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Li Yaquin is a member of the Li family, the oldest, largest, and most prominent family in Republic City's historic district of Old Cranefish Town. Contrary to many of her relatives, she is looking to modernize the district, as she is unimpressed by the degradation and decay in the local area.[1]


As a child, Yaquin dreamed of escaping the district. However, her mother, Li Joon, made it clear that Yaquin would have to pay her dues working at the Red Wing Opera House if she wanted to inherit her mother's majority ownership of the establishment, as well as her sizeable fortune. Despite her having different views on the district than most, she made friends with a lot of people.

When developers started to show an interest in Old Cranefish Town, Yaquin finally saw a way out and an opportunity to modernize the town. Believing that the time had come to think about herself after sacrificing so much for her family over the years, she started fielding offers from property developers.

When Joon passed away, the majority ownership of the Opera House came to Yaquin. She decided to sell the place and move out of the district once and for all. She was able to make her choice as her ownership stake was big enough that she did not need permission from the other Lis, no matter what their family council thought.[1] Most of the Lis did not even realize that Joon had consolidated so much ownership, so did not think she could sell. Those who suspected Yaquin might be able to do so did not believe she ever would, as it would so thoroughly break with Li family tradition.[2]

Her uncle, Li Gong, was the only Li to see what Yaquin was truly planning. Gong tried to convince her to think carefully before selling and to respect the traditions of the family. However, Yaquin had no interest in being slowed down anymore.[1] This eventually led to Gong implementing a plan to create an Old Cranefish Town Preservation Association, which would create rules for the entire district, and essentially controlling who could sell and when. While owners of property in the district would be automatically entered into the Association, they would get a vote but be bound to Association rules. Gong was fairly sure he had enough power to push local politicians to ratify his proposed rules. Yaquin, however, would never allow her uncle to thwart her plans. She also knew that many business interests to which she hoped to sell were also deeply opposed to this, and planned to let them know where Gong was so that they could dispatch their mercenaries and force him to give up his plan.[2]


As opposed to many in Old Cranefish Town, Yaquin is not concerned about the original character of the district. Instead, she believes that features such as the wooden buildings with chipping paint and the cracking cobblestone streets are signs of decay, and is a strong believer that the area should be modernized.[1]




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