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Kwong's Cuisine is an upscale restaurant located in downtown Republic City. It is known for being lavish and upper-class, having a strict dress code that most poorer citizens of Republic City cannot normally afford to meet.[1] The establishment is the most highly regarded restaurant in Republic City, employing the world's most renowned chefs.[2]


Yakone being arrested

Avatar Aang and Chief Toph Beifong arrested Yakone during his lunch at Kwong's Cuisine.

One day in the year 128 AG, Yakone had been enjoying his lunch at this restaurant until Chief Toph Beifong and her Metalbending Police Force, accompanied by Avatar Aang, arrested him for performing the illegal practice of bloodbending.[3]

Forty-two years later, as recompense for hitting Mako with her moped, Asami Sato arranged a dinner for them at Kwong's. She offered to provide and tailor a proper outfit for the young firebender after he stated that he did not have the proper clothing to dine at such an establishment. During the meal, Asami found out that the Fire Ferrets were having trouble collecting enough yuans to contribute to the pro-bending championship pot, putting them at risk of forfeiting the tournament. Upon the arrival of a waiter, who referred to Asami as Miss Sato, Mako inquired if she was related to Hiroshi Sato. Asami responded by saying that Hiroshi was her father, and proceeded to invite Mako to meet him at Future Industries, an offer which Mako gladly accepted.[1]


Kwong's Cuisine stands four stories tall and exhibits highly extravagant exterior architecture. The building's design mimics various traditional structural styles, including that of a temple and pagoda, though it also incorporates more modern influences as a symbol of Republic City's multinational culture. A wide green door on the ground floor is used as the main entrance into the eatery, and is bordered on both sides by two large panes of glass. Above the entryway is a red overhang and two wooden balconies on the third and fourth floors. They are divided into three portions and decorated with a large orange sign bearing the restaurant's name. Overall, the building is heavily embellished with an intricate and aesthetically pleasing decor, exemplifying the restaurant's aristocratic air.

Kwong's Cuisine dining table

Some of the tables are circular, each with a rose vase and a white tablecloth. These tables are framed in heart-shaped booths.

The main hall of the restaurant is flush with red rugs, antique tapestry and paintings, as well as thematic furniture. A stairway leads to the dining area, which is dimly lit with yellow light to provide ambiance. Adorning the walls are fancy scrolls, curtains, and lanterns. A tailor gives customers the proper attire in the dressing room, which is relatively plain and lacking in style compared to the remainder of the bistro, yet still decorative and charming. The walls are blue in coloration and have red tiles bearing multiple types of patterns and designs.[1]


  • The building housing Kwong's Cuisine is nearly identical in external design to the real world Tianyu Department Store in Shanghai.
  • Its specialty is "small portions and gourmet fare".[2]
  • In 171 AG, Asami suggested to a worn out Mako that they have dinner at Kwong's Cuisine, reminiscing that it had been the location of their first date. However, Mako was arrested by the police before they were able to go.[4]