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Lian and Shen are two firebending brothers and residents of Cranefish Town. Unlike the other residents, they showed great enthusiasm upon the arrival of Team Avatar in their city.[1]


Following Team Avatar's arrival in Cranefish Town, Lian and Shen approached Aang when the group was cleaning out the beach and asked if he was the Avatar. After Aang suggested he might be, Shen concluded to great excitement that he was. Lian asked Aang if he could show them some airbending, as they had never met an airbender before, to which Aang happily obliged, using his bending to rapidly spin several marbles. Both brothers shouted out in amazement at the trick before introducing themselves to the Avatar, adding that they were both firebenders. Aang noted to them both that one of his closest friends, Zuko, was also a firebender, and Shen expressed his amazement that Aang knew the Fire Lord. Lian was less amazed, however, reminding his brother that Aang and Zuko had saved the world together. Lian and Shen were bid farewell by Aang as he returned to cleaning the beach, with Shen waving back excitedly and proclaiming that Aang was his hero. Lian admonished his brother for potentially embarrassing the Avatar, but Shen continued to jump around in excitement.[1]


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