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Ms. Kwan was a middle-aged woman who had a fierce passion for grammar. She was a hard-nosed, no-nonsense school teacher who grew up on the upper class outer islands of the Fire Nation. Ms. Kwan was a prime example of a Fire Nation school teacher; she believed in hard work and hard discipline. She was a teacher at the Fire Nation school for more than forty years, and some of her star pupils had become Fire Nation generals and war machinery inventors; one such pupil, Vachir, became a member of the Yuyan Archers,[2] and later, the Rough Rhinos.[3]


Ms. Kwan teaching

Ms. Kwan was teaching a class at the Fire Nation school when Aang was brought in to her classroom.

After Aang was brought to the school, Ms. Kwan assumed he was a new student from "the colonies" in the Earth Kingdom. After calling him a slob, she immediately taught him proper posture and Fire Nation etiquette. The next day, after Aang failed to recite the "Fire Nation Oath" properly, she assumed he was making a mockery of the Fire Nation and announced a pop quiz. Her first question asked for the year in which Fire Lord Sozin defeated the Air Nomads' army. Aang, confused, pointed out to the stunned class that the Air Nomads had no formal military and were defeated by ambush tactics – a fact apparently erased from Fire Nation history books. Ms. Kwan responded by saying that he could not possibly know that for a fact unless he had been there a hundred years prior, to which Aang quickly replied that he would just write down his best guess.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Three: Fire (火)


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