Mako aspired to gain fame and fortune through his pro-bending team, which he formed with his brother and Hasook. However, his aspirations took a turn when he met Avatar Korra, who joined the team and became a loyal friend. Mako's sense of duty and commitment was evident when he joined Korra in her efforts to stop the Equalists. Later, Mako joined the police force, where his dedication and effectiveness earned him praise and put him on the fast track to becoming a detective. Despite facing belittlement from his coworkers, Mako remained steadfast in his pursuit of justice, even when it strained his relationship with Korra. Over time, Mako's career aspirations helped him evolve from a fame-seeking pro-bender to a dutiful and committed police officer, reflecting his growth and maturity throughout the series.
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Who is the voice actor for Mako in "The Legend of Korra"? toggle section
The voice actor for Mako in "The Legend of Korra" is David Faustino.
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Early life[]

Mako and Bolin's family picture

Mako and Bolin posed with their parents for a photo.

Mako was born the son of an Earth Kingdom man named San and Naoki,[10] a Fire Nation woman,[11] two years before Bolin. When he was eight, Mako witnessed his parents being killed by a firebender, leaving Bolin, his younger brother, as his only immediate family[1] and his treasured red scarf as the sole memento of his father.[12] Being the elder brother, with no knowledge of his relatives, he was forced to take on adult responsibilities from that point on, depriving him of the majority of his childhood.

As an orphan, Mako did whatever was necessary in order to survive along with his brother. He often resorted to his firebending to protect himself and Bolin on the streets.[2] Both of them also ran small-time scams during much of their youth. This attitude brought him in contact with the criminal organization known as the Triple Threat Triad, for whom he collected money for bets and ran numbers. Mako even came into close contact with the leader of the triad, Lightning Bolt Zolt, and was able to learn the techniques of lightning generation and redirection from him.[13][14]

One day in 167 AG,[15] during Mako's involvement with the Triple Threat Triad, the young firebender and his brother attempted to pull off a scam on an elderly woman. Posing as a thief, he ran toward the woman from behind and grabbed her purse, before leaving her sight by entering a side alley. When Bolin pretended to chase after him and fight, Mako willingly gave the purse to his brother, deceiving the woman into thinking that the young earthbender had stopped a thief. Bolin returned to Mako with a reward of two yuans and a loaf of bread he had stolen from the old woman; after Bolin gave a piece of the loaf to his brother, Mako reminded him that they had not eaten anything the day before.

Mako lecturing Bolin

Mako stated to Bolin that in order to survive in Republic City, one had to "hustle or be hustled".

Later that day, Mako went to the Triple Threat Triad headquarters with his brother and saw Shady Shin bribe Toza, a pro-bender. When Bolin expressed his disappointment about seeing Toza act this way, Mako became upset – Toza should be happy about being paid, Mako opined; after all, there had been no one to mourn for their losses when their parents died and had left them to fend for themselves, and that one must "hustle or be hustled". Afterward, Shin told them that if they did not acquire enough bets to recover the ten thousand yuans given to Toza, he would abandon Mako and Bolin on the streets, after which the two brothers speedily departed.[16]

While the brothers were collecting bets at a pet shop, a fire ferret escaped and was restrained by its owner, Mr. Feng, because it was to be fed to a pythonaconda. Mako stopped Bolin from buying it as they could not afford to feed it, and felt his younger brother needed to toughen up and realize that bigger animals consumed those smaller than them. Mako collected the owner's bet while Bolin talked to Toza about that night's match; the firebender chastised him because he believed that doing so would get them in trouble with Shady Shin. Bolin angrily responded that Mako was being mean and walked away, leaving Mako to sigh.

Mako defeating pythonaconda

Mako saved Bolin from the pythonaconda.

That night, after Bolin broke into the pet shop to steal the fire ferret, he was strangled by the pythonaconda, but Mako arrived and yanked the snake away. After again criticizing his brother for getting into stupid situations, the two left, but, at Bolin's urging, with the fire ferret whom the earthbender named Pabu. Mako warned Bolin that Pabu's food would come out of half of his money.[17]

Later that night, Mako and Bolin attended Toza's match, sitting in the same booth as Zolt and Shady Shin. However, when Toza won and Bolin revealed that he had encouraged the pro-bender to not throw the match, Mako urged his brother to run from an irritated Shin. The brothers were eventually cornered by Shady Shin and two other gangsters and forced into the defensive until Toza helped bring the fight to a standstill and Zolt eventually broke it off completely. Impressed with the brothers' abilities, Mako and Bolin were offered the chance by Toza to live at the gym and train under him to become pro-benders. While Bolin was immediately won over by the idea, Mako doubted and Shady Shin used this to appeal to the young firebender's pragmatic nature and point out that he needed to protect his younger brother. Mako agreed with that assessment and used it as reasoning to take Toza's offer for a chance at a more honest life. When Bolin wanted to celebrate the abandonment of their criminal lives, Mako reminded him they had to save what little money they had at that point, though due to Bolin betting on a Boar-q-pine victory, they had more than enough to celebrate with.[18]

Acknowledging the dangerous nature and moral ambiguity of their past, Mako was determined never to return to that life and explicitly forbade Bolin from associating with the Triple Threats in any way.[1] Under Toza's tutelage, Mako and his brother began competing in the Pro-bending Tournament and they were also offered the chance to work odd jobs to pay rent which allowed them to focus on the sport. Mako eventually became the captain of a pro-bending team, the Fire Ferrets, which included his brother and his friend Hasook.[19][4]

170 AG[]

Main article: History of Mako (152 AG - 170 AG)
Korra and Mako at the Revelation

Mako and Korra infiltrated an Equalist rally.

