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Li-Mei was a regular customer of the Jasmine Dragon. She spent a lot of time at the tea shop, as it was her favorite spot in all of Ba Sing Se. She had a strong affection for Iroh, and he eventually asked her out on a date.[1]


Some years after the Hundred Year War, Li-Mei began to frequent the Jasmine Dragon, which became her favorite spot in all of Ba Sing Se. She learned who Iroh was, although she did not introduce herself to him. One night, Li-Mei stayed past closing as the last customer of the day. She was being waited on by Feng, although Iroh told her to go home, as he could see that the waitress was getting tired. Iroh approached Li-Mei and asked her if he could get her anything else. She apologized for staying past closing, explaining that she liked to savor her tea. Iroh told her that he was glad that the tea could bring her such pleasure. Li-Mei clarified that it was not just the tea, before blushing and explaining that the shop was very special. She introduced herself to Iroh, and he did the same. Before she left, Iroh offered to read her tea leaves, which were in the shape of a swan, symbolizing good luck and a new love. They said farewell to each other outside the tea shop, and she opened a fan to cover her face as she smiled.

She returned to the tea shop later, although Feng tripped over while making her way to Li-Mei's table due to the interference of the spirits hiding in the shop. The waitress apologized, although Li-Mei asked her not to worry, simply asking whether she was well. Iroh took over from Feng and went to bring Li-Mei a new set of tea. She told him that the shop was becoming her favorite place in Ba Sing Se, and was delighted to find love heart shapes in the foam of the tea. Iroh was surprised and suggested that Feng must have been practicing her art skills, as it was in fact the work of the spirits.

Li-Mei ordered another set of tea. When Iroh was bringing the tea toward her, he called out in surprise, as the spirits were hovering a vase over its counter and threatening to drop and break it. Li-Mei asked what Iroh was going to say and, somewhat embarrassedly, he asked her to accompany him to a late dinner. Li-Mei smiled and said that she never thought he would ask. She noted that she had never been to the place where they were going, but Iroh told her that variety was the spice of life and that sometimes people needed new experiences to remind them of how magical the world truly was.[1]


Li-Mei was a refined and elegant woman who had a strong appreciation for tea. She was very polite, but was also somewhat subtle, and did not talk about her strong attraction to Iroh until he asked her out to dinner.[1]


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