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The lion vulture is a hybridized creature that is used for entertainment in the Fire Nation circus.[1]


The lion vulture is a large, quadruped bird with large wings and a feline-like body. Its head and neck have no feathers, though there is a white feathered collar where its neck meets its body. Its wings and upper body have black feathers, while its feet and under-body are that of a feline, with tawny colored fur.


The lion vulture can be trained to perform in circus performances even though its viciousness make it extremely difficult to tame. This creature can be quite aggressive, being able to swoop down and attack from above with beak, teeth, and claws with great strength.[2] It is known to enjoy cabbages.[1]


The lion vulture has the head and wings of a vulture and the body of a lion. It takes many of its qualities from the mythological griffin.



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