At age eighteen, Mako was trying to qualify with the Fire Ferrets for the Pro-bending Championship. However, when Hasook was a no-show on the last match, he was forced to allow Korra, a green player, to take the waterbender's place. She eventually managed to help them win the match, and as such, a lasting partnership was formed.[4] When Bolin was kidnapped some time later, Mako set out with Korra to find him. They tracked the earthbender down to an abandoned warehouse, where they witnessed, first hand, Amon's ability to strip a bender of their bending abilities. However, with Korra's help, Mako was able to rescue his brother before Amon reached him.[1]

Heading for the championship, the team needed funding to play, thus Mako got a job at Republic City Power Plant. When he returned home from work one day, Asami Sato nearly ran him over. To make it up to him, she took him to dinner at Kwong's Cuisine, marking the start of their relationship. Due to this connection, Future Industries took care of the Fire Ferrets' monetary issues by sponsoring the team. The team started to train hard for the Pro-bending Championship, and although they had some hard matches due to internal romantic struggles,[20] they managed to reach the finale. However, after their match against the White Falls Wolfbats ended with their defeat due to cheating of the other team, Amon and his Equalists attacked the Pro-bending Arena, effectively destroying the building and leaving Mako and Bolin homeless.[21] Asami offered them a place to stay, but after Hiroshi Sato was outed as an Equalist, both the bending brothers and Asami moved to live at Air Temple Island with Korra.[22]

Mako threatening Equalist

Mako threatened an Equalist to get information about Korra's location.

To make an insecure Avatar feel better about herself, Mako formed a team with her and the others to actively do something about the Equalists in the city. They were successful, though the team was broken up when an angered Tarrlok arrested Asami, and subsequently Mako and his brother as they came to the girl's defense.[23] He was broken out of jail by Lin Beifong soon after, who alerted them, much to Mako's shock, that Korra had been kidnapped. Together with Tenzin, they all set out on a frantic search for the Avatar, and when they found her again, Mako tenderly took care of her, despite being in a relationship with Asami.[24]

Mako zaps Amon

Mako blasted Amon with lightning for a momentary escape.

In the aftermath of finding Korra, Amon launched his grand attack on the city. Mako and his friends fought back for a while, but the sheer number and power of the Equalists forced them on the run. The foursome retreated into the tunnel system of the city, where they would await the arrival of reinforcements in the form of General Iroh and his United Forces.[25] Mako and Asami's relationship grew tenser and tenser as he spent more time with Korra doing reconnaissance work by spying on the Equalists. However, after General Iroh too proved to be no match for the Equalists machines, Mako set out with Korra to confront Amon. After having learned that he truly was a waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe,[26] they eventually found him at the Pro-bending Arena, where he was holding a victory speech. They freed Tenzin and his children, though when they were faced by Amon, the Equalist leader managed to take away Korra's bending. When Amon moved to do the same to Mako, the firebender managed to temporarily overpower Amon, and run away with Korra. However, he was stopped by Amon and was on the verge of losing his bending, when Korra saved him with her newly unlocked airbending.

After the Equalists' defeat, Mako traveled to the Southern Water Tribe, hoping that Katara could restore Korra's bending. When it became clear that the old healer was unable to and a heartbroken Korra ran off to grieve on her own, Mako confessed his love to her, though was shot down. Unsure what to do, he followed her and witnessed how she got her bending back, after which she confessed her love for him too and they began their relationship.[27]

171 AG[]

Unalaq Crisis[]

Main article: History of Mako (171 AG - Harmonic Convergence)
Korra and Mako fighting Unalaq

Korra and Mako attempted to fight off Unalaq in order to secure their escape.

After the Anti-bending Revolution, Mako started as a beat-cop for the Republic City Police Force. As Korra traveled south to attend the Glacier Spirits Festival, he accompanied his girlfriend, though as tensions rose between Korra and her father, Mako found that being the Avatar's boyfriend was not always that easy. After she broke with Tenzin and started her spiritual training under Unalaq,[5] Mako accompanied her on her journey toward the South Pole, where she opened the Southern spirit portal. Returning to the Southern Water Tribe to find it overrun with Northern Water Tribe soldiers,[28] Mako was forced to sit by helplessly as he watched Tonraq and several other Southerners be sentenced to life imprisonment for their attempt to kidnap Unalaq. Although he cautioned Korra that freeing her father from prison would mean the start of a Water Tribe Civil War, he helped her do it nonetheless.[29]

Upon returning to Republic City, Mako resumed his duties as a police officer and when everyone was quick to blame the Northern Water Tribe for the bombing of the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center, he had his doubts and he started an investigation on his own. Due to maintaining a more distanced view on the brewing conflict between the Water Tribes, Mako soon found himself having relationship troubles with Korra and after he revealed her plans to ask the United Forces fleet for help behind President Raiko's back to the president, they broke up.[30]

Mako arrested

Mako was arrested after Lu and Gang found incriminating evidence in his apartment.

