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Lee was the second son of the Earth Kingdom farmer Gansu and his wife Sela. He had an older brother named Sensu who enlisted in the nation's army to fight against the Fire Nation.[1]


Zuko first met Lee when he was buying food for his ostrich horse and himself. Lee and his friends threw some eggs at Gow and his rogue soldiers, and quickly hid. Seeing Zuko as the only one around, Gow blamed him for the attack. When Zuko told him that he was not responsible for the egg and refused to reveal the true culprits, Gow took his food. Lee, not knowing Zuko's true identity, regretted getting Zuko in trouble and thankfully invited him to his house for food in order to repay him for "not ratting him out". Zuko reluctantly accepted the offer, and during his stay at the Lee Family Pig Farm, Lee warmed up to Zuko, thinking of him like an older brother. Lee also reminded Zuko of himself as a younger child.

Lee and Zuko

Lee was taught the proper way to use dual broadswords by Zuko.

Late at night, Lee stole Zuko's broadswords and practiced with them in the fields. Zuko awoke and followed the boy, confronting him; instead of scolding him for the theft or the harm Lee could have done to himself, Zuko gave Lee a short lesson on how to fight using the dual broadswords.

Before leaving the next day to continue on his journey, Zuko gave Lee his knife for the inspirational inscription it had: "Never give up without a fight." A few moments after Zuko's departure, Gow and his men returned to the farm and Lee confronted them with this knife. The soldiers did not appreciate this and took Lee with them, stating that "if [he was] old enough to fight, [he was] old enough to join the army".

The soldiers had tied Lee to the base of a windmill in the middle of town. The boy never lost hope though, as he was confident that Zuko would come to save him. Zuko eventually rescued Lee from the guards, but he had to use his firebending to do so when Gow overpowered him. During the fight, he also revealed himself to be the Fire Nation Crown Prince. After the battle, Zuko retrieved the knife from the overpowered Gow and told Lee to keep it, but Lee quickly shoved him away, refusing to take the gift. Angered by the discovery of Zuko's identity, Lee shouted at the prince that he hated him, before leaving with his mother shortly after.


Lee was a mischievous, adventurous young boy who enjoyed rousing trouble, once partaking in an act that involved hurling an egg toward a band of Earth Kingdom soldiers. He revealed himself to be particularly curious, persistently questioning Zuko about his personal life and sneaking into the storehouse at night while the prince was asleep, making off with a pair of broadswords. Lee was also daring to a certain extent, willingly brandishing a knife toward soldiers who demanded food. Despite his general optimism and friendliness, he vehemently hated the Fire Nation, immediately turning on Zuko, whom he regarded as a friend, after the prince revealed his true identity.[1]




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