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The Lee Family Pig Farm was located on the plains of the southern Earth Kingdom. The farm was run by Gansu and his wife, Sela. Purchased by their family many years before Zuko's visit, the small property required constant upkeep. The family was consistently kept busy raising their hybrid pigs and growing crops, including sunflowers. They sold their goods in the nearby town. The farm consisted of an old, weathered farmhouse, a small pig pen, a thatched barn, and a sunflower field. While not the most well-managed piece of land, the family loved it and was happy to call it home.[1]


When Gansu's son, Lee, threw an egg at an Earth Kingdom soldier, the soldiers blamed Zuko. The prince, however, did not pin the fault on Lee, which prompted the young boy to invite him back to his house to recompense for his kind gesture. The family offered him a place to stay and a hot meal in return for Zuko's help working on the roof. That night, he found Lee using his dual broadswords in the sunflower field. Lee expected retribution, but instead Zuko showed him how to use the swords correctly, even smiling when the boy began to catch on.

As Zuko prepared to leave the farm the following day, Gow and his band of soldiers approached the farm to mock Lee's family about the capture of Sensu's battalion. When Gansu warned the soldiers to watch their language when talking about his son, Zuko interfered when Gow rode up to him. Refraining from further confrontation, Gow and his men left. However, as soon as Zuko and Gansu had left the farm, they returned to demand food. Lee pulled a knife on them, but was overpowered by the soldiers and taken away under the motto that if he was old enough to fight, he was also old enough to join the army.[2]


  • The design of the buildings in the farm is one of the few examples of Western architecture in the entirety of the Earth Kingdom.


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