Determined to arrest the true culprits of the bombing and help Asami's company the same time, Mako set up a sting operation with the help of the Triple Threat Triad. However, the gangsters ended up double-crossing them and Asami's warehouse was robbed clean while they were being kept busy. While he consoled her, Mako was surprised when Asami kissed him.[31] Mako continued his investigation and eventually grew suspicious of Varrick, though before he could do something about it, Mako was arrested in his apartment for the bombing of the cultural center, incriminating evidence present all over the place.[32] When Bolin came to visit him in jail, he warned him to stay vigilant during the finale of The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South as Varrick was not whom he seemed. After the businessman was arrested for the attempted kidnapping of President Raiko, Mako was released from prison.[33]

Defending the spirit portal

In an attempt to prevent Unalaq from merging with Vaatu, Mako and Bolin fought him outside the Southern spirit portal.

Mako accompanied Korra and the rest of Team Avatar toward the Southern Water Tribe in an attempt to break through the Northern forces guarding the Southern spirit portal and get into the Spirit World. Together with Asami and Bolin, he served as a decoy, though they were eventually captured. Saved by Bumi, Mako and Bolin engaged Unalaq, though they could not prevent him from merging with Vaatu and become the Dark Avatar.[34] After Vaatu had ripped Raava out of Korra and destroyed the Light Spirit, Mako and Bolin tried to stop him, though they were easily defeated.[35] Healed by Kya, Mako helped in the efforts to keep a multitude of dark spirits away from Korra's meditating body in the Tree of Time while she defeated the Dark Avatar.[36]

Red Lotus insurrection[]

Main article: History of Mako (late 171 AG)

Shortly after Harmonic Convergence, Mako rejoined the Fire Ferrets and took part in a charity championship organized to help rebuild the city following the damages caused by the Unalaq Crisis. They were ultimately able to win the event by beating the White Falls Wolfbats in the finale.[37]

Mako and Kai

Being reminded of how he used to be, Mako was doubtful about Kai's sincerity.

Although his apartment was in ruins, Mako declined Tenzin's offer to stay at Air Temple Island and resided at the police headquarters instead. As such, he was the first to respond to a call about Daw, a new airbender, roaming the city and broke the news of the resurfacing airbenders to Tenzin.[38] When Korra and Tenzin decided to scour the Earth Kingdom for those new benders, it was only when Bolin convinced Mako to come along that the firebender relented and joined the rest of Team Avatar on their quest. When initial attempts to persuade some new benders to move to the Northern Air Temple in order to learn the ways of the Air Nomads, Mako reluctantly participated in an "air show" to excite the new benders about their new abilities, which attracted Kai to join them.[39]

Mako, Bolin, and Yin

Mako gave his signature scarf to his grandmother before warmly hugging her.

Not long after the team's arrival in Ba Sing Se, Kai ran away from the group, returning to his thieving ways, which prompted Mako and Bolin to give chase, though Kai managed to get them stranded in the Lower Ring by stealing their money. Spending the night on the streets, the brothers tried to find their way back to the Upper Ring, though they ended up finding their paternal family instead. When they inquired about new airbenders in the city, Chow and Tu told them there was a rumor that Earth Queen Hou-Ting was retaining them for experimental purposes.[40] With passports produced by Tu, the brothers managed to Return to the palace and explained to Korra and Asami what happened to them and that the Earth Queen was harboring airbenders for her army.

Mako and Bolin battle the Dai Li

Mako and Bolin fought with Dai Li agents underneath the Earth Queen's Temple.

Mako and the others soon decided that they would not leave Ba Sing Se before having freed the airbenders, even though the Queen had ordered them to leave. Eventually discovering that the airbenders were held captive underneath the Earth Queen's Temple, the team infiltrated the building that night. While Korra and Tenzin freed the several airbenders, Bolin, Mako, and Jinora searched for Kai. After finding him, they fought off several Dai Li agents and making it to the surface, they spotting Korra and Tenzin coming to them on Oogi. Safely escaping the city, the airbenders headed for the Northern Air Temple, while Mako joined his friends and Lin to continue the search for other airbenders in Lin's airship.[41]

Team Avatar and the Metal Clan plan

Mako and Team Avatar worked with members of the Metal Clan to retrieve Korra from the Red Lotus.

