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Kyoshi Bridge is a green suspension bridge located in Republic City.


The bridge was blocked off by the Metalbending Police Force two weeks following the Harmonic Convergence of 171 AG in an attempt to apprehend an agitated airbender, Daw, who had fled to the top of the bridge. After Avatar Korra was able to talk Daw down from the bridge, President Raiko arrived and banished her from Republic City, reasoning she had only caused trouble since she had arrived.[1]


Kyoshi Bridge exhibits a refined and modern architectural style alongside a traditional structural base. It has a single arch that divides the bridge into two sections of roughly equal length, with solid green arches bearing large pagoda-like peaks. Two lengths of green suspension cables forming a U-shaped dip in the gaps between the arches connect to the top of the bridge as well as the road. The bridge's roadway is two lanes wide, which is enough to accommodate vehicular traffic entering and exiting the city, as well as pedestrians who can walk along the middle of the structure.[1]


  • Kyoshi Bridge resembles the Manhattan Bridge in New York City and the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver, with both cities having been noted by the creators as conceptual inspirations for Republic City.[2]


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