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Kyoshi Medal of Freedom

The Kyoshi Medal of Freedom was presented by Earth King Wu to Kuvira for her efforts in stabilizing the Earth Kingdom.

The Kyoshi Medal of Freedom is an ornate golden medal, shaped like the Earth Kingdom symbol surrounded by four lotus petals. It is considered to be the highest honor in the nation.[1]


Earth King Wu presented Kuvira with the ornate piece of jewelry during his coronation in 174 AG for her efforts in unifying and stabilizing the Earth Kingdom, noting that it was one of the few valuables that had not been plundered during the anarchy in the Earth Kingdom. The metalbender initially accepted the award, though during her subsequent speech in which she denounced Wu's power and declared an "Earth Empire" under her rule, she crushed the medal to emphasize that anyone who opposed her new nation would suffer the same fate, before dropping it contemptuously at her feet.[1]


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