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Longshot was a member of the Earth Kingdom rebel force known as the Freedom Fighters. He was often taciturn, though his opinions were greatly valued by his peers. He was understood by his companions through his eyes and facial expressions, which indicated his thoughts and viewpoints on particular subjects. In addition, Longshot was a very skilled archer, able to aim with extreme precision at enemies, even while upside-down or while using multiple arrows at once.


After his village was burned during a Fire Nation raid, Longshot became a member of the Freedom Fighters, a young paramilitary group assembled by Jet. After that, he spoke little and spent his time perfecting his archery skills.[3]

Some time during the winter of 99 AG, Jet selected Longshot, along with Smellerbee, Sneers, The Duke, and Pipsqueak, to work alongside him in the ambush of a Fire Nation military encampment. The Freedom Fighters hid among the large trees above the camp site, waiting for an adequate distraction that would allow them to attack. The diversion was provided by Sokka, Katara, and Aang who stumbled upon the campgrounds, alerting the soldiers who were lounging by a campfire. Just as the soldiers were about to attack, Longshot stunned the leader from his position, and a fight soon ensued. Amidst the battle, he remained perched on a tree branch, firing arrows aimed at the soldiers' weapons. He disarmed at least six soldiers during the assault. After the battle, he returned to the treetop hideout with the rest of the raiding party, as well as Aang, Sokka and Katara. He was later assigned to fire an arrow that would initiate the flooding of Gaipan, though this mission was a failure as Sokka was able to warn the town's residents in time for them to evacuate safely.[4]

Jet, Smellerbee, and Longshot traveled on a ferry to Ba Sing Se.

Following their run-in with Team Avatar, Jet, Longshot and Smellerbee traveled to Ba Sing Se to start a new life. They arrived at Full Moon Bay, where they boarded an Earth Kingdom ferry and met Zuko and Iroh, who, unknown to them, were members of the Fire Nation. Jet noticed Zuko's displeasure with the living conditions on the ferry, and convinced him to help "liberate" food from the captain's chambers along with Longshot and Smellerbee. That night, the four conducted a raid on the captain's chambers, with Longshot remaining at the lower level of the ferry. After Zuko and Jet successfully obtained the food, Longshot fired an arrow carrying a rope toward the three, allowing them to swing back to the passenger level before being seen by the guards.[5]

After they arrived in Ba Sing Se, Jet expressed interest in the recruitment of Zuko as part of the Freedom Fighters, a proposal both Smellerbee and Longshot disagreed with. Despite the feelings of his companions, Jet approached Zuko and asked him to join the Freedom Fighters. Zuko refused, stating that Jet would not want a person like him in his crew. Jet respected Zuko's decision, but noticed that Iroh's previously lukewarm tea had been heated during his conversation with Zuko. He concluded that the two must have been firebenders, and set off to expose them, much to Longshot and Smellerbee's dissatisfaction.[6]

Longshot and Smellerbee were among the crowd during Jet's arrest.

The trio spent their first days in Ba Sing Se following Iroh and Zuko in the Lower Ring. Jet expressed disgust by the thought of firebenders living concealed within Ba Sing Se. Smellerbee and Longshot questioned Jet's motives, and stated that they left for Ba Sing Se in order to start a new life. Jet assured the two that he would simply gather enough evidence for Zuko and Iroh to be arrested. Longshot and Smellerbee had no choice but to comply. Jet's many attempts to unveil Zuko and Iroh ultimately failed, and he resorted to violence as a last-ditch effort. He attacked Zuko, and the two engaged in battle, until the fight was ceased by the Dai Li, who took Jet into custody after several citizens pinpointed him as the duel's instigator. Longshot and Smellerbee watched as Jet was taken away.[7]

Longshot spent the next few weeks with Smellerbee searching for Jet, and eventually found him as he prepared to depart for Whaletail Island with Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph in search of Appa. Katara was angered by Jet's apparent subterfuge, claiming that he previously stated that he came to Ba Sing Se without the Freedom Fighters. Smellerbee asked Jet about how he escaped the Dai Li, though Jet expressed no knowledge about being taken, stating that he had been living peacefully within the city. The gang concluded that Jet had been brainwashed, and after several attempts, was able to successfully reverse the hypnotism performed on Jet. He revealed that the Dai Li had a secret headquarters under the waters of Lake Laogai.[1]

Longshot and Jet battled the Dai Li.