The group made their way to Zaofu, home to the Metal Clan, where they met Suyin Beifong and her family.[42] Spending several days at the city, Mako was alerted by Bolin one night that Korra was being kidnapped by the Red Lotus. Facing the four criminals with Zaofu's guard and the rest of Team Avatar, he managed to surround the foursome, only for Ghazan to separate the groups with a pool of lava. As the Beifong sisters drop down from the ceiling to reach Korra, Mako provided cover fire in order to give Bolin the opportunity to stun P'Li's combustionbending by hitting her on her third eye with a small pebble. Despite managing to save Korra, however, they failed to apprehend the group.

Team Avatar discovers secret room

Bolin and Team Avatar discovered a hidden room behind a bookshelf in Aiwei's house.

The following morning, Mako and the others set out to investigate how the breach in security could have occurred, a search that eventually led them to suspect the city's resident truth seer, Aiwei, as he was the only one who could tell a lie and be believed. Searching his home, the team discovered a secret room, though before they could investigate, Aiwei returned home and deduced Team Avatar's intentions; he managed to escape the city and nearly blew Team Avatar up in the process. With Suyin's help, however, Mako and the others were given a jeep so they could continue to track Aiwei down outside the city.[43]

Ming-Hua subdues Bolin and Mako

Mako and Bolin were subdued by Ming-Hua.

With Naga's tracking abilities, the team followed Aiwei's trail to just outside the Misty Palms Oasis. While Korra and Asami searched Aiwei's abandoned vehicle and discovered he was set to meet Zaheer at Xai Bau's Grove, Mako and Bolin investigated the town, finding Aiwei resided at the local inn. Due to Bolin's status as a mover star, they managed to procure a room at the inn from which they could stake out Aiwei's. When they eventually grew tired of waiting and barged into Aiwei's room, they discovered that he had meditated into the Spirit World. While Korra did the same, Mako and the others looked after her physical body, though when they noticed Ming-Hua and Ghazan had arrived at the inn as well, Asami left with Korra's body while the brothers stalled the two criminals. Despite his best efforts, however, Mako could not fend off Ming-Hua, and the two brothers eventually ended up being captured and loaded onto a truck to Ba Sing Se.[44]

Mako encouraging Bolin

Mako encouraged Bolin to try metalbending them out of prison.

Upon arriving at Ba Sing Se, the brothers were gagged and subsequently presented before the Earth Queen, who ordered the Dai Li to send them to the palace dungeon. Mako encouraged his brother to metalbend them out of there, though Bolin failed. They were eventually freed by Zaheer himself, however, as he needed them to relay a message to Korra.[45] As the brothers left the prison, the chaos brought forth by Hou-Ting's assassination became apparent; procuring themselves an airship, they saved their family from the flames that consumed the Lower Ring and headed toward the Misty Palm Oasis, where they reunited with Korra and Asami, relaying the message that Zaheer was threatened to kill the airbenders at the Northern Air Temple unless Korra surrendered. With no suitable radio nearby, the group returned to Zaofu to seek solid communication and warn the airbenders of the imminent threat.[46]

Mako radioing Korra

Falling for Ming-Hua's ruse, Mako radioed Korra that the airbenders were at the Northern Air Temple.

Having warned Tenzin and being reinforced with a security detail from Zaofu, Team Avatar set course to the temple as well. Along the way, they decided that Mako, Bolin, and Asami would check on the airbenders who were used as leverage, while Korra gave herself up to Zaheer, although Lin, Suyin, Tonraq, and the security detail would back her up. Mako, Bolin, and Asami ended up being fooled into believing the airbenders were at the temple, however, which led to them being cornered by Ghazan, who used his lavabending to bring down the entire temple. With Tenzin's help, the threesome managed to navigate their way to lower parts of the building, though their escape routes were soon blocked by the advancing lava. In a last attempt to save their lives, Bolin discovered that he could lavabend, which bought them all enough time for Kai to save them from their precarious situation. Reuniting with the others, Mako learned that Korra and the airbenders had been taken to a nearby cave.[47]

Mako electrocuting Ming-Hua

As a last defense, Mako generated lightning and aimed it at the water connected to Ming-Hua, killing her in the process.

Quickly ambushing the Red Lotus sentries, the group released the airbenders from the chains in which they were held. With Korra still missing, however, Mako and Bolin promptly joined Tonraq to find her, being tipped off to her exact location by Jinora. When they found her, however, she was in the Avatar State due to the effects of her mercury poisoning and battling Zaheer, leaving Mako and Bolin to deal with Ming-Hua and Ghazan, respectively. Trading blows, Mako eventually managed to kill Ming-Hua by electrocuting her with his lightning. Helping Bolin overwhelm Ghazan, Mako and Bolin emerged to the conclusion of Korra's battle with Zaheer.

Two weeks later, Mako attended Jinora's airbending master ceremony[48] before joining Asami, Bolin, Tenzin, and Jinora on the ferry dock to say goodbye to Korra, who was set to return to the Southern Water Tribe in order to recover from her physical and mental trauma.[49]

174 AG[]

Main article: History of Mako (174 AG)
Wu and Mako

Mako was handpicked by Wu to be his personal bodyguard.

