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Lefty[1] is a flying bison who bonded as a calf with Kai following the attack on the Northern Air Temple by the Red Lotus.[2]


171 AG

Lefty was part of the wild herd discovered by the new Air Nation near the Northern Air Temple. He and the other bison befriended the airbenders after they saved the bison calves from bison rustlers.[3]

After the Red Lotus attacked the Northern Air Temple, Lefty found an unconscious Kai hanging upside down from a tree after the boy had been shot out of the sky by P'Li and woke him up by licking his face. As the young airbender regained his bearings, Lefty lowered himself, enabling Kai to hop on his back. The duo made it back to the temple, where Kai intended to sneak back in, though opted to follow the airship leaving with all the temple's inhabitants instead. Lefty trailed the ship for miles to a cave-complex before returning to the temple, where Kai hoped to find some reinforcements.[2]

Lefty's crash landing

Lefty was able to carry five people on his back, albeit with some difficulty, though he subsequently crashed upon landing.

They noticed a slab of earth being bent out of the mountain side and Lefty took them closer to investigate. Noticing it was the work of Bolin in an attempt to save himself, Mako, Asami, and Tenzin from lava, Kai offered them a lift on Lefty. Despite the struggle of the young bison to maintain altitude with five people on his back, he managed to make it back to the base of Laghima's Peak, although he made a crash-landing.

After revealing the airbenders and Korra's location, Kai mounted Lefty again and they guided the other members of Team Avatar to the impromptu prison cave.[4] Upon reaching the cave, Lefty was left outside with Oogi and Tenzin while the others rescued the airbenders. Upon seeing Korra struggle to fight Zaheer, Kai offered to help Korra while riding Lefty, though Lin dismissed this idea since they would be no match for Zaheer's power.[1]

174 AG

Three years later, Lefty had grown and still accompanied Kai, while serving as the teenager's method of transportation. He flew Kai and Opal to the state of Yi in the Earth Kingdom, where the two airbenders tried to help the town. When it became apparent that the villagers were in dire need of supplies, Lefty flew Kai and Opal to surrounding towns to gather the necessities. However, on their way back, they were ambushed by bandits and the supplies were stolen off Lefty's back.[5]


As a calf, Lefty was already capable of flight and was strong enough to support the weight of five individuals. He is also domesticated to a certain extent and able to understand human commands.[4] Upon growing up, his strength increased and he is capable of carrying bigger loads.[5]


The Legend of Korra

Book Three: Change (易)

Book Four: Balance (平衡)


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