The team set off for the lake, with hopes of finding Appa. They were unsuccessful, and instead, were spotted by Long Feng, who declared them as enemies of the state. He subsequently ordered the Dai Li to apprehend them, and a battle ensued. Longshot was active in the battle, attacking the Dai Li whenever it was necessary. The flawless teamwork between Team Avatar and the Freedom Fighters made it impossible for the Dai Li to capture them. After noticing Team Avatar and the Freedom Fighters' increasing dominance over his agents, Long Feng fled, and was pursued by Aang and Jet, who were quick to notice his escape. Longshot remained with the others to hold off the Dai Li. After a battle with Long Feng, Jet was fatally wounded. Longshot soon arrived with the others to where Aang and Jet chased Long Feng, and expressed disbelief at seeing Jet injured. Katara's attempts to heal him proved to be unsuccessful, and she woefully stated that Jet's current state of being was not good. Smellerbee urged Team Avatar to push ahead to find Appa, but they were hesitant to do so. Longshot prompted them to, saying that they would take care of him. Team Avatar reluctantly continued their search for Appa, leaving Jet under the protection of Smellerbee and Longshot, who were both seemingly aware of Jet's inevitable death. Longshot wound an arrow and pointed it at the door as a precautionary measure if ever the Dai Li returned.[1]

Longshot and the Freedom Fighters protested the segregation of Yu Dao.

A year after the end of the Hundred Year War, Longshot and Smellerbee somehow met up with Sneers, and made their way to Yu Dao, protesting the Fire Nation's continuing occupation, supporting the Harmony Restoration Movement. He was prepared to support Smellerbee in her threat of violence if there was no deal made within three days following the Avatar's arrival in Yu Dao.[8]

After three days, Longshot accompanied Smellerbee to the gates of Yu Dao with the other protesters. When Smellerbee discovered Aang had not made any decisions, Longshot exchanged a knowing glance with her, before she issued the order to attack. The protesters managed to breach the wall and enter the city, where they met Sneers, Kori, and the Yu Dao Resistance. Longshot put up his thumb in approval when he learned that Sneers and Kori were dating. However, shortly after, the confrontation between the protesters and the resistance heated, and they attacked each other again. The fight was broken up when Aang used his airbending to expel Longshot and the other protesters from the city. When General How arrived at the head of the Earth Kingdom Army to forcefully remove the Fire Nation citizens from Earth Kingdom lands, Longshot smiled in approval. When the Fire Nation Army arrived as well and a battle ensued, Longshot aided Smellerbee in her fight against Sneers and Kori, though they were soon broken up by Sokka. The fight was halted when an enraged Avatar Aang entered the Avatar State and separated Longshot and the other invaders from the city.[9]



Longshot frequently used his signature weapons during battle.

Longshot was a skilled archer, able to effectively use a bow and arrow while in motion or while in an inverted position. In a battle against Fire Nation infantry, he was able to effectively battle troops while upside down, using several arrows concurrently with flawless precision and accuracy.[4]

In one particular battle, Longshot exhibited his impeccable aim when he was able to target the weaponry of several soldiers, and strike them with enough force so that the soldiers would be disarmed. Earlier in the battle, he was able to target the leader of the opposing force, incapacitating him with an arrow to the back.

Other skills

He also exhibited tremendous balance, as he was able to effectively battle while perched on top of a tree and while hanging from a branch upside down. He operated silently, an attribute commonly seen with members of the Freedom Fighters. As such, he was able to successfully ambush unsuspecting forces with relative ease.


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  • Avatar Extras for "City of Walls and Secrets" stated there was a rumor Smellerbee and Longshot were involved romantically.
  • Avatar Extras for "The Serpent's Pass" stated that Longshot "talks" with his eyes.
  • He was cheering and booing during Jet's speech, which is contrary to his silent nature.[4]
  • Longshot recited his one and only line throughout the entire series in "Lake Laogai", the last episode he was featured in.


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