Following the insurrection of the Red Lotus, Mako was handpicked by Wu to be his personal bodyguard until his coronation as the new Earth King.[50] Wu appreciated his services to the extent of requesting Raiko that Mako be allowed to return to Ba Sing Se with him after the coronation, much to Mako's annoyance. When Korra did not show up when she was scheduled to arrive back at Republic City after three years of absence, he was left to wonder where the Avatar could be.[51]

Mako and Bolin argue

Mako and Bolin argued over who would better serve the Earth Kingdom, Wu or Kuvira.

During Wu's coronation, Mako was shocked to see Kuvira denounce Wu's authority and dissolve the Earth Kingdom in favor of the Earth Empire under her leadership. After the ceremony, he was found by Bolin, who tried to sway him to stop being Wu's bodyguard and join him and Kuvira's army instead. Mako opposed Bolin's view of Kuvira, however, not believing that the metalbender was truly helping all the poor people of the empire. Instead, he labeled her to be a dictator taking over the Earth Kingdom by force, which angered Bolin, who blamed him for wasting his time as Wu's glorified butler while he was making history and left.[52]

Team Avatar excludes Wu

Moving past the tension, Mako shared a warm hug with Asami and Korra, truly reuniting as a team.

In order to distract him from the argument, Mako was taken to the Little Ba Sing Se Fashion Mall, where he ended up saving Wu from a mob of enraged Kuvira supporters.[52] Upon learning Korra was back in Republic City, Mako met up with her and Asami, though Wu ended up accompanying him. The reunion soon became tense among the old friends, when the three years of separation caught up with them. However, when Wu ended up kidnapped, the team rallied together and were reminded of their old adventures. Successfully saving Wu, the team reconciled, and while Asami and Korra returned to Air Temple Island, Mako retreated to the Sato estate with Wu, where they would reside with the rest of Mako's family.[53] At the estate, Mako taught Wu some self-defense moves while catching the royal up to his history with Korra and Asami.[8]

Mako supporting Korra

Mako rushed to Korra's side and supported her after she was blocked out of meditating into the Spirit World due to Zaheer's memory.

Attending a meeting with the other world leaders, Mako learned of Kuvira's super weapon when Bolin and Varrick returned to the city. After forgiving his brother for their past argument, he explored the Spirit Wilds with Korra after Jinora's spiritual projection called for help. They discovered her soul and those of several others trapped inside a vegetative pod that had transported their souls to the Spirit World. When Korra failed to meditate into the Spirit World, Mako was surprised to learn that Zaheer's memory was still haunting her, though reassured her that he was there for her, offering his help in any way she needed it. As such, he accompanied her to Zaheer's prison, where she faced the airbender by herself, hoping it would give her peace of mind.[54]

Inside the enormous mecha suit

Due to Hiroshi's sacrifice, Mako was able to make it inside the Colossus together with Korra, Bolin, Lin, and Suyin.

With Kuvira's attack on Republic City imminent, Mako, Korra, Bolin, and Asami decided that they would try to take out the spirit energy cannon. Much to their shock, however, they learned that the canon was mounted on an enormous mecha suit named the Colossus and had already crossed into United Republic territory. Returning to the city, they reported on Kuvira's progress, and Mako witnessed in shock how Kuvira destroyed the United Forces battleships in a matter of seconds, before blowing up the factory they were all hiding in.[55] However, he survived the explosion and when Tenzin warned them that Kuvira was heading their way with a battalion of mecha suits, he refused to leave the city, fearing that Kuvira would discover and attack Wu. Since Korra refused to let the city fall, Mako joined her and the other benders to distract Kuvira while Asami and Hiroshi, and Varrick and Zhu Li, used a hummingbird mecha suit to cut a hole in Kuvira's suit. Although baffled to see Kuvira crush Hiroshi to death in his hummingbird suit, Mako managed to dive inside the hole together with Suyin, Lin, Bolin, and Korra.[56]

Mako directs lightning at spirit vines

Mako struck the spirit vine-charged power core of the Colossus with lightning to cause it to explode.

Inside, Mako and Bolin headed to the power core of the machine, where they took to battle with the present guards. After overpowering them and with Baatar Jr.'s instructions in mind to simultaneously pull the levers to power down the suit, the two brothers counted to coordinate their actions, though nothing happened. When Bolin noted that the only thing he knew about spirit vines was that they easily exploded, Mako ordered him to take all the engineers to safety while he zapped the spirit vine core with his lightning. Promising to get out as soon as he could, he fired a continuous bolt of lightning, causing the power core to overload and explode. Despite having his arm burned by the strain the lightning put on it, Mako kept up his attack and started to move out. Before he could escape, however, he was rendered unconscious by the backlash of the spirit core energy though was saved by Bolin, who had returned for him and carried him to the lower parts of the suit to be protected from the devastating explosion of the power core that blasted the suit in half.

Content Mako

Content with how everything turned out, Mako emphasized to Korra that he would always be there for her, no matter the situation.

