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The term "Kyoshi's animal guide" has not been confirmed by official sources.

The animal guide of Avatar Kyoshi was a Knowledge Seeker,[2][3] occasionally described as a fox.[1]


In 312 BG, Avatar Kyoshi and her companions buried Yun on the Yokoya peninsula. After the ceremony, all save for the Avatar left after some time. Eventually, Kyoshi was surprised by a sudden gust of wind and noticed sounds behind her; turning around, she discovered the Knowledge Seeker emerging from a bush. Mistaking the spirit for an unusual animal (a non-hybrid fox), she allowed it to approach her and offered her hand. The Knowledge Seeker began licking it, and Kyoshi soon began to scratch the spirit behind the ear. After some time, the spirit suddenly walked away and then moved in a circle, signaling for Kyoshi to follow.[1]

Though utterly confused, Kyoshi decided to go along and was led by the spirit to a small spring. There, she received a vision of Avatar Yangchen. As the two talked, the Knowledge Seeker opted to rest on a nearby stone, basking in the sun. Following the conversation, Kyoshi realized that the "fox" was a spirit and requested it to lead her back to her friends. The Knowledge Seeker obliged,[1] and continued to stay by her side from then on. It eventually became Kyoshi's animal guide.[2][3]


Chronicles of the Avatar[]

The Shadow of Kyoshi[]



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