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This article is about the location in the series. For the location in the film, see Makapu Village.

Makapu Village is a small farming village located on the slopes of Mt. Makapu in the northeastern United Republic of Nations.[2][3] Originally part of the Earth Kingdom, the village was notable for being the place of residence of the fortuneteller Aunt Wu around 100 AG.


Early history

The village was originally inhabited because its fertile volcanic soil was conducive to fruitful agriculture.[3]

In the early 3rd century BG, the late Avatar Kuruk's masters Jianzhu and Kelsang came to Makapu to survey the volcano after giving up hope to find the next Avatar. On the last day they found a crowd gathered around a boy, Yun, playing Pai Sho. Noticing that Yun was playing Kuruk's favorite strategies, Jianzhu declared the earthbender Yun to be the next Avatar.[4] However, Yun was a false Avatar, with his later servant Kyoshi being the true Avatar.[5]

Hundred Year War

Because of its hidden location in the mountains, Makapu Village was untouched by the Fire Nation for the duration of the Hundred Year War. Travelers heading along the coast often stopped by for food, supplies, and most notably to have their fortunes read by renowned fortuneteller Aunt Wu.[3]

The villagers of Makapu placed a lot of faith in Aunt Wu's readings, trusting her predictions above scientific evidence.

The villagers had absolute faith in Aunt Wu, including her annual cloud-reading prediction in regards to whether or not the nearby volcano, Mt. Makapu, would erupt during the year. During Team Avatar's visit to the village, Aunt Wu predicted once again that the village would not be destroyed by the volcano. However, when Avatar Aang and Sokka climbed to the top of the volcano to fetch a rare panda lily for Katara, they saw for themselves that it was bubbling with lava and about to erupt. The villagers, having confidence on the validity of the fortuneteller's prediction, disregarded Team Avatar's warning, prompting Aang and Katara to change the village's supposed fortune by using bending to manipulate the clouds into the symbolic shape of "volcanic doom", which, according to Aunt Wu's cloud-reading book, was a skull.

Upon convincing Aunt Wu for a second reading of the clouds, she confirmed the volcano's impending eruption, inciting the villagers to band together in order to dig and earthbend a large channel around the village to divert the anticipated lava flow. Although the lava streamed into the channel as planned when the volcano erupted shortly after, it soon began to overflow. Aang was forced to use airbending to cool and solidify the molten rock as it splashed up against the bank. Aang's airbending saved the village, leaving behind a large rock wave as a permanent reminder of the volcano's dangerous potential. Nevertheless, the villagers were unfaltering in their faith in Aunt Wu and claimed that her prediction turned out to be true as the village had not been destroyed, much to Sokka's annoyance and frustration. Team Avatar left soon after.[6]

The village was briefly visited by Zuko and Iroh when they were tracking Katara's scent with the aid of June's shirshu.[7]

As part of the United Republic of Nations

After the war, Makapu Village was absorbed by the newly-formed United Republic of Nations,[2] while three villagers teamed up to form the Makapu Moose Lions pro-bending team.[8]

Aunt Wu's Fortune Salon

Immediately upon walking through the front door of Aunt Wu's famed salon, the scent of incense filled one's nostrils. The waiting area contained mystical objects, crystals, and colored smoke. The back room of the salon was dimly lit, and it was where one's fortune was revealed. Aunt Wu performed one of four different techniques for her visitors to read his or her future: reading the bones, cards, a tea cup, or one's palm. None of the experiences cost anything, which made it a "must-see" for any traveler.[9]

Mt. Makapu

Main article: Mt. Makapu

Mt. Makapu erupted in 100 AG.

Mt. Makapu is a tall active volcano which is located near the village. The volcanic activity in the region produces rich soil used by the villagers for farming, yet the village lives under the constant threat of volcanic eruption and certain destruction.

Traditionally, the villagers climbed Mt. Makapu to check on the volcano and ensure the safety of their village, but with the arrival of Aunt Wu twenty years before Team Avatar's visit, the villagers became reliant on her cloud-reading predictions and no longer surveyed the volcano. The peak of Mt. Makapu is also one of the few habitats for the native and exceptionally rare panda lily, which is by Earth Kingdom tradition considered a symbol of absolute and unconditional love.[6]

Notable figures

† indicates deceased.


  • Makapu Village is located near Republic City.
  • In the early design of Makapu Village, there are some trenches that can be used for protecting the village from the lava flow.
  • On the pathway from Makapu Village to Mt. Makapu, there are several animal totems on which the elemental symbols are carved, though airbending's is in reverse.[10]
  • The inhabitants of Makapu Village often wear cloud patterns on their clothing. In Chinese philosophy, clouds are associated with heaven and luck.


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