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The lop-eared rabbit,[1] also known as the long-eared rabbit,[2] is a small land mammal native to the Earth Kingdom.[3]


As one of his three deadly tests in Omashu, Aang was tasked with retrieving Flopsie, the king's pet. Aang jumped down into a pit occupied by a lop-eared rabbit, believing the creature was his target. However, the real Flopsie appeared behind Aang and scared the lop-eared rabbit away. Aang gave chase, but the small animal easily evaded the airbender before escaping into a hole.[3]


The lop-eared rabbit is a small quadruped covered in white fur with gray spots around its eyes. It is small, but has ears longer than the length of its body.


The lop-eared rabbit is easily frightened, but can move at high speeds and avoid predators with stealth.


This creature serves as food for goat gorillas.[2]


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