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The logo for Magpie Games, featuring a magpie in flight with purple accents on its wings alongside the name of the company.

Magpie Games logo.

Magpie Games is a games publishing company founded in early 2011 by Mark Truman and Marissa Kelly. Since their inception, the company has financed almost all of their projects through crowdfunding, primarily focusing on tabletop roleplaying games but also branching out to other formats, including card games and card-based RPGs.[1]

On August 3, 2021, they launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the publication of Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game, which ran until September 2 of the same year, having raised over $9.5 million, making it the most successful Kickstarter campaign for a tabletop roleplaying game.[2][3] The game was subsequently released physically on January 25, 2023.[4]

Avatar works[]

Selected other works[]

  • Ashcans
  • Bluebeard's Bride
  • Cartel
  • Chaos World
  • Epyllion
  • Masks: A New Generation
  • Pasión de las Pasiones
  • Root: The RPG
  • Urban Shadows
  • Wizard Kittens
  • Zombie World


  • 2022: Won an ENNIE Award for Root: The RPG (Best Game)[5]
  • 2019: Win an IGDN (Indie Game Developer Network) Award for Bluebeards' Bride: Book of Rooms (Best Art)[6]
  • 2018: Win an IndieCade Award for Bluebeard's Bride[7]
  • 2018: Win an IGDN Award for Bluebeards' Bride (Game of the Year)[6]
  • 2018: Win an IGDN Award for Bluebeards' Bride (Best Art)[6]
  • 2017: Win an IGDN Award for Masks: A New Generation (Best Rules)[6]


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