When Mako and Bolin exited the ruined Colossus, they were shocked to find that the Spirit Wilds had been blasted open and housed a new spirit portal in its center. Realizing Korra and Kuvira were nowhere to be found, Mako and the rest of Team Avatar set out to search the area for the Avatar. When the two women emerged from the portal and a handcuffed Kuvira was escorted away, Mako joined in a group hug to rejoice with Korra, with the rest of Team Avatar soon joining in. Some time later, Mako attended Varrick and Zhu Li's wedding and learned of Wu's plan to abolish the monarchy in favor of democratically governed individual states. After the royal left for dance floor, Mako was thanked by Korra for his help with Kuvira, and he told her that he would always follow her into battle, emphasizing that he was there for her and always would be.[57]

Tokuga fighting Mako and Bolin

An injured Mako was easily defeated by Tokuga though saved from further harm by Bolin.

In the aftermath of Kuvira's failed invasion, Mako returned to duty as a detective, and was partnered with Bolin after his brother decided to join the police force. His arm injury was treated by Kya, but he could no longer firebend through his injured arm. The police started to deal with the effects of triad turf wars over land that had been evacuated during the city's invasion, and the brothers made arrests during a conflict between the Triple Threats and the Creeping Crystal Triad. Mako helped Beifong interrogate Two Toed Ping into revealing that the Triple Threats had been taken over by Tokuga. The brothers later traveled to Air Temple Island and welcomed Korra and Asami back from a Spirit World vacation, but their conversation was cut short with Jinora's spirit projection warning them about a conflict breaking out at the portal. Mako tried to call for backup, but the new spiritual energy was jamming the radio frequencies. After arriving at the portal, Mako attempted to arrest Tokuga, but the triad leader avoided his fire blasts and launched him through the air with hook swords. However, Bolin saved his brother, and Tokuga was later left deformed by an attacking dragon eel spirit. In the aftermath of the attack, Mako learned that his exes were now dating each other when he saw Korra kiss a wounded Asami. Mako appeared somewhat shocked about the situation, but expressed his support for their relationship.[9]

Mako realizes the trap

Mako realized that the location Skoochy had led the Republic City Police to was a trap set by the Triple Threat Triad.

Mako and Bolin reported to Lin about the confrontation, with Mako adding Korra's theory that the triads had been hired by Wonyong Keum, the property baron who owned the land around the portal. Lin responded that she would need hard evidence to pursue the theory further, as they could not bring in Keum for questioning due to his powerful connections. The brothers started to interrogate Ping again for more information about the Triple Threats' new location, but found little success. The pair decided to seek out their old contact, Skoochy, where they found out that the triad had set themselves up at an abandoned warehouse by the docks. Mako and Bolin accompanied Lin where she led the raid of the warehouse, but the group found dummies on site instead of people. Realizing that a trap had been set for them, Mako used his firebending to hold back the imminent explosion. The officers managed to escape without any major injuries, with Lin bemoaning that Tokuga had been one step ahead of them. Mako later received a call from a distressed Korra, who believed that Asami had been kidnapped by the Creeping Crystals. Mako and Bolin joined Korra in busting the triad's hideout and searching for Asami, but the group had no luck. Mako realized that it was likely that Asami was not there, and suggested to Korra that Asami's disappearance may be linked to Keum's disappearance by the Triple Threats. At that moment, Lin called Mako and Bolin back to the police station when it was attacked by the Triple Threats, with Korra coming along to find Tokuga confessing to Asami's kidnapping. However, Korra called off their attacks when Tokuga threatened to kill Asami in the event that his plans should be interrupted.[58]

In the wake of the attack, Korra wished to take down Triple Threat territory, but Lin and Mako warned her against it, as civilians could be harmed as a result of the Triple Threats if they acted too rashly. In private, Mako and Korra took the opportunity to catch up, with Mako offering his support to Korra once more. He proposed an alternative solution to save Asami by going behind Lin's back, and the group went back to the Creeping Crystals to form an alliance against the Triple Threats. Jargala guided them to the Triple Threat hideout via underground tunnels, but Tokuga left on an airship with Asami and Keum as soon as the trio caught up with the triad. Korra managed to deal with the situation by infiltrating the airship via Oogi, and was able to free Asami and pilot the ship into the Spirit World. Tokuga had managed to escape the situation, but the rest of the triad had been incapacitated, and Keum relinquished his claim over the spirit portal territory. Three weeks later, Mako and Bolin witnessed Zhu Li's first speech as president-elect, with Mako now offering his support to Bolin as his partner, only for his brother to reveal that he was quitting the police force.[59]

Bolin, Mako, and Wu are cured

Wu warmly embraced Mako after they were both cured from brainwashing.

