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"Maybe we can help you get better."
— The light spirit to Avatar Korra.[1]

The light spirit is a small yellow spirit with two ears resembling leaves on their head. They were one of the many spirits that migrated to the physical world after the Harmonic Convergence of 171 AG.[2]


Two weeks after the Harmonic Convergence of 171 AG, the light spirit had migrated to Republic City. They followed Jinora, along with several other spirits, as the young airbender accompanied Avatar Korra and Tenzin into the Spirit Wilds. They briefly disappeared after being startled when the Avatar firebent a large portion of spirit vines, but returned soon after and stayed by Jinora's side.[2]

The light spirit migrated further to the Misty Palms Oasis sometime before Team Avatar arrived searching for Aiwei. They played with Pabu outside the Misty Palms Inn when Team Avatar went to check in,[3] and later sat in the iceberg at the center of the oasis, alongside many other spirits, when Mako and Bolin returned looking for Korra.[4]

Korra with spirits

Even though the light spirit offered their help, Korra declined, convinced that she needed to discover how to reconnect with Raava on her own.

In 173 AG, the light spirit found Avatar Korra meditating in the Tree of Time and cheerfully announced her presence to the rest of the spirits in the area. They asked Korra why she had been gone for so long and listened as Korra explained her troubles to the spirits. The light spirit offered to help the Avatar recover, but she declined, stating she needed to figure it out on her own.

Six months later, the spirit manifested itself as a small white puppy and met Korra again in an Earth Kingdom town. After the Avatar squatted down to pet them, she was haunted by an apparition of herself in the Avatar State. The dog turned and growled at it, apparently causing the apparition to disappear, and leaving Korra wondering how they had done that. They barked toward Korra and convinced her to follow them, and eventually led her to the Foggy Swamp, where they revealed themself to her. While she was annoyed with the fact that they deceived her, they pointed out that she would not have followed them otherwise. Korra asked what she was meant to find in the swamp, to which the spirit vaguely replied that it was not a "what", but rather a "who", before flying off into the thicket.[1]

A couple of weeks later, the spirit was present when Korra tried to reach out to the spirits in an effort to get their support for the upcoming battle against Kuvira for Republic City.[5]


The light spirit has the ability to completely alter their physical appearance, being able to take on the form of a small white puppy. They also have the ability to fly, using the leaves on their head to propel themself through the air.[1]


The Legend of Korra[]

Book Three: Change (易)[]

Book Four: Balance (平衡)[]



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