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Laghima's Peak is a large mountain formation located ten miles[1] from the Northern Air Temple. It holds great cultural significance to the Air Nomads as it is named after their renowned poet, Guru Laghima.[2]


While training the new airbenders, Tenzin took them on a dawn hike to the peak in order to try and teach them how to meditate, while also practicing their breathing. Due to the elevation and the early hour, Yung and Bumi complained about the cold, though Tenzin told them airbenders were capable of warming themselves with proper breath control.[1]

These airbenders were later captured by the Red Lotus, who forced Avatar Korra to surrender herself to Zaheer atop Laghima's Peak in order to save them. Suspecting a trap, Team Avatar and their allies split up into three teams at the base of the peak, each team carrying a radio; Korra was to meet up with Zaheer but not surrender until Mako, Bolin, and Asami confirmed that the captured airbenders at the temple were safe. Meanwhile, Tonraq, Lin, Suyin, and a security force of the Metal Clan would scale the mountain and be ready to aid Korra after the airbenders were freed.

As Korra reached the top of the mountain, she found Zaheer and P'Li waiting for her. Hearing Zaheer give Ghazan the order to wipe out their prisoners, Korra surrendered herself, her hands and feet being cuffed in platinum bonds by P'Li. Before she was ushered into the airship, however, she was alerted by Mako that the entire exchange was a setup. Although limited in her movements, Korra fought back while Lin and her team scaled toward the top of the mountain. Noticing the new opponents, P'Li told Zaheer to depart with Korra while she held off the metalbenders. Before they could depart, Tonraq intervened and engaged into a battle with Zaheer. Although Korra and her father managed to hold Zaheer off, he eventually gained the upper hand by tossing Tonraq over the cliff and knocking Korra out cold.

After P'Li was killed by Suyin wrapping her metal armor around the combustionbender's head, causing her beam to explode, Zaheer jumped off Laghima's Peak while carrying Korra. As opposed to plummeting down, he was able to unlock the ancient airbender ability of flight, something that had only ever been accomplished by the mountain's namesake, Guru Laghima.[2]


Laghima's Peak is among the tallest landforms located in the northern Earth Kingdom mountain range. The top of the mountain features a natural arch, in which two asymmetrical pillars of rock form a narrow bridge with an opening underneath. This results in a relatively flat surface on the mountain's peak.[2]


  • Laghima's Peak contains a small room carved out of the rock itself, which holds an altar dedicated to Guru Laghima, as well as other statues in side niches. This was inspired by a similarly-fashioned room in Paro Taktsang, also known as Tiger's Nest, a Buddhist monastery in the Himalayan country of Bhutan.[3]


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