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This article is about the factory owner. For other similar uses, see Lee (disambiguation).

Lee Jun is an earthbender who owns the Emerald Stoneworks and several other factories in Republic City's Green Meadows district. Her factories supply key building materials to the city.[1][2]


Lee Jun's parents labored in the Emerald Stoneworks as she grew up. They told her that earthbending meant great things if she exercised discipline. True to her parents' word, her hard work accumulated wealth. She was able to buy the Emerald Stoneworks itself by capitalizing on an Equalist riot that damaged the facility.[1]

Jun toiled night and day to rebuild, and worked on the factory floor personally. Once the Emerald Stoneworks was open and producing, its rapid success only grew her portfolio of factories.[1] These supplied key building materials to the city that would otherwise have to be sourced far away in the Earth Kingdom, and became important to the city's rebuilding efforts in the wake of the Earth Empire invasion.[2]

Sourcing important materials was a point of pride for Jun, but it also led her to push her workers incredibly hard. They were often encouraged to take back-to-back shifts, their breaks were shortened, and there was a company culture of quiet compliance for factory workers who feared losing their jobs. Jun's profit margins also fell as a result of her choosing to work for the city over private clients. The lower fees meant that Jun no longer had the means to buy other facilities as she used to. As a result of these changes to her finances, Lee Jun did not compensate her workers well in spite of their extraordinary efforts.[2]

The conditions at the factories meant that the Green Meadows Union targeted her factories for reform.[1] Her employees eventually started to slow down work, joining with the union to protest until they got fair wages and better working conditions.[1] From Jun's perspective, the union's demands would be considerably costly. She believed the union's demands would lead to her factories shutting down, ruining her company and breaking contracts, which in turn would harm the city as a whole.[1][2]

Lee Jun planned to have a union buster named Karuko to break the union and make sure that everyone complied with her. Jun lied to Karuko about the unionists, telling them that the workers were planning something dangerous and that they needed to be stopped by any means necessary. Karuko was thus willing to use violent force in order to support Jun.[2]


Lee Jun has a very negative view of unions and the labor movement. She believes that unionists whine and beg for money instead of working for it themselves, and thinks that people should be happy for their jobs.[1] She has gone so far as to lie that the unions have dangerous intentions in her plans to stop them.[2]

In spite of her issues with the labor movement, Jun is genuinely hardworking herself. She rose through the ranks from the child of laborers at the Emerald Stoneworks to owning the factory and several others, and continued to work on the factory floor as she built her portfolio. She still knows how to get things done, and is willing to help those who prove themselves useful or hardworking.[1]


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