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This article is about the harbormaster of Jonduri. For other similar uses, see Lee (disambiguation).

Lee was the harbormaster of Jonduri during the early era of Yangchen.[1]


As harbormaster, Lee was acquainted with Tayagum, the owner of an inn in the city, who was given clearance to leave the city on his boat to go fishing, along with his assistant.

In year 17 of the era of Yangchen, Lee was on duty at the docks. Tayagum had expected to see Ping, a junior agent who was not very good at his job, and who he had planned to get inebriated the night before. However, Ping was fired for incompetence and Lee had to fill in for him.

When the boat pulled in, Lee addressed Tayagum, as well as his supposed assistant, who was actually Kavik. However, Kavik had smashed his face against the railing in order to mess it up enough that he would not be recognizable, as he was the same height as Tayagum's assistant, and had the same build and hairstyle. Lee told Tayagum that Ping had been terminated for incompetence, and then looked at Kavik's face, asking what happened. When Tayagum told him that he got his foot caught on a coil and bashed his face in, Lee looked at him to see how bad it was. His genuine concern made Kavik worried that he would be detected, but when he doubled over and retched, Lee called out his idiocy for not having his sea legs after so long at his job. Tayagum apologized to the harbormaster, promising that he'd get him fixed up.[1]

Physical description[]

Lee was a weathered, ancient Fire Nation man, who often wore a stone-cold, wrinkled frown.[1]


Chronicles of the Avatar[]

The Dawn of Yangchen[]

  • 117. "Breaking In"


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