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Earth Kingdom emblem

Earth Kingdom soldiers often used large earth coins as shields.

Large earth coins are immense weapons formed through the use of earthbending that are often used as projectiles, thrown at opponents through the use of bending. The large earth coin is one of the earliest weapons in the world, long preceding even the foundation of the Earth Kingdom.[1] The coins can be positioned side-by-side for a defensive, mobile wall or stacked to build a makeshift lookout tower. Skilled earthbenders can use these ten-foot diameter coins as a vehicle by riding in the three-foot wide hole at their centers.[2]


Weaponized earth coins

Fong's soldiers attacked Aang with large earth coins in an attempt to trigger the Avatar State.

Large earth coins were used during wars around 9,800 BG. Avatar Wan died after participating in a battle that saw extensive use of these weapons.[1]

When Team Avatar stopped for a rest at General Fong's military base, the general and his troops used these large earth coins to attack Aang in hopes of triggering the Avatar State.[3]

These coins were used as a weapon again by an Earth Rumble contestant, The Big Bad Hippo. He swung one of the coins around in an attempt to knock down Toph, though she defeated the triple threat of The Big Bad Hippo, The Boulder, and the Headhunter by turning one of these large coins embedded in the floor of the arena with her earthbending, causing the Headhunter to collide with the other two competitors.[4]

The partially destroyed earth coins from Wan's final battle remained scattered around the outskirts of the plains village for the next ten millennia and were all that was left of the fight. Prince Zuko passed by these coins in 100 AG while en route to the village.[5][6]


  • A small version of these coins, referred to as "earth discs", are used in pro-bending as the sole ammunition for earthbending contenders and are accessible via dispensers scattered throughout the arena floor.[7] They were also employed by earthbending soldiers in the United Forces' navy as they attempted to destroy the squadron of Equalist biplanes attacking the First Division.[8]
  • Earth coins are physical representations of the Earth Kingdom insignia.


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