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Mai's house, located directly across from the Royal Palace, is one of the many elegant homes inhabited by Fire Nation nobles.[1]

Like all other Fire Nation nobles' homes, Mai's house had a full staff of servants catering to her family and visitors' every whim.[2] The fact that the house is located right across from the palace emphasizes her family's wealth and prestige.


Since her family moved to Omashu, Mai had the house all to herself during the final months of the Hundred Year War.[1]

Mai's bedroom

Zuko left a message for Mai in her bedroom regarding his decision to leave the Fire Nation.

After returning to the Fire Nation, Zuko often visited Mai at her house, as it was an ideal place for their romantic evenings. The pair would frequently order around their servants for fun.[2] However, on the Day of Black Sun, the Fire Nation Capital was completely evacuated in the wake of the impending invasion, leaving the house deserted.[3] Only Zuko lingered behind, deciding to fulfill his destiny to help the Avatar save the world. The prince left Mai a letter in her bedroom explaining that he was leaving but deeply regretted the circumstances.[4]

Mai was later arrested for aiding Zuko's escape from the Boiling Rock,[5] leaving the house uninhabited.


  • Mai's room contained a painted portrait of herself and Zuko.[3]


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