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"Lessons" is a comic book that takes place in Book Two: Earth, originally released in the August 2007 issue of Nickelodeon Magazine[1] and later released by Dark Horse Comics in The Lost Adventures.


Sokka, Momo, and Appa clamor noisily for a piece of fruit, to which Toph, who is attempting to train Aang in the importance of listening, becomes increasingly annoyed.


While residing in a forest, Toph sets out to teach Aang to listen to the sounds of the earth as part of his earthbending training. To that regard, she demands that everyone else stay out of their way, since they need peace and quiet.

Complying with Toph's order, Sokka leaves for a stroll through the forest and assures them that he will not be a disturbance, but he has trouble keeping himself busy as he is hungry. He encounters Momo, who is in the possession of a large piece of fruit. Guided by his stomach, he tries to take it from the winged lemur, but the animal flies away with it. A noisy chase ensues, with first only Sokka in pursuit of Momo and the other way around, but when Appa takes the fruit from the Water Tribe warrior, both Momo and Sokka are following the flying bison.

Toph earthbends a pillar under Sokka in annoyance.

Meanwhile, Toph and Aang are still trying to focus on their earthbending training. Fed up by the ruckus the three are causing, Toph loses her patience and ends the fight by earthbending a pillar right underneath Sokka's feet, elevating him into the air, where she berates him and leaves him for the remainder of the day, much to Sokka's chagrin. When he asks to be let down, since Aang's lesson is over, she replies that Sokka has not learned his lesson yet.

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