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Lin Yee was the leader[2] of an isolated and primitive tribe that resided in the northwestern Earth Kingdom. He later came into contact with Jeong Jeong, whom he allowed to live with his people until they were forced to flee following an attack from Fire Nation troops under the command of Admiral Zhao.[1]


Lin Yee's tribe was extremely isolated, having little contact with the outside world and no modern technology. Years after Jeong Jeong deserted the Fire Nation Navy, he came into contact with Lin Yee's tribe, who believed him to be a living god and provided the man residence in a remote camp.[2] Later, they were joined by Chey, another deserter disillusioned from the Fire Nation military.

As Chey was escorting Team Avatar to the camp, Lin Yee and his fellow warriors intercepted the group and gestured for them to heed his orders. The tribesmen, although displeased by Avatar Aang's presence, escorted everyone to Jeong Jeong's hut. Lin Yee angrily remarked that Chey had been told not to bring the Avatar there, and told him to be quiet after the deserter tried to ease his aggressive tone.

As Zhao approached Jeong Jeong's camp on a riverboat, Lin Yee and his warriors gathered at the riverbank and threw spears at the admiral in an attempt to drive him away. These efforts were futile, as the tribesmen were forced to retreat to the woods after Zhao retaliated by firebending.


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book One: Water (水)


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