Almost two months later, Mako attended the beginning of Kuvira's trial. He and the rest of Team Avatar were called to a meeting with President Moon about a holdout of rogue Earth Empire forces under Commander Guan which threatened the first democratic elections in the Earth Kingdom, due to be held in the State of Gaoling. The group agreed to journey to Gaoling and deal with the crisis in person, while also agreeing to bring along Kuvira, as Korra believed she was now a broken woman, and could also help to convince any Earth Empire remnants to stand down. The team journeyed to Gaoling on a Future Industries airship. Kuvira failed to dissuade Guan, who revealed his intentions to run for governor of Gaoling against the state's uninspiring candidates. The group agreed to persuade Toph to run as a charismatic candidate who could defeat any Earth Empire support.[60] Mako was due to escort Kuvira back to Zaofu until the end of the election cycle, but the airship had been sabotaged and was attacked by Earth Empire forces. The team was brought back to a reeducation camp, where Doctor Sheng revealed her advanced brainwashing technique that could manipulate the election. Mako, Bolin, and Asami were all brainwashed into becoming soldiers for the Earth Empire. The three members of Team Avatar advanced on Korra as she tried to take off from a Metal Clan airship; Asami was taken by Korra and her allies, while Wu was taken by Guan.[7] Later, Mako and Bolin tried to defend Guan when Korra and Kuvira attacked the camp, but were stunned by Korra before Guan was made to surrender by Kuvira. The brothers and Wu had their brainwashing reverse-engineered, with Mako being embraced by Wu. Mako witnessed Wu's speech announcing the readjustment of the Earth Kingdom's democratic transition, looking on with approval. Back in Republic City, Mako told Kuvira that he was grateful for what she did to defeat the remnants of the Earth Empire after she tried to make amends by entering a guilty plea in her trial.[61]

Mako continued to work alongside Chief Beifong as a police detective. He reconnected with his extended family from the Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se, and remained a loyal member of Team Avatar, supporting both found and biological family. When triad conflict increased, Mako was determined to continue doing good for the city.[6]


Mako grinning

Mako grins as he receives the winnings for one of the Fire Ferrets' matches.

Characterized by his stoic and brooding personality, Mako is generally aloof and indifferent, though he is not incapable of genuine kindness and a protective demeanor. He tends to act in a critical and controlling manner, stemming from a life on the streets and a drive to protect his little brother, which forced him to take on adult responsibilities at a young age. In light of the brothers' pasts, he cares deeply for Bolin and is very protective of him.[4] After Mako lost his parents, he was willing to do whatever was necessary to help him and his brother survive the rough environment of Republic City, even going as far as scamming and working for a notorious criminal organization. Eventually, Mako abandoned these immoral activities but refused to admit the criminality of his past actions to Korra, as he firmly believed he was doing what was necessary to survive. Mako always puts the interests of safety and survival ahead of other things, as exemplified by his reluctance to let Bolin keep a fire ferret as a pet, since that would strain their already small food supply. Living on the streets has given him a "hard-edge",[19] though he seems to relax when he is with Bolin, Korra, or Asami, or when he achieves something important.[1]

Although he never forgot his roots on the street, Mako lost some of his hard-edge and became more considerate of others over time, as well as more emotionally forthcoming, as evidenced when he gave his treasured scarf to his grandmother, Yin, reasoning that she needed the reminder of her son more than him.[40] His friends, family, and sense of duty remained the main motivation for his actions, making him willing to do what was necessary, even make the ultimate sacrifice, if it meant keeping the people he cared for safe.[57]

Mako threatening Ping

Mako is willing to threaten others to protect the people close to him.

Going with his hard edge, Mako has a wrathful side to him as well, having the capacity to kill or harm anyone who wrongs his brother and friends. This was particularly evident when he threatened an Equalist by raising a flaming fist when seeking information regarding Korra's whereabouts. His protective attitude toward his younger brother on the street in the years after their parents' death reflected this side of him as well.

Mako is very dutiful in his job as a cop, having arrested several triad members since joining the force, and was on the fast track to becoming detective.[5] Despite his coworkers' constant belittlement, Mako promptly suggests his theories on open cases and refuses to take the easy way out to close a case, being adamant in following leads.[31] His commitment and effectiveness on the streets was such that he earned himself praise from President Raiko. His sense of duty also caused him to divulge information that would strain his relationship with Korra, ultimately ending it.[30]



Mako firebending at Lieutenant

Mako showcases his firebending.

Mako has demonstrated considerable skill in the art of firebending, implementing a modern style of fighting that he developed in his pro-bending days. Critics of the sport note his use of a distinct "cool under fire" technique, which primarily involves a series of defensive weaving and dodging patterns quickly followed by successive spurts of offense, rendering Mako capable of defeating an entire pro-bending team by himself.[4] Outside of pro-bending, Mako demonstrated great skill in traditional firebending combat. He can maintain his fire streams for a period of time for feats such as propelling himself through the air. He can also perform more advanced techniques such as the breath of fire.[22] The raw strength of his firebending is also considerable, able to offset a large and point-blank explosion unharmed.[30] His control is also very fine, as he is able to form a sleek dagger for intimidation and the likes.


Mako shoots lightning

Mako uses lightning to distract Amon so he and Korra can save the airbenders.

