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Mai deployed knives in preparation for battling the Kyoshi Warriors.

In battle, Mai wielded a large variety of weapons, most of which were designed for throwing. She usually hid these weapons beneath her robe, spring-loaded on her arms and legs, effectively utilizing the elements of surprise and stealth to her advantage.[1][2] With her fast reflexes, cunning wits, and deft precision, Mai could use her weapons to defeat a multitude of armed or bending-capable opponents despite not being a bender herself.[3]


Mai carried a set of stilettos in battle.

Mai carried spring-loaded holsters on her wrists and ankles, which held small arrow-like stilettos that she could fire off at will with a single gesture. These darts were fired with such velocity that they had the potential to pierce wood.[2] Unlike the rest of her arsenal, Mai's stilettos had the unique ability to pierce ice without causing it to shatter. She often used her stilettos when the need arose for speed, maneuverability, and surprise, particularly when she was otherwise unable to properly use knives.[2][3][4]


Mai threw her knives during a duel at New Ozai.

Mai carried numerous red-tinted knives which she hid inside her sleeves and robe. These were her weapons of choice and were used in almost every battle she was involved in,[5] even while dressed as a Kyoshi Warrior.

Mai had a variety of knives to choose from, each suited for a different purpose. She used streamlined long-bladed knives for speed and added lethality,[6] single-bladed knives,[2] double-bladed knives thrown in a fashion similar to disks,[2] and longer, thicker knives to better immobilize a foe.[3] Several of Mai's knives were actually sharp enough to puncture wood, stone, and metal, and she could throw many knives at once in multiple directions.


Mai carried a sai as part of her weapon ensemble.

Mai also had miniature sai at her disposal. The horizontal blades that formed the guard of the weapon were retractable, which enabled it to go from dagger to sai in mid-air or within Mai's grasp. Mai did not use her sai often, usually resorting to them for an almost guaranteed kill, such as against a powerless Katara[2] and against Toph.[7] Like her double-bladed knife, Mai could use her sai as a cutting edge knife as shown when she sliced through all the tapestries in Chan's home with a single throw.[8]


This is a full set of Mai's weapons.

While Mai did not normally use materials outside her shuriken set, she once used an icicle to impale a fish on top of Zuko's head after meeting Jin and hearing Zuko's stammered excuse.[9] Mai also used a specific type of knife that she held with her arms in an X-form, along with a more commonly used knife.[3]


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