Mako is skilled enough to generate lightning and redirect it, having learned the skills from his former boss, Lightning Bolt Zolt.[13] He is able to generate it from either hand quickly with little charging time and no arm movement and is also capable of maintaining the bolt for several seconds. He has used lightning for a job at a power plant in Republic City[1] and can effectively use it in combat. He can also fire it with considerable aim, being able to hit speeding targets and controlling the charge of it to merely stun targets.[23] While fighting several Equalist mecha tanks, Mako redirected the electricity channeled through their metal cables to disable them.[25] When restrained by Amon's bloodbending, he was able to maintain enough focus and calmness of mind to generate lightning and score a direct hit against the Equalist leader. Amon admitted to Mako that he was impressed with his firebending skill, and that it was almost a shame that he would have to remove the bending of "someone so talented".[27] When he was cornered by Ming-Hua's tendril attacks, he had the clarity of mind to aim lightning at her water tendrils, thus electrocuting her.[48]

Other skills[]

Mako pro-bending

Mako showcases his trademark "cool under fire" style of bending.

Mako has noticeable close-range and bare-handed combat skills, able to expertly perform a shoulder-throw.[57] He has also displayed considerable agility, capable of both jumping long distances and performing flips,[44] proving himself difficult to hit at a distance. He has considerable raw strength, as he could effortlessly launch an Equalist agent a great distance, casually carry Bolin over his shoulder or Korra in his arms, and hoist an Equalist into the air with one hand. While under the control of Amon's bloodbending, Mako was able to move his body slightly better than others caught under this technique and managed to aim a bolt of lightning at Amon, something that took the masked man by surprise. Mako is also shown to be quite level-headed in dire situations and has quick thinking, which was exhibited when he came up with a plan to save his brother from the Equalists during Amon's revelation.

Mako is also good at reading maps, as he figured out where the Equalist rally was located by looking at the maps he and Korra obtained from the Equalist protester. Mako demonstrated this ability again when he discovered where the Equalist airfield was hidden. He also appears to be an adequate cook, preparing meals for himself and Bolin.

As a police officer, Mako uses a motorcycle as his vehicle of choice, displaying great skill with maneuvering it over slick terrain and even incorporating his firebending as a booster to extend the distance of his jumps and to stabilize after a near crash.[5] He is also capable of piloting an airship, though is still an amateur at landing the vehicle.[46]

Mako is also a skilled detective, as demonstrated when he figured out that Varrick was trying to kidnap President Raiko[33] and when he discovered that Aiwei was working with the Red Lotus.[43]


Mako finds time to teach wayward youths in the police department, especially those who remind him of himself, his brother, or his friends. His teaching methods do not resemble formal martial instruction but instead reflect his own history: He sets his students practical tasks and engages them in games in order to practice their skills and build strength and endurance. He can deal with students who mess around and waste time, but if he gets a student who takes life and training as seriously as he does, the firebender shines.[62]


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  • Mako is named after the late Mako Iwamatsu, the original voice of Iroh during Book One: Water and Book Two: Earth, as a homage.[63]
  • The creators commented that Mako reminded them of Zuko, but without the angst.[63]
  • Mako's distinctive eyebrows are based off of Roger Smith's, the main protagonist of the anime series The Big O.[64]
  • Mako's dark childhood is similar to that of Sokka, Katara, Jet, Asami Sato, and Aang as all six of them have lost family members to firebenders. However, while Katara, Sokka, and Asami only lost their mothers, Mako and Jet's parents were murdered right in front of them, though on the other hand, Aang lost his entire people to firebenders while he was sealed in an iceberg. Jet and Mako also both lost their family at age eight.
  • Mako learning pro-bending from Toza and lightning techniques from Lightning Bolt Zolt was omitted from the show.[65][14] However, some of Mako's backstory with Toza and Zolt was later shown in Republic City Hustle.
  • He is the first bender shown to stop Amon from taking someone's bending away.
  • Mako is the fourth known person to break free of a bloodbender's hold by their own doing, and the first non-waterbender known to have done so.
  • Mako is the only member of the new Team Avatar to have never been seen crying.
  • Mako is similar to Katara in that both have mothers killed by firebenders, a memento of a parent (Mako's father's scarf and Katara's mother's necklace), both also raised their brothers as a parent would do, a personality contradictory to that of their brothers', and both were love interests of the Avatar of their time.
  • The production crew have joked that Mako either carries sesame sticks, a guide to being a police officer, or a comb in the hip pouch that is part of his first police uniform.[66]
  • According to his grandmother, Mako takes after his grandfather in their unfaithful behavior regarding romantic affairs.[8]
  • Mako is the second known person to use both lightning generation and lightning redirection, the first being Iroh, and the third is Azula.
    • Additionally, he is the only person to do so in The Legend of Korra.
  • Mako has used lightning generation in the finale of each book of The Legend of Korra.
  • Mako is the only core member of Team Avatar who remained single at the end of the series. However, the creators revealed that he was originally written to become romantically involved with Fire Lord Izumi's daughter, though they ultimately decided against it as there were already too many characters in the fourth book, and preferring instead to focus on interpersonal friendships rather than romances.[67]
  • After his breakup with Korra, Mako occupied himself by reading Jinora's books.[68]
  • By 174 AG, Mako had begun styling his hair to resemble General Iroh's after he received his new position as Prince Wu's bodyguard[69] but later returned to his usual spiky hairstyle.[9]
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Position established
Fire Ferrets' captain
Unknown - 170 AG
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